Summer Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie | ZoeBakes by Zoe Francois

Why should fall and winter get all the pie fun? Yes, pie is the perfect dessert for a holiday gathering, but let’s not forget about all the wonderful summer pie filling fruits, like strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. You’ll find all these in this collection of summer pie recipes, because nothing caps off a wonderful summer meal or gathering like a slice of pie made with some freshly picked summer berries.

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Peach Desserts

Three peaches cut in half

Peaches are such a beautiful, unique fruit. You never mistake peach flavor for something else, as there is just something about the juicy sweetness that is so obviously a peach. It’s fitting that peach season coincides with summer, because the fruit is bright, floral and fun, and to celebrate these tasty treats I put together a list of my favorite peach desserts. Each recipe showcases the peach flavor in its own way, and you’ll find pies, ice cream and so much more.

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Tropical Desserts

Mango Curd Tart with fresh mango, berries | Tropical Desserts
Mango Curd Tart

I love tropical desserts because of the sweet, tart flavors. Key lime pie, for example, is one of my favorite desserts and I seek it out whenever I can. Plus, tropical fruits are vibrant and colorful, which makes for a gorgeous serving plate. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite tropical desserts below and you’ll also find resources for where to buy tropical fruit if you can’t get it locally. If you are reading this in the winter, these desserts will give you the feeling of someplace warm, and if you are somewhere bright and sunny, they’ll pair perfectly with the weather.

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Memorial Day Desserts

Kick off your summer with some tasty Memorial Day desserts. These recipes will please a crowd and are great for the summer season.

Strawberry Passion Fruit Sheet Cake | Memorial Day Desserts

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer here in Minnesota. I think that’s true almost everywhere, but after the long, cold winter and often erratic spring, it’s especially so in The North. Like every changing season, there’s no better way to enjoy all the time has to offer than with tasty, seasonal desserts. For Memorial Day, I’ve put together a list of treats that include crowd pleasers for big weekend get-togethers, and a whole bunch of fruits. It’s nearly summer now, which means it’s time to enjoy as much fruit as possible the next few months.

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