Top Nine ZoeBakes Desserts 2019

Poached Pear Tart | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

Instagram has spoken and these are the Top Nine ZoeBakes Desserts 2019, as determined by your 1 million likes. Thank you so much for following and I look forward to baking with you in 2020! 

These are in no particular order of popularity. Find the list and recipes below:

1. A tart I created for the Anthropologie catalog cover. A tart filled with pastry cream and topped with red wine poached pears and fresh fruits. I was inspired by a still life scene in a Dutch master’s painting from long ago. Find the recipe here.

Carrot Cake | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

2. Carrot Cake with Candied Peels. No Waste and a gorgeous garnish to be had by using the carrot peels on the dessert. Find the recipe here.

Chocolate Mousse Cake | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

3. Chocolate Mousse Cake with three layers of chocolate is super decadent and sleek. Find the recipe here.

Diva Cake | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

4. Diva Cake is layers of sponge cake, blackberry buttercream, ganache and a pile of toasted meringue. Find the recipe here.

Blueberry Bars | ZoeBakes photo by Zoe Francois

5. Blueberry Bars are a sweet after school treat or they can be served with ice cream for dessert. Find the recipe here.

Creme Brûlée | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

6. Creme Brûlée is an absolute classic and for good reason, it is delicious and quite easy to make. Find the recipe here.

Pavlova | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

7. Pavlova is the ballerina of the dessert world and one of my most popular posts every year. Find the recipe here.

Crepe Cake | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

8. Crepe Cake is made up of layers upon layers of thin crepes with lemon cream between, what’s not to love. Find the recipe here.

Funfetti Feather Cake | ZoëBakes photo by Zoë François

9. Funfetti Feather Cake is so much fun to make, look at and eat, no wonder it made the list. Find the recipe here.

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3 thoughts to “Top Nine ZoeBakes Desserts 2019”

  1. Zoe, I love watching you on your Zoe bakes show! You truly finesse each recipe and offer all sorts of tips! I really get lost in your creations and feel very confident about re-creating them when you finish each show! Thank you for that!
    I wonder if you share bread/ yeast recipes.
    Many thanks,
    From your greatest fan in Markham, Ontario

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