My Favorite Baking Equipment

‘Tis the baking season and time to give gifts to your loved ones who bake pie, cake, bread, cookies and so much more. I’ve had lots of questions about my favorite baking equipment and what to get the bakers in your life. You can always find the list of what I am using in my kitchen in my “Shop” tab at the top of my website. I only post the products that I actually use and love. You’ll find a link my beloved torch below.

I’m also including some gift ideas from small businesses I love. Enjoy!

Gift Ideas from Small Businesses

The Wreath of Joy by Joy Summers

The Wreath of Joy – You can DM your orders to Como Harriet Design on Instagram to get one-of-a-kind bespoke silk flower wreaths made by my good friend, Joy Summers.

Zoë François wearing Silk Oak Designs necklace

Silk Oak Designs – My Mom’s leather and stone handmade necklaces can be worn as chokers (as I prefer in the kitchen) or as looser single and double strands. Visit her site to get more ideas and see the selections of designs. They’ve become the only jewelry I wear and each piece tells a story.

Fortana Forni Wood Fired Oven

Fontana Forni Wood Fired Oven – This is the gift that gives to your entire neighborhood: the wood fired oven of my dreams. It may not be a stocking stuffer, but it’s something I wanted for decades.

This wonderful family-run business also has a gorgeous Copper Olive Oil Cruet that makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Cake stand by Maryfrances Carter

Maryfrances Carter Pottery – One-of-a-kind handmade dishes and cake stands. Each one is slightly unique and lovely.

100 Cookies cookbook by Sarah Kieffer

100 Cookies Cookbook – The celebrated book by my friend Sarah Kieffer is perfect for a gift to those who love to bake (no matter their skill level) and you’ll want a copy for yourself too.

Baker’s Field Flour – Specialty flour is a fantastic gift for someone who loves to bake. Baker’s Field stone milled flour is one of my favorites and it’s based here in Minneapolis.

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day Cookbook

Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day – The perfect gift for the beginning baker who wants to bake bread but not spend all day doing it. Easy, fast and it’s tried and true, just read the 2000+ reviews on Amazon.

Donate to Appetite for Change – I featured Appetite for Change founder Princess Haley on my Instagram this fall for Share the Mic MN. She is one of the most inspiring women I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Appetite for Change is a 501c3 not for profit organization doing incredible things for youth in North Minneapolis.

The Best Baking Equipment

Start with a Blow Torch! It is a super fun and exciting tool that I use as often as I possibly can. It is great for toasting meringue, marshmallows and the sugar crust on creme brûlée.

A pretty Pie Dish is super useful and makes it more likely your loved one will bake you a pie!

Below are a few photos of the staples, but check out my full list here. 

A solid, heavy duty rolling pin will get used constantly, especially for the pie lovers and anyone who likes cinnamon buns. There is no right or wrong shape, but what is most comfortable to use. The rolling pins with handles are easier to use if you are rolling lots of stiff dough, but the French or Dowel pins allow you to have a better feel for the dough. I use the French (tapered dowel) and handled pins most often. Full selection here.

Rubber spatulas and bench scrapers are essential. If someone is just setting up kitchen these are the perfect gifts, since they are used constantly and super utilitarian. When you check out my full baking equipment list, you’ll find several sizes and brands that I use constantly.

Straight sided cake pans are maybe my most essential baking equipment. Sturdy and deep is how I like my cake pans.

Bread baking equipment and knives are perfect for those who are getting into baking their first loaf or playing with a 100 year old starter. You can get by with just a few things to bake a great loaf of bread or you can take it to the next level. Find more Bread baking equipment.

Bundt pans are a super fun and useful pan. Maybe my favorite cakes to bake, since a simple cake can look so spectacular. find them here: Baking Equipment

Zoë Bakes Cake, Zoë François's cookbook all about cakes.

Cookbooks! There are so many to choose from and I have a list of all the books I have baked from recently and for decades. There are also a bunch that I wrote (including the one pictured above, which is available now!).

This rolling rack, which is used to store my hot baking trays as they come out of the oven and where I can store baked goods, so they don’t clutter my counter is for the serious baker who is taking over the whole kitchen with all their baked goods. It’s a good thing! You’ll find everything from this rolling rack to my camera equipment in my Baking Equipment List! 

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40 thoughts to “My Favorite Baking Equipment”

  1. My rolling rack and Danish whisk are two of the best investments I have ever made. Sadly, I was not as forward thinking as you to plan a place to tuck it under the counter, so I store it in my office. But when I pull it out everyone know lots of delicious things are coming. Great list.

  2. Zoe thank you for this post. I am wanting to purchase a scale for baking and it seems that most don’t get very good reviews. Can you recommend one please? Thank you and be well.

      1. Hi there! I too love the salt box and was unable to find it on their website. I sent an email but didn’t know if you have any further information as to where I could purchase or something similar. I haven’t been able to find one like it anywhere. Thank you!

          1. Hi Zoe,
            I’m in love with your salt box too!! I f you have him make more, I would for sure buy one!!!
            Please let me know!

  3. Hi Zoë
    What brand tool box are you using to keep your cake decorating tools? It would work for my crafts.
    Thank you,
    Michelle R

  4. Hi Zoe, what brand are your aprons with the little red tag? They are gorgeous. Also I love your show, I binged watched it in two days and immediately made the banana pudding.

  5. Please name the silver stand mixer used on your first 2 magnolia network shows. Has handle front to

  6. Is Zoe’s kitchen oven (that we see on her show) a commercial stove or for residential? I am remodeling a 150 year old peach orchard barn. I want a big stove such as the one Zoe’s kitchen has.

  7. Zoe’s show ‘Pizza on the Farm’ was beyond wonderful! She had such amazing tips my husband in his quest to make the best pizza has come to fruition! The dough is fabulous! I even bought the Danish Dough Mixer she used and what a huge difference it’s made. Plus, no more Kitchen Aids and all that mess!!

    My question is, what Pizza Stone does Zoe use? Our old one just cracked in the oven while making pizza so we need to replace it.

    1. Hello! We are thrilled to hear you enjoyed the Pizza Farm episode. Zoë has both an Emile Henry pizza stone as well as The Baking Steel. She loves both. Enjoy!

    1. Zoë is actually working on some of her own right now! If you sign up for her newsletter (sign up here), we’ll be sure to let you know when they are ready to order! It should be very soon.

  8. Seriously, just needed to say that Zoe is an enjoyable “breath of fresh air”! She invites you right into the adventure with her. Delightful, warm, and fun as she explains her process and shares the goodness! What’s not to like? PLEASE keep the episodes coming! THANKS!

    I utilize my cast iron pans and dutch oven regularly. l do like my Staub better then my Le Creuset; even if I’m getting older and it is seeming to get heavier as that is happening, ha, ha). The Danish Dough Whisk was a gift and is an essential in my kitchen!

    I am interested in what pots and pans she uses? Always looking for new stuff for my new kitchen! Thrilled to see she has a ‘Blue Star’ Cooktop. I have fallen in love with mine! I chose Azure Sky Blue knobs 🙂

    Just got home from a long shift and only a few minutes away from my Dutch Baby filled with fresh blueberries and apples! YUM! Doc, cooking/baking, and singing. It’s a great life!

  9. Where can I find all the recipes from Season 1, 2 and 3? Also, what types of salt does Zoe keep in her salt box? Love the show!

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