15 Valentine’s Day Desserts Full Of Love

Cinnamon Rolls Baked in a Heart-Shaped Pan | Valentine's Day Desserts

If you ask me, Valentine’s Day is best celebrated from morning to night with desserts. You can surprise your sweetheart, friends or family with sweet treats throughout the day, and share in whatever brings you joy on what can be a silly holiday. From breakfast sweets to decadent and beautiful cakes I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day dessert recipes.

Looking for some more dessert ideas? Here are a few more that are perfect for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day Desserts for Breakfast

Start your morning off right with special treats for your special someone. You can make these as part of a big brunch or serve them as breakfast in bed.

There's really nothing more loving or romantic than baking for the ones you love, and these cinnamon rolls are a perfect treat first thing in the morning. Fresh strawberries on top of a cream cheese icing add freshness, a pop of pink and a little extra hit of sweet.
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I think starting your Valentine’s Day off with a classic muffin is a charming way to show your love. There is nothing more classic than blueberry muffins, and the wonderful balance of sweetness and tartness in this recipe makes it a winner.
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Who doesn't love a buttery, flaky croissant? This Pain au Chocolat recipe is a favorite of mine, because the only thing that makes the french pastry better is stuffing it with chocolate.
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Valentine’s Day Cakes

These gorgeous cakes are delicious showstoppers. Show your loved ones how much you care with a beautiful cake.

I make these mini chocolate cakes shaped like hearts for Valentine's Day. The devil's food cakes are covered in decadent chocolate ganache and are tasty, fun and the perfect sized treat for all your Valentines young and old.
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This is an abbreviated version of a recipe I created with the extraordinary pastry chef, Neal Fraser. It's a decadent and fudgy cake with a strawberry salsa and beautiful candied flowers. The combination of flavors and beauty of the dessert make it the perfect end to a special meal.
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My stepmother, Patricia, is from Alabama, and she introduced me to the Southern red velvet cake. The cake's origins are a little murky, but the bright-red version we see today was invented in the 1920s by an extract company and then suddenly became one of the most beloved cakes in every city, not just the south. A note about this recipe: I baked the layers in three 6×2-inch cake pans, which is why it is soooooo tall. If you go with smaller pans, you will want to check them about 5-10 minutes earlier when baking, since they will be done sooner the smaller they are. 
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Berry Recipes for Valentine’s Day

This cherry cheesecake is made with ricotta, a touch of honey and a crushed ginger cookie crust. To add a bit of festive charm for the holiday, I crafted it in a heart shape with ruby-red cherry sauce. This a luxurious and sensuous treat to share with your Valentine.
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Angel food cake is the lightest, fluffiest, most ethereal cake and this version gets even better with a cherry studded whipped cream.
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A strawberry Charlotte Royale is a fun recipe if you are looking for something a little different to try. This recipe features Grand Marnier Bavarian Cream and is a regal looking dessert. It isn't as hard to make as it may look, but it does require a little planning ahead, so make sure you prepare accordingly. This was inspired by Soulful Baker: From highly creative fruit tarts and pies to chocolate, desserts and weekend brunch by Julie Jones.
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Valentine’s Day Cookies and Small Treats

Try one of these classic sugar cookie recipes that are perfect for Valentine’s Day parties or kids treats. Plus a few other small treats that make great little gifts.

This sugar cookie recipe is from my friend Sarah Kieffer's wonderful book, 100 Cookies. A good sugar cookie should hold up to icing and have a wonderful crispiness. This recipe hits on everything you'd want from a sugar cookie, and the blood orange offers a nice tangy sweetness.
Don't be fooled into thinking a cookie isn't decadent and special enough for a Valentine's Day dessert. These Valentine cookies are made of lemon shortbread with a lemon icing. Add in the heart shapes and the decorations, and you have a tasty and gorgeous treat for the holiday.
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This is a simple and rich fudge that is sure to be a hit with everyone in your house. It's wonderful on its own, or can be topped or mixed with nuts or your other favorite goodies.
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Delicate and brittle on the outside with rich buttercream or ganache in the middle, macarons are not as difficult as you think. You can color them for any occasion and they're just beautiful, delicious and fun. Note: This recipe does require a scale, otherwise there is too much variability in the measurements to come out well.
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Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts and I assembled these in individual jars for a sweet treat in an adorable portion size. This version has a hint of lavender from lavender simple syrup.
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  1. Zoe – your son must be a kindred spirit, because my fav dessert combinations is dark chocolate and raspberries! And his cakes are so pretty, with the splash of red in the lower left corner. When is his cookbook coming out. I want to be sure to get my preorder in! I love that you and your son share so much of your working life together.

    BTW, I agree, Valentine’s Day is a silly holiday, just one more commercial debacle to flog consumers with. Speaking of which, it is 12:06, so happy VD!

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