Rhubarb and Brown Butter Tart

Rhubarb and Brown Butter Tart | photo by Zoë François

After an epic winter, rhubarb is what gives us hope and the will to live. It is the first delicious sign that we have survived another test of winter. I would love it for that reason alone, but I also love the tart flavor. I am aware that there are people who are not big fans of rhubarb. If you find yourself in this camp of thought, I dare to suggest that you will love this rhubarb and brown butter tart from the newest volume of Bake from Scratch. The tartness of the rhubarb is perfect balanced by the rich, sweet, slightly nutty browned butter filling and it is all held together by a perfectly tender crust. I made the tart and as soon as I was done photographing it, my family swooped in and devoured it within minutes. This is such high praise. My family members are no strangers to dessert and it takes some effort to impress them. This one did just that.

In the book they make individual tartlets, but I don’t have enough tartlet pans to pull that off so I made one large rectangular tart. You can watch me make my version of this Rhubarb and Brown Butter Tart in my instagram videos.

Rhubarb and Brown Butter Tart | photo by Zoë François

Rhubarb and Brown Butter Tart from Bake from Scratch: Volume Two: Artisan Recipes for the Home Baker

You will find the recipe here: they make 12 individual tartlets

You can watch me make the tart as a large rectangle in my Instagram video.

For the rhubarb sauce (see last photo):

1 large stalk rhubarb, cut into small pieces

1/3 cup sugar

1/2 cup water

Cook until the juices have thickened to the consistency of maple syrup. Strain, cool and store covered in the refrigerator for several days. It is wonderful drizzled over this tart or used in summer cocktails in place of simple syrup.


Micro Greens as a garnish. I used micro kale, but I actually think the peppery flavor of micro arugula would be an even better fit.

Whipped cream:

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 tablespoon confectioners’ sugar

whip the cream and sugar on medium speed until it is soft peaks.

Rhubarb and Brown Butter Tart | photo by Zoë François
Rhubarb and Brown Butter Tart | photo by Zoë François

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  1. Zoe, aren’t all the recipes in the books also in the magazine they put out quarterly? I thought that’s what they did. I have all the magazine so, I thought it was a waste of money to buy the book. Maybe I’m wrong?

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