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Zoë François measuring ingredients in her Minneapolis kitchen

Zoë François bakes and cooks her favorite recipes, from easy main dishes to delicious desserts, with a little help from her friends and family.

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Host Zoe Francois fills crepes with her sons Henri and Charlie, as seen on Zoe Bakes, season 2.

Zoe Bakes Season 2

Episode 1: Cheers to the New Year

Zoë celebrates New Year’s Eve by baking a gorgeous cream puff tower coated in caramel, known as croquembouche, for a party with her closest friends.

Recipe: Croquembouche

Episode 2: Breakfast Basics

After walking her poodles on a chilly weekend morning, Zoë prepares a grab-and-go breakfast favorite, blueberry muffins. She also visits a favorite café whose motto is “Simple is best and just as delicious,” inspiring her to prepare a cinnamon star bread.

Recipe: Blueberry Muffins | Cinnamon Star Bread

Episode 3: Baked Alaska

When hosting a dinner party for some chef friends, Zoë prepares a dish to impress: a showstopping baked Alaska with a sorbet “bullseye.” She also visits a good friend to have fun thinking outside of the box with ice cream flavors.

Recipe: Baked Alaska

Episode 4: Macaron Macaroon

Zoë prepares delicate chocolate macarons for a bakers’ gathering with a fellow cookbook author and friend. She also demonstrates how baking together can lead to delicious creations as she makes coconut macaroons with an award-winning pastry chef.

Recipes: Chocolate Macarons | Coconut Macaroon Haystack Cookies
Substack Exclusive for Extras Subscribers: Macraron Macaroon

Episode 5: Say Cheesecake

Zoë tackles her son’s favorite dessert — cheesecake. She prepares one version with her signature blueberry swirl as well as a savory version topped with roasted tomato and feta after an inspiring visit to a local creamery.

Recipes: Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake | Savory Cheesecake
Substack Exclusive for Extras Subscribers: Say Cheesecake

Episode 6: Family Crepes

Zoë demonstrates the delicious versatility of a family favorite, crêpes, by preparing a stack to fill with bananas Foster and roll into a savory crepe manicotti. For more inspiration, Zoë visits a local pastry chef to see how a crêpe cake is made.

Recipes: Basic Crepes | Manicotti Crepes | Crepe Cake | Bananas Foster Crepes

Episode 7: Sweet Potato Pie

Zoë finds inspiration at a farmers’ market, transforming purple sweet potatoes into a vibrant version of the classic pie. She also picks up tips from a local baker, Rose McGee, and will never look at a sweet potato pie the same way again.

Recipe: Purple Sweet Potato Pie
Substack Exclusive for Extras Subscribers: Sweet Potato Pie

Episode 8: Family Recipes

Zoë prepares jelly doughnuts to share with her mom before they bake another filled pastry together based on her great-great-grandmother’s recipe. They also visit a local baker who makes challah bread with three generations of her family.

Recipes: Sufganiyot | Rugelach | Challah | Lorraine’s Chicken Soup
Substack Exclusive for Extras Subscribers: Family Recipes

Episode 9: Brunch Bakes

Zoë hosts a brunch for her women’s small business group, The Ladybrainers, and prepares a rustic apple tarte Tatin. To expand her French-themed menu, she visits a renowned chef and native Frenchman to learn practical tips for making soufflé.

Recipes: Apple Tarte Tatin | Spinach and Cheese Souffle
Substack Exclusive for Extras Subscribers: Brunch Bakes

Episode 10: Nordic Treats

Zoë pays tribute to her Nordic heritage by preparing Swedish cream and krumkake, a pressed cookie and visiting a ladies’ church group for a lesson in making the traditional Norwegian flatbread, lefse.

Recipes: Krumkake | Swedish Cream | Sour Cherry Streusel Bars

Episode 11: Hand Pies

When the Minnesota weather turns cold, Zoë stocks her freezer with easy, bake-and-take hand pies. She makes both sweet strawberry and savory chicken curry pies, and then visits a local Mexican café to prepare empanadas.

Recipes: Strawberry Hand Pies | Curry Chicken Hand Pies

Episode 12: S’mores and Hot Dish

To stave off cabin fever, Zoë hosts a potluck party complete with s’mores and a dessert twist on a Minnesota staple: hot dish. She visits a friend to learn what makes hot dish so popular in the Midwest.

Recipes: Pumpkin-Pear-Cranberry Hot Dish | Graham Crackers | Marshmallows

BONUS Episode: Pumpkin Treats

When Zoë’s sons come home for a visit, she heads to a pumpkin patch to get ingredients for their favorite fall desserts. Charlie joins her in the kitchen to make sweet scones with squash they picked, and Henri enjoys pumpkin creme brulee.

Recipes: Pumpkin Creme Brulee | Squash Scones
Substack Exclusive for Extras subscribers: Deep Dive: Pumpkin Treats

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