Summer Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie | ZoeBakes by Zoe Francois

Why should fall and winter get all the pie fun? Yes, pie is the perfect dessert for a holiday gathering, but let’s not forget about all the wonderful summer pie filling fruits, like strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. You’ll find all these in this collection of summer pie recipes, because nothing caps off a wonderful summer meal or gathering like a slice of pie made with some freshly picked summer berries.

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Summer Pie Recipes

If you’ve seen my show on Magnolia Network, you will be familiar with this beauty from the pie master, Rachel Swan. Anyone lucky enough to be in Minneapolis should try her pie at Pie & Mighty, but if you don’t you can try my version, with lime curd and berries.
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Key Lime Pie is what I would make if stuck on a desert island. It satisfies my craving for sweet, creamy and tart. The perfect dessert!
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I love pie, all pies, but this blueberry pie stands above the rest. When wild blueberries are baked up in a pie shell, with just a bit of lemon, some sugar and pats of butter, I could eat the whole thing.
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I love strawberries, but they are a bit too sweet and jammy on their own in a pie. The marriage of rhubarb and strawberries is perfection, because sometimes opposites attract.
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It's funny how rather retro American desserts, like the Banana Cream Pie bring back memories of grandmothers and childhoods. I am happy to report this version, inspired by Sarabeth's Bakery, does not disappoint. You have to make one to see how beautifully it cuts and how fantastic it tastes.
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There is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly ripe, juicy, smooth, sweet peach, so don't fuss it all up with too much extra stuff. This perfect peach pie with lattice crust is really just peaches, a touch of booze (which is optional) and some raw sugar.
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A little dollop of ice cream makes apple pie perfect even on a hot summer day. The all-American dessert can be eaten year-round, and there is just something satisfying about a slice of apple pie on a nice summer day.
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This Lemon Honey-Meringue Pie is very easy to make, but there are some steps that will take your pie from a weepy mess to a magnificent mile-high showpiece.
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4 thoughts to “Summer Pie”

  1. What size jars did you use for the banana pudding on episode 2 on Zoe bakes on magnolia network?

    1. Hi Dianna, Zoë used a variety of sizes for the banana pudding. The smaller ones (for the kids) were 4 oz and the larger were 6-8 oz. Enjoy!

  2. I have been baking for over 53 years and I am considered quite good at it. I just love your show and I am a born & raised Minnesota girl. I made your chocolate chip cookies last night and they were just phenomenal!! Turned out exactly how you said they would. These are now and forever my go to cookie. My next tackle will be the meringue shell filled with cream & fruit. I can’t wait! Thank you for such a great cooking show!

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