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Zoe Bakes Season 3 on Magnolia Network

Zoë François bakes and cooks her favorite recipes, from easy main dishes to delicious desserts, with a little help from her friends and family.

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Zoe Bakes Season 3

Episode 1: Victoria Sponge Cake

Summer in Minnesota means one thing to Zoë — strawberries! To celebrate, she’s making a traditional English dessert comprised of fluffy sponge cake filled with strawberry jam, strawberry Chantilly cream, topped with edible flowers and more strawberries.

Recipe: Victoria Sponge Cake | Homemade Sweet Butter
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Episode 2: Paris-Brest: Pastry Wheel

Minnesota summers mean everyone is out riding bikes, which Zoë thinking about one of her favorite desserts — a Paris-Brest, which is a choux pastry inspired by the annual French bike race, filled with raspberry cream and topped with rose petals.

Recipe: Paris Brest
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Episode 3: Hanukkah Latkes

Hanukkah is extra special for Zoë this year because her mom is in town. Exploring new twists on Jewish holiday classics, Zoë makes cake donuts topped with a saffron glaze, crushed pistachios and rose petals along with latkes and an array of toppings.

Recipes: Potato Latkes | Cake Donuts with Saffron Glaze

Episode 4: Perfect Peach Pie with Candied Bacon

For Zoë, nothing is more perfect than a fresh, juicy peach. When a friend brings her a basket full of them, she decides to put them to good use with a pie and tops it with candied bacon after an inspirational visit to a local bakery and breakfast spot.

Recipe: Perfect Peach Pie with Candied Bacon
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Episode 5: Small Portions

Zoë shares some of her favorite strategies for healthy baking (and eating) by making Morning Cookies, a guilt-free, grab and go nutritious breakfast or snack, and tiramisu in single-serve jars — because sometimes it’s all about portion control.

Recipes: Mini Tiramisu | Morning Cookies
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Episode 6: Icebox Cake

Zoë’s mom is in town during a Minnesota summer scorcher. To help them stay cool, Zoë makes an icebox cake with homemade chocolate wafers and caramel cream, and a refreshing no-bake British dessert called a posset topped with tropical fruit.

Recipes: Icebox Cake | Grapefruit Posset
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Episode 7: Blueberry Bars

Zoë is preparing to go to her friend’s cabin and since wild blueberries are in season, she’s making lattice bars with a blueberry filling and lemon thyme shortbread crust, along with blueberry scones to snack on when they hit the road.

Recipes: Blueberry Bars | Blueberry Scones

Episode 8: Angel Food Cake

Zoë tastes her way through the Minnesota State Fair with her friend and fellow cookbook author, Jessie Sheehan. Inspired by their visit, Zoë makes an angel food cake covered in a cherry studded whipped cream and refreshing orange cream pops.

Recipes: Orange Creamsicle Pops | Angel Food Cake with Cherry Whipped Cream
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Episode 9: Cookie Bake Off

As she works on a new book about cookies, Zoë leans on her two sons to be judges of her recipes. A family-favorite Oatmeal Raisin Cookie is a no-brainer, but she must start over on a Raspberry Linzer that doesn’t pass the boys’ taste test.

Recipes: Chocolate-Raspberry Linzer Cookies | Coconut Oatmeal Rum Raisin Cookies
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Episode 10: Coffee Chiffon Cake

Zoë is hosting a celebration to honor her mentor, Sue Zelickson, the first lady of the Twin Cities culinary scene. To mark the occasion, Zoë makes a grand, multi-tiered chiffon cake infused with coffee and honeycomb candy throughout.

Recipe: Coffee Chiffon Cake
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Episode 11: Carrot Cake

It’s harvest season in Minnesota and Zoë is inspired to bake with all the locally grown, fresh produce that’s available. Today she’s using fresh carrots to make her showstopping carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and candied peels.

Recipe: Carrot Cake with Candied Peels
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Episode 12: Corn Ice Cream

Zoë is hosting a barbecue during peak season for sweet corn. To compliment the savory meat, she makes a rich, golden cornbread and sweet corn flavored ice cream drizzled with homemade caramel sauce for dessert — a delicious end to summer in Minnesota.

Recipes: Corn Ice Cream | Cornbread
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