The Most Popular Recipes of 2022

Boozy Cherry Pavlova | ZoeBakes

Where did the year go?! We all say that this time of year, don’t we? But it’s one of those cliched questions that is so true. It was a fun and exciting year, and I can’t believe it’s over. I shared recipes and met wonderful people on Zoë Bakes on Magnolia Network, launched the ZoëBakes Shop, and connected and shared recipes with you (I love seeing what you make!) on Instagram and through my Substack newsletter.

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Caramel Desserts

Is there anything more gorgeous than the sight of drizzling caramel? Homemade caramel just adds the perfect sweetness to a favorite dessert, and is much easier to make than many people think! This list of caramel desserts features all kinds of recipes, including pies, cakes and so much more. If you have a caramel lover in your house, you’ll find plenty of recipes you need to try.

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Cranberry Desserts

Cranberries are often associated with Thanksgiving, and it’s true that they make for a nice little burst of tartness on your plate, but they are also perfect for desserts. I love them dusted with a little sugar in a recipe because the sweet and tart flavors pair so beautifully. This list of cranberry desserts is, of course, perfect for Thanksgiving, but you don’t need to be tied to the holiday. Let this “berry” free for other festivities and gatherings throughout the year!

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Three Spooky Halloween Desserts

I love looking back at some of my old recipes. These three Halloween desserts are from the early years of my blog (which is obvious from my photography skills) when my kids were younger and loved fun Halloween-themed treats. I dug them up to share with all of you and your kids, because these are a blast to make with kids, and just as much fun to serve at an adult Halloween party.

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Potluck Desserts

Devils Food Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing on a tray.

What makes for a great potluck dessert? I think it’s all about small treats that look great on a dessert table and can be easily eaten with little fuss or mess. You’ll need treats that are easily packaged and transported, and are crowd pleasers. I put together a list of my favorite potluck desserts, from classics like bars and cookies, to some options that are a little more adventurous but still simple and easy to bring to your next big event.

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