9 Rhubarb Desserts For Early Harvest Season

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One of the first signs of summer in Minnesota is rhubarb season. Most of our produce isn’t ready until later in the summer, but those big, leafy rhubarb plants are often ready to harvest by May. I love rhubarb because it adds a great texture and sour flavor to baked goods. You need a lot of sweet fruit (like strawberries) and sugar to balance out the natural bitterness, but when you get the right combination of sour and sweet, the result is truly marvelous.

Rhubarb Desserts

I love strawberries, but they are a bit too sweet and jammy on their own in a pie. The marriage of rhubarb and strawberries is perfection, because sometimes opposites attract.
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This tart with change hearts and minds about rhubarb. The tartness of the rhubarb is perfect balanced by the rich, sweet, slightly nutty browned butter filling and it is all held together by a perfectly tender crust.
Fool is a classic British dessert made of cooked, sweetened fruit that is folded into whipped cream. There is nothing as simple, and yet just a touch decadent. I love the tart/sweet combination of this rhubarb fool.
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This Strawberry Rhubarb Fool Cheesecake was a happy mistake. You know how they say you learn from your failures? Well, I was going for a tourteau fromage and it went wrong in a big way.
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There is really nothing better than the combo of sweet berries and tart rhubarb. This simple strawberry rhubarb crips combines the two flavors perfectly.
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Anything with sweet, juicy strawberries and freshly picked rhubarb is a tasty summer treat. This strawberry-rhubarb crips with strawberry ice cream packs all the flavor you want from summer harvests.
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This rhubarb-orange jam is the perfect way to enjoy tart rhubarb flavor throughout the year. The sweetness of the orange compliments the tart rhubarb for a jam that can be used on all kinds of pastries or breads.
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This recipe is for the sauce pictured here. The tart recipe itself is not my own, I just made this recipe into one large rectangle tart. You can see me make the rectangle tart in my Instagram Story Highlight.
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Rhubarb Berry Crumble is one of my most treasured desserts. This version is just the right amount of sweet, but still tart enough to be true to rhubarb’s best quality. The crumble is buttery and rich, aa perfectly balanced partnership with the filling. I made a batch of vanilla ice cream and swirled some raspberry jam into it for the top.
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  1. The strawberry rhubarb pie recipe was easy and delicious. I don’t if adding the vanilla to the strawberries while cooking was the key for sweetness and a distinct taste but was very good. Will make this again.

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