Peanut Butter Meringue Pie from The Ranch Table

Peanut Butter Pie in a ceramic pie plate on a marble countertop

I met Elizabeth Poett in Waco, TX after we both started filming our shows for The Magnolia Network. Elizabeth is the rare combination of movie star glamour and a down-to-earth rancher. Those things seem an impossible mix and yet, Elizabeth pulls it off with rugged elegance. She has a passion for her traditions, her land, and her family, which makes her so relatable.

[GIVEAWAY! Scroll to the bottom to find out how you can win a copy of Elizabeth Poett’s new cookbook!]

Her new cookbook tells the story of her picture book ranch, filled with cattle, honey bees, lavender fields, and views one could never get tired of. Most importantly it is where her family has lived for seven generations.

I am decidedly a city dweller but I am so captivated and curious about her bucolic world. If you’ve seen her show, Ranch to Table, you’ve probably felt the same pull to ranch life. You can get her recipes and stories in her new book, The Ranch Table, which includes this family-favorite peanut butter meringue pie. Be sure to check out Elizabeth’s show! Season 4 just launched on Magnolia Network.

Peanut Butter Pie in a ceramic pie plate on a marble countertop

GIVEAWAY! Want to win a copy of this gorgeous cookbook? Leave a comment and tell me your favorite pie or your favorite peanut butter dessert recipe! USA addresses only. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Giveaway closes Friday, Oct. 13, 2023 at 5 p.m. CST. One winner will be contacted via email. If we do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours, we will select and notify a new winner.

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840 thoughts to “Peanut Butter Meringue Pie from The Ranch Table”

      1. I love a mile high apple pie drizzled with caramel and served a la mode! It’s just so incredibly comforting ❤️

        1. My favorite pie is a fall classic, Apple pie. We use Granny Smith apples. I love the crumble top. It’s my favorite for Thanksgiving.

        2. Favorite pie is cherry with a good vanilla ice cream. I make a pretty good peanut butter sheet cake that I like a well.

        3. My father owned a cafe in a small town and was well known for his delicious, memorable homemade pies. My favorite was his apple pie, warm with vanilla ice cream. His mastered talent of creating the perfect flakey crust, choosing the most flavorful apples and the right amounts of the sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg.

      2. My heart belongs to sour cherry pie! I spent my youth camping with family the entire summer in the cherry capital of the world, Traverse City, MI. We often picked cherries to make pies, cobblers and jam. These great memories come rolling back with every bite of a homemade cherry pie. ❤️❣️

      3. I love all fruit pies but my grandmother’s apple pie still transports me back in time. I’m the only person in our tiny family who learned to make it. It tastes like love.

      4. Sorry .. I love all pie … but if I had to have a favorite it has to be Rhubarb Custard.. no has made that pie as well as my mother in law.. every birthday and yes I ate the whole thing by myself!

      5. My favorite peanut butter dessert is the peanut butter blossom cookie. We make them every Christmas. Abd since they are gluten free, my daughter can enjoy them as well!

        1. I love the combination of raspberries and fresh peaches in pies, tarts, or just in a bowl topped with vanilla ice cream!

        2. My father grew up on a cattle ranch in Northern New Mexico and I loved hearing his stories and I still have the old registered cattle brand certificates. My favorite pie is sweet potato pie

    1. My favorite pie is pecan. My southern granddaddy loved his pecan pie and coconut cream pie and I loved him!❤️

    2. My favorite pie is pumpkin! My mother in law and I just love watching both of your shows on Magnolia!

    3. My favorite pie to make is peach pie with a special crust when peach season hits! I love adding a bit of cardamom as I just love the flavor!

    4. I have recently been watching Ms. Poetts show & find it simply intriguing. I love it!
      Favorite PNB dessert is PNB Oatmeal Bars with homemade PNB frosting. I have been making these since our kids were little. They are now in their 30’s. A favorite in our household & circle of family & friends.

    5. My favorite pie is any one my 95 year old mother makes. She has been our “pie lady” all our lives and still makes them for us. My daughter always asks for a pie from Grandma when she comes to visit. and Grandma always comes through.

    6. Hello!
      What a gorgeous book! And that pie looks amazing. It’s hard to choose just one favorite pie, but today it would be lemon meringue.

    7. Pecan pie is May favorite! I just heard an interview with Elizabeth on the Cherry Bomb pod. Her family ranch sounds amazing. They were bio diverse long before it was a “thing”!

    8. Love both these shows

      Love maine blueberry pie.
      Peanut butter pie.
      Peanut butter and jelly bars.

      Thanks so much

  1. It’s so hard to choose my favorite pie, but I’m going to say key lime—although cherry comes in a close second!

    1. My grandfather grew rhubarb in his garden and cooked it on the stove for ice cream or made a pie. I love straight rhubarb pie…. reminds me of him and I’m a kid again!

  2. My favorite peanut butter dessert is a jar of peanut butter. I can and do eat it every way, even on grilled hamburgers.

      1. I’ve never had peanut butter pie. ..sounds really good…My favorite pie is Apple crisp …. When apples are in season ..with ice cream on the side…

    1. My favorite pie is chocolate cream pie. My husband likes a version if my cream pie using a layer of peanutbutter and layer of bananas lol. He requests it for his birthday every year.

    2. My favorite pie is coconut cream with whipped cream and toasted coconut on top. I would love to try this peanut butter pie.

      1. My favorite pie is s custard based banana cream pie. Favorite peanut butter recipe is peanut butter cookies. I can still remember my mom making them and the wonderful smells!

    1. Oh wow, I love both of your shows and all your amazing recipes!
      And I have to also tell you, Zoe, how much I love your hair! Absolutely gorgeous 🙂 I think that every show, so I figured I’d just mention it here 🙂

      I’m pretty simple… a super gooey & chewy brownie… or good chocolate chip cookies, with the crispy/chewy edges amd a soft center…… oh boy I definitely need to make those again soon… well, once its cooled down more 😉

  3. My favorite pie is french silk. It’s so rich and creamy and the chocolate shavings on top make it even better!

    1. My favorite pie is butter pecan pie Southern butter pecan pie at that, living in Wisconsin now coming from North Carolina, I always make this pie almost every weekend it stairs up so many memories from my childhood my grandmother taught me how to make pecan pie when I was 11 years old and since then I have loved to bake.

  4. Favorite pie…salted caramel honeycrisp crunch apple pie. Favorite PB recipe – chocolate PB macaron. Tons of others too, but always this apple pie

    1. My favorite pie is lemon meringue. The flavor is so bright and cheerful. I also love peanut butter cookies!

  5. My favorite pie is a fresh strawberry pie and unfortunately I’m allergic to peanuts in large doses so a rare handful of Reese’s Pieces or a no-bake cookie is the totality of my peanut consumption.

  6. My favorite pie is Lemon Meringue Pie. It brings back many memories of my grandfather who taught me a lot about baking! (I love peanut butter too!)

  7. I do like a really good peanut butter pie, or pecan or lemon meringue. Geez it’s hard to pick as I like pie and more importantly desserts. I have thought I would like to open a dessert restaurant with a 4 course dessert menu. Eat dessert first and then you won’t fill up on the meal.

    1. Lemon Meringue pie! My grandmother made it for us for every special occasion. I’ve never been able to accurately re-create the recipe. Mustards Grill in Napa Valley, California has a fabulous lemon meringue pie. I seek it out every time I go to Northern California.

      1. My favorite Peanut Butter dessert is a deep, dark chocolate cake with homemade peanut butter icing — a perfect combination. Even better, my hubby doesn’t like PB, so I have it ALL TO MYSELF!

  8. So hard to choose a favorite pie, but black raspberry would probably take first over Coconut Cream and Sour Cherry. Favorite peanut butter dessert would be a peanut butter mousse with chocolate.

  9. Favorite pie: toss up between blueberry and chocolate cream. Favorite peanut butter dessert: peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. What can I say – I’m basic 🙂

    1. I can’t say I have a clear favorite in the pie category because I have a favorite for different times of the year. If I had to pick one it would be a coconut custard pie.

    1. So many pies to choose from as well as peanutbutter deserts. My favorite pie is probably pumpkin and my favorite peanutbutter desert is just a spoonful of peanutbutter, my siblings and I called it a “peanutbutter lollipop”.
      Before packing of items became so difficult to open, we would help our parents carry in the Saturday weekly groceries and rummage through the bags to find the peanutbutter, if you found it first, you would open it and take a finger full, especially the swirl of peanutbutter. Inevitably, one of the siblings would swoop in the steal the swirl from you as you where hold jar in one hand and lid in the other. Sounds silly, but it was fun.

    2. My favorite pie is peach, I actually use a recipe from Zoe, best peach pie I ever had. Peanut butter dessert is hard, love them all, but Salted Peanut Butter cookies from Smitten Kitchen are divine!

  10. My favorite pie is apple pie, love how the warm spices smell up the home. I just love the basic and classic peanut butter cookies and to spike it up a bit.. I love to add chocolate chunks!

    1. My family is a chocolate peanut butteraholic! I love her family’s rich history on the farm. Ranch to table is like a beautiful trip into the Wild West.

  11. My favourite pie is an upside down pecan apple pie where the top of the pie (when inverted) is the pie crust topped with pecans and brown sugar. Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or dollop of homemade whipped cream. Favourite peanut butter recipe is a chewy peanut butter chocolate chip cookie made with a mix of milk and semi sweet chocolate chips.

  12. Hi Zoe, my all-time favorite pie is sour cream raisin. It’s an old family, favorite and I always have to make it for my mom and my husband on their birthdays. And because of your influence, I have become a torch fan as well browning the beautiful Swiss meringue that sits piled on top of this rich clove, infused sour cream pie. Thanks, Julie.

    1. My favorite pie is lemon meringue. The flavor is so bright and cheerful. I also love peanut butter cookies!

  13. My favorite peanut butter recipe is my Grandmother’s peanut butter cookies. They are by far the tastiest I have ever had. They have very simple ingredients yet I have not found any other recipe taste as good as hers.

    1. I love any pie too, but I was born on Thanksgiving day, and as it turns out my birthday cake was actually pumpkin pie nearly every year. And I love a good pumpkin pie especially if it’s served with my aunt Joany’s world famous hard sauce.

  14. Pie and I are old friends, but I think my bestie is French Silk Pie. She is there for all the drama and is often in my thoughts.

  15. Love Ranch to Table show- never miss an episode, would love to win this cookbook as have yet to get it – on a strict budget right now- thanks

  16. I love ALL pies but probably a lemon or berry pie would be my favorite. The peanut butter meringue pie looks delicious so I will have to try that for sure!!

  17. My favorite peanut butter dessert is peanut butter ice cream! But peanut butter fudge, cookies, and pie are all in the running 🙂

  18. My favorite peanut butter recipe is Chocolate Peanut-Butter-Cup Cookies, The recipe came from Wally Amos of Famous Amos fame. It’s always a hit with adults and children.

  19. Picking a favorite pie is tough! I do love a good pecan pie! But I think this peanut butter meringue pie would be right up my alley!

  20. My favorite pie is apple!!
    I have a fun way that I love to make it and it’s so easy! It’s apple pie bars with a shortbread crust and a crumble topping. I’m all about the CRUMBLE!!
    I absolutely love the fall! It’s my favorite season for decorating and baking my favorite desserts.
    Happy baking ya’ll!!

  21. My favorite pie is Christmas Tree pie made with cherries, pecans and whipped cream. My mom always made it during the holidays. I also love peanut butter fudge!

  22. My dearly departed Mother’s lemon meringue pie is my fav! Costco organic peanut butter by the spoonful is my go to.

  23. I love peanut butter pie, I make one with an Oreo crust, and then drizzle chocolate syrup & caramel on the top

  24. My favorite peanut butter recipe is Bobby Flay’s Coffee Chunky Monkey Smoothie, although I do really love your chocolate peanut butter cake too!

  25. I adore good old fashioned peanut butter cookies with the fork cross-cross on top! Yummy! My fav pie is peach!

  26. My favorite pie is any type of fruit galette–not too sweet and full of seasonal fruits. I also adore fruit crisps with extra oat crumb topping. My secret delight using peanut butter is to spread it on apple slices with a drizzle of honey. I “discovered” that in college when I needed a sweet and cheap treat!

  27. My favorite pie is mincemeat pie that is made with my own mincemeat…green tomatoes, raisins and spices combine to make a delicious base for this custard pie! I spent years perfecting the crust for the lattice top! This pie is part of my family’s traditional Thanksgiving feast!

  28. My favorite pie comes from a shop here in Texas. It is a chocolate silk pie in a pretzel crust. It’s called “The Smooth Operator”!

  29. Fav peanut butter dessert is a chocolate kahlua peanut butter cake. It’s chocolate cake with kahlua soak, and a peanut butter frosting. So delicious. Favorite pie would have to be coconut creme pie.

  30. My absolute favorite pie is a peanut butter pie
    Made like a pecan pie but with peanut butter and peanuts. OMG it’s so good!

  31. My favorite pie is apple but I do love all things peanut butter. You can’t beat simple peanut butter balls!

  32. My favorite pie is Cherry. I have great memories of using fresh picked cherries in Michigan and my friend making her grandmother’s pie crust recipe.

  33. My favorite peanut butter dessert is from a restaurant I used to work at, A Bowl of Good, named on the menu as “Peanut butter Paradise Bars”. Thick brownie crust, peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache topping! I’ve tired making them at home, but I also get one whenever I’m back visiting A Bowl of Good!

  34. Apple is a family choice for most gatherings. MY favorite is Raisin Sour Cream pie (also my Mom’s favorite).

  35. My favorite pie is probably blueberry, while I have rarely met a homemade pie I didn’t like! Meringue pies are especially favorites of my family and I tend to make pies fairly often! I can’t wait to try the recipes in this book – they look delicious!

  36. My very favorite pie is a peanut butter pie made like a pecan pie with peanut butter and peanuts replacing pecans. Fabulous!

  37. Hi! Lemon Meringue Pie is my favorite, with Key Lime in a close second! Peanut Butter recipe would have to be a Peanut Butter/Chocolate Chunk cookie recipe!

  38. My favorite peanut butter recipe is the Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies made at Christmas, with the Hershey kiss pressed into the center, then sprinkled with either red or green sugar. They are obviously magical because Santa has never failed to leave gifts when these delightful treats are left for him!

  39. I love Ina Garten’s Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting!!! The frosting is beyond heavenly! It barely makes it on the cupcakes! I make vanilla cupcakes too as a vehicle for the frosting!

  40. My favorite pie is Shoo Fly Pie! I discovered it while on a trip to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1972.
    And, fast forward 40 years, I had a daughter who went to college about an hour from my obsession…nothing better; my favorite pie with my favorite person

  41. Peanut Butter Mousse Cake.
    Thin chocolate wafer cookies layered in peanut butter mousse and topped with dark chocolate curls.
    Let me just say YUM!!

  42. Asking me to pick a favorite pie is like asking me to tell which of our cats is my favorite. 😉 I don’t think there is a pie I have meant that I haven’t liked: pumpkin, pecan, chocolate, lemon meringue, key lime, coconut cream, blueberry, rhubarb, cherry, peach the list goes on … As for a peanut butter dessert, I do love me some good ole buckeyes. But a Peanut Butter Crunch cookie from Gideon’s Bakehouse might be a close 2nd.

  43. My favorite pie is a pi phi…my college sorority sisters from SDSU. ❤️ but when it’s time to bake a pie I always go for a good old fashion APPLE PIE a la mode. It’s my husband’s favorite too. Ya never know…chances are this Peanut Butter pie with meringue may become our new favorite . Please pick me

  44. My favorite pie is butterscotch with a meringue topping. My grandmother taught me to make it and now I make them for all holiday gatherings.

  45. I honestly have never met a piece of pie that I did not love. I love to make pie, serve pie, and eat pie.

  46. My favorite pie to bake is Pecan Pie simply put because it’s my husband’s favorite. Nothing better than baking for those you love!

  47. Fresh peach pie–not baked. Baked crust, smear of cream cheese to seal and then lots of fresh peaches held together by a cooked peach sauce. So delicious!

  48. My favorite pie depends on what’s in season and the time of year – Rhubarb in the spring, Peach in August, Apple in the Fall, Cranberry Lime after a big Thanksgiving meal. But no matter what, it’s always a la mode!!!

  49. Key Lime pie is my favorite. I prefer it with a graham cracker crust, but I’ve had it at Krewe in St Joe’s with a traditional pie crust and that’s good too. I think a chocolate Graham or salted pretzel crust would be a good test. I also love it piled with fresh strawberries when the season allows.

  50. Christmas Tree Pie is my favorite. Cherries pecan s and whipped cream. My mom made it every Christmas Holiday. I also love peanut butter fudge and peanut soup from the taverns in Williamsburg Virginia

  51. I love pie and to name a favorite would be really hard but since you asked it would have to be Coconut Cream. Thank you for the giveway!

  52. I’ve had a growing affinity for coffee cream pie in the last few years. I serve it with brunch and it’s always a hit!

  53. Favorite PB sweet is the classic peanut butter cookie made with crunchy style on – crisp edges dunked in a glass of ice cold milk – YUM!

  54. My favorite peanut butter dessert recipe is Peanut Butter High Hat Cupcakes.
    They’re our family’s favorite and most requested by friends for their special

  55. My favorite pie of all time is a tie between lemon meringue and three berry pie, made with blackberries, raspberries & blueberries. Love your show and can’t wait for new episodes! Have you given any thought to include an episode on gluten free desserts? I bake for friends with celiacs.

  56. My favorite pie is blueberry. Or lemon meringue. Or Derby Pie. Or apple with a crumb topping. And I adore anything with peanut butter!

  57. Hi Zoe and Elizabeth! I love pie…one of my absolute new FAVES is a Blue Ribbon Winner: Peanut Butter Chiffon Pie With Peanut Butter Caramel And Sour Cream Whipped Cream Topping! I so want to try Elizabeth’s Peanut Butter Meringue Pie, that sounds so delicious!

  58. My favorite peanut butter recipe is’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Layer cake. It is decadent, but just a small slice quenches my Reese’s craving every time.

    I also have very find memories of my mom’s homemade cherry pie. She always used tart cherrie that we often picked and pitted ourselves. If we missed a pit and it ended up in the pie, the person who “got it” got an extra sliver of pie.

  59. My absolute FAVORITE pie is a homemade peach pie with home made crust from Great Grama, and Fresh Red Haven Peaches we’ve just picked (up in Michigan) & canned!!!! Needs no ice cream or anything else. Just peachy goodness & heavenly flakey crust through and through!

  60. I love anything with peanuts (both savory and sweets) but never had peanut butter pie before. So far, my favorite pie is a pumpkin pie 🙂

  61. Delicious! My favorite pies are those my grandmothers made. I love cherry but any pie they made was delicious! I keep trying to replicate it but it is never quite the same. I think their own love is missing….. I enjoy baking and eating! One of my children’s favorite treats are buckeyes. Peanut butter is always a crowd pleaser!
    I keep thinking, I have so many favorites. Decorated sugar cookies, I love them with frosting!
    My mouth is watering….. can’t wat to start holiday baking!

  62. This summer was my introduction to pie making. It took me almost 50 years of baking to overcome my fear of crusts! 🙂 My new favorite pie is homemade Cherry Pie.

  63. Love a cherry pie but in terms of peanut butter desserts they are endless- a quick peanut butter cake with a side of brownies to put together very similar to Reese peanut butter cup. Or peanut butter and jelly pie – yum so many options and choices to make!

  64. Pecan Pie. But, I had one made by a caterer in Austin, Texas a few years ago that was NOT made with Karo syrup. In fact, I don’t know what she made it with – but it was the best pecan pie I ever ate. And, of the hundreds that attended the event at my workplace, everyone was commenting on how wonderful it was.

    I’d be interested in Zoe finding out – was it was Lyle’s golden syrup? Made some other way? Made with some maple syrup? Don’t know. It’s the Karo syrup variety that is too sweet – but I still eat it if it has more pecans than that Karo syrup stuff.

  65. My favorite is a fresh peach pie with a crumble topping served with a caramel drizzle and fresh vanilla bean whipped cream!

  66. My favorite pie is all pie! Pie over cake any da. But my all time favorite is Strawberry pie! When I was little my god mother made two strawberry pies for my birthday, one for me and one for everyone else. Still could eat a whole one of those if given the opportunity!

  67. My favorite pie is rhubarb custard! While not the most American classic or popular, it is a welcome spring dessert signaling the change in seasons, especially after a long Minnesotan winter.

  68. We have 2 favorite pies – a Rhubarb custard pie that is my Nana’s recipe and an Upside Down Chocolate Mousse pie. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. My favorite pie is apple or my Grannies lemon meringue pie they both are close to my heart.. And my favorite peanut butter dessert would be my Mommas skillet cookies.. so wonderful !!

  70. Nothing beats a single-crust fresh peach pie when the fruit is in season! A bit of OJ brings out the juiciest peach flavor. Top w/meringue, whipped cream, ice cream … or just a big spoon. 🙂

  71. My favorite pie is the Hula Hula Pie from Hawaii all those layers is just dreamy. For peanut butter pie it would be the simple recipe from Ree Drummond that I use for ice box peanut butter pie. Simple, delicious and easy to make.

  72. My favorite peanut butter recipe is for cookies. Recipe is an old one from an old Joy of Cooking cookbook. But my favorite pie is pecan pie. love the crunch, love the texture and love the sweetness, it has it all.

  73. My favorite pie is double crust peach pie made with sweet local Fredericksburg Texas peaches. Topped with my homemade vanilla bean ice cream. A pie enjoyed during the fresh peach season!!!

  74. Hello! I love a classic cherry pie, and my favorite peanut butter dessert is simple: chunky, sweet-salty peanut butter swirled into vanilla ice cream!

  75. I love banana cream pie.. or apple…or pecan…or…hmmm…. apparently, I can not choose! I have to say Zoë, your recipe for pie crust and peach pie in Season 3, amazing!! Thank you!

  76. I’m not a huge pie fan honestly but I do like the occasional slice of lemon meringue or chocolate silk pie. Oh and peanut butter pie too. This one looks incredible!

  77. Definitely a tie between blackberry pie (as a kid I would pick the berries in our yard, my mom would bake the pie) and key lime!

  78. Hi Zoe!
    Thanks for the contest. 🙂 My favorite is peanut butter chocolate bars. What can go wrong when you combine the 2 best ingredients ever!

  79. I am a pie lover through and through, but my “fav” peanut butter dessert is a drop cookie we make only at Christmas time with peanut butter and cornflakes that is crunchy, light and full of peanutty goodness.

  80. It’s got to be deep dish pumpkin praline pie. Now you have me thinking of adding a toasty meringue on top!!

  81. I was never a pie person until the cheesecake pumpkin pie came into my life❤️a layer of cream cheese and a layer of pumpkin pie with spiced waffer crust.

  82. My favorite pie is lemon meringue but this peanut butter pie looks amazing and I can’t wait to wow folks at my next party with this pie!

  83. I love my grandma’s oatmeal pie. It is her version of a pecan pie but with oatmeal instead of pecans. It is great! I make it in memory of her every Thanksgiving.

  84. My go to holiday pie is a chocolate angel pie. It consists of a meringue crust filled with a deep dark chocolate moose and topped with whipped cream.

  85. My favorite pie would be a Buckeye pie which is a peanut butter cream pie topped with chocolate ganache. Anything peanut butter!!

  86. My favorite pie was my grandmothers extra pie dough scraps. She would sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon or throw a pecan in there.
    Does that count as a pie? 😀

  87. My absolute favorite pie is pecan pie, but I love a good apple slab pie and I’m making one this weekend for a family gathering. Love both of these shows!

  88. My favorite pie is whatever pie someone I love asks me to make! I love sharing and it makes me feel special to make someone feel special.

  89. Hi Zoe,
    My favorite pie is apple, a recipe from long ago! I always use Cortland apples and cook them down slightly before adding all the yummy sugar, cinnamon, butter pieces & then baking it. Thanks for the chance to win Elizabeth Poett’s new cookbook!

  90. I love a good peanut butter and chocolate pie….! Much like a cream pie, with the flavors of both mixing and loving it! 🙂

  91. My favorite pie was and will always be my grandmothers lemon merengue pie. It kills me that I don’t have her recipe, but I have the memories. 😉

  92. I love peanut butter and sweetened condensed milk mixed together and used to fill chocolate chip cookie bars – absolutely amazing and ooey gooey.

  93. Congratulations Zoe & Elizabeth on your successful shows!! I have been inspired by both of you!
    Love classic recipes such as chocolate cream pie, apple pie!
    Husband loves coconut cream & strawberry rhubarb pies!
    We both love a good peanut butter cookie!

  94. My FAVORITE pie was a cherry pie my friend made for another friend’s wedding! She had a whole table full of wedding pies all made by friends. It was divine, simple and delicious! I have never quite had one like it since!

  95. Favorite pie is a new one I made this summer:) Mixed berry with a tradition bottom crust and a crumbled oat/pecan topping, delicious!!

  96. I thoroughly enjoy Elizabeth’s show and her recipes! She’s very down to earth and completely reflects that area of California. Her recipes and style are simple and delicious. All her fresh fruit pies, hand pies and desserts are terrific. Then there’s Zoe with her simple flair baking. These ladies offer wonderful contrast and interest. Each make baking fun and support family values. Thank you!

  97. Hi Zoe and Elizabeth – loving both of your shows. My favorite pie is pretty much anything with a big pile of meringue on the top!

  98. I love peanut butter sheet cake. Our cooks made it for us in our sorority house, and it has remained a favorite ever since.

  99. Fresh strawberry rhubarb pie and fresh blackberry are tied for first! My niece makes a mean chocolate peanut pie for the holidays. Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite flavor combination.

  100. Key Lime Pie
    Not artificial stuff you buy in the store
    Homemade is always the way to go

    Secondly, Cherry Cheesecake

  101. Strawberry rhubarb pie is my absolute favorite! Also, chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting is delicious too.

  102. My mother makes a peanut butter pie that is a favorite of many of her family and friends. She adds peanut butter to her normal cream pie recipe. That’s it! I won’t say peanut butter pie is my favorite, but I do like it.

  103. My favorite is butterscotch pie! My mom spent years trying duplicate her mom’s recipe as best that she could remember as she was 12 when her mom passed so there were many variations. One time she was going to teach all of us how to make it and told us to bring our recipes to take notes on. Each of us had a difficult recipe than the one she was using to teach with!

  104. My favorite pie is double Chocolate mocha pudding pie! It’s as decadent as it sounds. Thank you for sharing your experience with Elizabeth and giving away her cookbook. That is so gracious of you! Love Zoë bakes!

  105. My grandmother’s peanut butter squares. This old recipe is still a crowd pleaser no matter where is goes. My grown children still request it regularly. The ease of no-bake, peanut butter and rich chocolate topping is always an amazing combination!

  106. My favorite pie is apple pie, especially warm and topped with vanilla ice cream. I love peanut butter in cookies and brownies!

  107. I actually love apple pie the most, obviously more in the cooler season. I love it topped with plain vanilla ice cream.

    As for peanut butter I love anything mixed with chocolate. The first would be a pure chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, yum. I love Buck eyes candies, they just hit so differently!

    I am diabetic so when I get to indulge my go to would be the chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. It is such a rich and rewarding treat!

  108. My favorite pie is “PIE”… just about any flavor. But I guess, ultimately, it would be the classic Lemon Meringue with the fluffy meringue, tart curd and flaky pastry, my mouth is watering as I type this!

  109. My fav pie is any flaky crust pie, which I have not perfected. Love making pies, and love watching the artful talent of making crusts but peanut butter is yummy in any form.

  110. My favorite pie is my
    Moms Cottage Cheese pie with a cup of hot tea! So delicious on a cool fall day! However anything with peanut butter and chocolate is always a winner with me!

  111. My favorite pie is a lemon cream pie but must be homemade. I do not care for weird whipped cream substitutes.

  112. My favorite pie is a lime pie with a graham cracker crust. My family loves it and I’m expected to bring it every Thanksgiving.

  113. I love a homemade blueberry or cherry pie, as well as, a peanut butter pie! I am a fan of Ranch To Table and agree with you about her glamour side as well as her down to earth, get tough and in the dirt side.

  114. I love a mixed berry pie but also lemon meringue! But how could you forget french silk….why are there so many good pies?

  115. My favorite pie has always been strawberry rhubarb. The mixture of tart and sweet is delicious. Complimented with vanilla ice cream is just devine.

  116. I absolutely love Banana Cream Pie! Really any cream pie, Coconut, Chocolate any pie that is filled with smooth creaminess.

  117. Most favored peanut butter dessert is ‘Oh Henry Bars’, a recipe from my youngest brother’s grade school class many, many years ago. It has been a favorite since childhood and I turn 70 this December. Great as gift too.

  118. My favorite pie is a coconut cream pie! It’s such a perfect dessert for spring and summer.
    For fall, the go-to pie are a Dutch apple pie or a simple apple pie with a hefty scoop of vanilla ice cream.
    For the winter months, I look forward to a gorgeous decadent French silk pie.

  119. My favorite pie is pumpkin pie. Although, this peanut butter pie could become a new favorite. It looks delicious!

  120. I absolutely love a chunky chocolate & peanut butter cup ice cream!

    My family loves watching Ranch to Table, and I am so excited to read Elizabeth’s cookbook.

  121. Every Thanksgiving I make a Bourbon Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie – by far my favorite pie (my family loves it too!)

  122. Our top two are Atlantic Beach pie and Pumpkin pie from a lovely older lady in our community. She makes the most delicious crust and the filling is heavenly

  123. One I don’t make very often is my favorite my grandmother’s butterscotch pie. It was my father’s too. My next favorite is golden peach pie, a recipe also from my grandmother.

  124. Favorite Pie is easy, my Grandma’s Apple Pie with a water whip crust. The key is the apples, only McIntosh!

    As for peanut butter, I love pretty much EVERYTHING with PB, but there is a cake at a local restaurant chain in RI (where I grew up). Money from each cake purchase or even from each SLICE, provides a donation to the Hasbro Children’s Hospital. It is known as the “Giving Cake”. This amazingly delish four-layered cake is a combo of peanut butter and chocolate. Here’s a link to read more about it:

  125. My favorite pie is pie. but one stands out from my childhood- it was called German Chocolate pie and it came from the House of Pies in Houston Texas. Chocolate cream pie with coconut flakes and sliced almonds all throughout. The perfect mix of creamy chocolate and crunch. It was delicious!!

  126. My favorite is strawberry rhubarb – my grandma always made them for me. Brings back wonderful memories when I make them now.

  127. Where do I start with favorite pie!! All your pies are delicious!!! Straws/rhubarb pie is our family’s favorite!!

  128. I LOVE pecan pie! I used to really not like any fruit pies but I’m coming around to them. But pecan pie will always have my heart.

  129. The first peanut butter pie recipe I made is still my favorite, and it was the one you posted in honor of Mikey. You introduced me to Jennie and her blog with that post as well, and I made that pie all the time- including during a prolonged time we spent on an island in Belize in a time when a variety of fresh dairy products were hard to find. I scoured the island for all of the ingredients and friends fell in love with the pie. One friend requested I make it for his wedding 🙂

  130. Oh just thinking about it! My favorite pie has to be my great Aunt Hazel’s chocolate pie with meringue piled high on top and toasted to perfection. The flaky crust with the delicious chocolate filling all together is just a warm memory in my heart and my tummy. This is such a family favorite that it gets requested for instead of a birthday cake this pie…so a birthday pie! Peanut butter, ummm, yes please. I am a peanut butter lover even on a spoon!

  131. Fresh Blueberry pie is my favorite- with lots of freshly whipped cream on top! It’s wonderful because it has thickened (&sweetened blueberries) mixed with fresh blueberries- so refreshing and delicious!

  132. Hi Zoë, I love Chess pie…a decidedly Southern dessert. But I’ve also had some delicious peanut butter pie, so would love to win this beautiful cookbook.

  133. It is so hard to pick just one, but if I had to choose, I would go with French Silk pie. Oh, and my mom’s pecan pie.

  134. My favorite pie has to be the classic pumpkin pie which my mom made every thanksgiving. As for my favorite peanut butter cookie also has to be the Peanut Butter Cookie with Reese butter candy in the center which I only make at Christmas. Needless to say they are the first cookie to disappear.

  135. I grew up a few miles from her ranch! Wonderful to see her success! My favorite pie is banana, although I rarely eat it because no one in the family likes it but me!

  136. I adore the simplicity of a crisp peanut butter cookie…but if we are talking pies, I have to go with boysenberry pie from the coastal town of Florence Oregon. Best ever!!!

  137. This recipe looks delicious and reminds me of the peanut butter buckeyes my mom makes every Christmas! For a favorite pie, I’d go with a coconut cream pie with chocolate cookie crust. I also love a fresh strawberry rhubarb pie in the summer.

  138. My favorite pie is Chocolate pudding pie and my favorite peanut butter dessert is a peanut butter bar our local school makes.

  139. My favorite pie is a Jingle Berry Pie .. raspberries,blackberries, blueberries and strawberry. It is delicious and so pretty at Christmas.

  140. I never met a pie I didn’t love but I’ll have to say that shoo-fly pie is at the top of my comfort food list.
    Thank you for this offer.

  141. This is a tough choice but I think I love Key Lime Pie. I love the tangy and sweet. There’s no other pie quite like it. My favorite

  142. I love peanut butter! My favorite peanut butter recipe is Brownie Bottom Peanut Butter Pie! We made this around Thanksgiving and anytime we need a peanut butter fix.

  143. The Ark Restaurant which was located in Ilwaco, Washington made the best peanut butter pie. Sadly it has been closed for years now.

  144. Hello Zoe and Elizabeth!

    So many pies so little time…I would have to say my all time fav is Marionberry Pie with homemade ice cream.

  145. I’m making your Apple Pie recipe today for a birthday! It’s my fave! I love both of your shows!♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  146. I bake and eat pie typically during the Fall and Winter holidays. A bourbon pecan pie from a recipe from the now defunct Gourmet magazine is a fave and a simple, back of the can pumpkin pie is so good. I also love coconut cream pie and a chocolate cream pie. Hmmm, then there is a cherry pie in the Summer…Apple pie too. There’s always a reason to eat pie!

  147. My family loves oatmeal peanut butter cookies! Those would be our PB favorite. Can’t wait to try the PB pie and check out the new Ranch Table cookbook!

  148. The peanut butter pie from the Ark Restaurant – it was located in Ilwaco, Washington. Sadly it has been closed for years now.

  149. Peach pie has to be a favorite of mine. Doesn’t hurt that I live among Palisade peach orchards in SW Colorado!
    PBJ is pretty much all I know regarding peanut butter…well, cookies too. Never made or had a peanut butter dessert.

  150. Hello,
    My favorite pie is a homemade apple pie. I also fell in love with the peanut butter cream pie too. I never had it until I visited Alabama and it was amazing.

  151. Hi! My hometown was a very small one in Western Kansas. We lived on a farm 14 miles from town. Even though the town was only 500 residents on a good day, there was the a cafe with the best pies. On Sunday, my folks would stay in town after church to visit and lunch at the cafe. This is where I discovered my favorite pie was peanut butter cream. I have never been able to duplicate that taste, so I was very excited you shared your recipe on Zoe’s site. I hope to try it soon. Thank you!!

  152. My favorite pie comes from the old LBJ Ranch in Texas. It’s a pecan pie that will blow everything out of the water. Over the years, I’ve made a few tweaks to the original, and have even been taken orders for them!

  153. I’m a pumpkin, pecan or a mile high apple pie gal….and homemade is the best!! The most requested birthday pie in my family is a key lime and for cake, a chocolate bourbon cake. So many options!

  154. Zoe and Elizabeth – I love both of your programs on the Magnolia Network! My favorite pie is a spicy Mexican chocolate pumpkin pie.

  155. My favorite pie is a Rhubarb Cream pie with Meringue topping. My Mother in law was the best pie maker & she gave me the recipe.

  156. Happy Thursday! My absolute favorite pie is strawberry rhubarb with streusel topping and homemade whipped cream to finish it off!

  157. Any pie my gramma made! Pie of love! But a favorite peanut better pie… chocolate cookie crust with peanut better later then like a brownie on top with peanut butter sauce and chips on top.. sooo yum!

  158. I think my favorite peanut butter dessert is King Arthur’s Magic in the Middle Cookies — such a great combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

  159. I love an apple pie with a homemade crust. But I also like adding a twist like bourbon or apple cider when making it. I love your show and your recipes!

  160. Sweet potato pie with a butterfly shaped tiny scoop of vanilla icecream.
    Savor this deliciousness on the sand watching the sea.
    Pure heaven.

  161. My favorite pie is coconut cream and my favorite peanut butter dessert is a peanut butter sandwich cookie I make. Love your recipes. Would love to win this beautiful book!

  162. Peanut butter mousse in a chocolate dome. I love to add whipped egg whites to the peanut butter/cream cheese mixture to make it super fluffy. It’s like an upside down Reese’s peanut butter cup cloud!

  163. My favorite is rhubarb with grated orange rind. A close second is apple with green tomato. Both recipes my Mother got from her Great Granma.

  164. This peanut butter pie looks incredible! I love cream pies the most – chocolate, coconut or banana, and I’ve always wanted to make a peanut butter pie. This one could be the one I finally make!

  165. Peanut butter buckeyes…nearly any version…it’s the magic of peanut butter and chocolate in a mouth-poppable morsel!

  166. My favorite peanut butter dessert is Peanut Butter cups. My husband LOVES them and its SOOOOOO easy. There is no baking involved.

  167. My favorite pie is a vegan chocolate pie! Itt would be amazing with a peanut butter addition. I will have to think about it. Yum!

  168. Old school Lemon Chess Pie… ironically I’m always drawn to rich dark chocolate but I’ll veer away for a really well spiced pumpkin slice or a lemon chess slice.

  169. I love pecan pie –..although i love it all–especially the memories of the pies my mother made….

  170. Chocolate Cream is my favorite! But it’s so hard to find the real deal…no instant pudding and Cool Whip! For any holiday, my grandma would ask everyone what their favorite was and then she would make them. Every one. From scratch. I have not mastered pie making…I guess I need this book!! 🙂

  171. French Silk is my favorite pie. At Thanksgiving, I have to make 2 of them because they are so popular at our dinner!

  172. Ohhhh I love Key lime pie!! But I also love peanuts butter chocolate chip cookies. I’d love to win this cookbook and try new recipes for my family. Please pick me.

  173. Hello. My favorite peanut butter dessert is these dark chocoolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting from Sally’s Baking Addiction, they are AMAZING! I also love me a good apple crumble pie. Especially with some vanilla ice cream.

  174. I love an apple pie, I use a mix of granny smith and honey crisp, peel about 4 each of them, toss with a cup of unbleached organic sugar a handful of heritage wheat flower a tablespoon or two cinnamon, a teaspoon of freshly ground nutmeg. I use a crust of 3 cups of heritage wheat flower and a half cup of chopped butter and a teaspoon and a half of sea salt. Cut butter in then add water till its a workable dough but not too much! Roll it out place the apples in the crust dot with 5 pats of butter, cover with crust then sprinkle turbinado sugar on top. Bake at 425 for about an hour, lay foil on top to prevent overbrowning during the last 30 min or so – take out when the house smells delicious and the juices are bubbly and a bit syruppy (very technical I know)

  175. My favorite pie is Strawberry Rhubarb Jalapeno pie that my husband makes completely from scratch ~ so delicious!

  176. My favorite pie is KEY LIME with a meringue although I will eat any pie that’s served to me! All year long!

  177. My favorite pie is a Peanut Butter Pie my mother (an amazing baker) made often when we were kids–it had a peanut butter filling, whipped cream topping, and the best part–peanut butter crumblies on top!

  178. Love, Love, Love, Peanut butter cookies! They’re just the right amount of peanut buttery sweetness after a meal. Who am I kidding, after every meal!!!

  179. Im also a ranch girl but from Oklahoma! My grandmother always made Coconut Creme pies for any church social. People would grt her pie first, before it was gone, then head back to the pot-luck table! She made the best and taught me well… therefore, Coconut Creme is my favorite!

  180. I absolutely love peanut butter brownies where you make regular brownies and drop peanut butter cookie dough on top. Just wow!!!

  181. Pecan Pie is my favorite for Fall and Winter, while Key Lime Pie is my go-to for Spring and Summer months!

  182. I just made the “salted caramel peanut butter cake” from Yossy Arefi’s “Snacking Cakes” and it was amazing! The whole family adored it.

  183. My favorite pie is French silk. My mom’s favorite pie in the whole world is coconut cream, made by my grandma. I don’t remember this pie, but I do remember my grandma’s blackberry cobbler. My mom says my grandma was the best pie maker. If her pies were anything like her cobbler, I would have to agree. Thank you for reminding me how love is the best ingredient.

  184. In my mind, nothing beats a sweet potato pie with whipped cream. I like my peanut butter straight up on a pb&j sandwich. I’ve never tried it in a pie. Would be interesting.

  185. This is a very hard question to answer! It’s a toss up between cherry pie and nectarine-raspberry. Pie is the perfect dessert and breakfast food!
    I love your recipes Zoe! Keep up the beautiful work you do.

  186. Fruits of the forest/mixed berry pie, with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and rhubarb, with a flakey pie crust

  187. Weird but Concord Grape Pie. Slip skins off, cook and strain pulp, add skins. So good with vanilla ice cream. I love peanut butter balls (Buckeyes)

  188. Peanut butter and cherry PIe. the ultimate PB and J. Make a no bake PB and freeze it. The spread on cherry filling and top with PB whip cream

  189. Peanut butter blossoms – my grandma always made them for Christmas. There might be a family revolt if someone does not show up with them for the cookie table. My brother would be happy with a personal plate of these over any other gift!

  190. My favorite peanut butter recipe is “Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle”. It is DELICIOUS!! Also, it is very rich, so just scoop out a little to start, then go from there.

  191. An apple pie recipe I got years ago and make it several times during apple season.
    Peanut butter blossoms are my favorite and this recipe was passed down from my mom.

  192. Oh my, this book sounds so enchanting! My favorite peanut butter recipe is Peanut Butter Crispy Bars from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking. It is a decadent version of Rice Krispy Treats, and so good! Thank you for this giveaway!

    1. My mother who was born and raised in Germany made us Kuchen which is a cake and pie. Oh how I miss her baking. However, 1 year visiting my sister in Stone Mountain Ga we went out for dinner and I had my first Bourbon Pecan Pie and it was delicious. I wish I got he recipe from them as most pecan pies have no bourbon. Btw, I haven’t missed one show yet of Ranch to Table love her and love your show as well.

  193. I love the Buckeye pb candies and there is a pb cream pie that I also love – the egg yolks make the cream filling and the whites create a meringue topping. PB crumble is layered with the filling.

  194. My favorite pie is pecan, and my favorite peanut butter dessert is Peanut Butter cookies, my Grandmother made the best

  195. My favorite peanut butter dessert recipe, hands down, is the peanut butter, marshmallow brownies from Sarah Keiffer’s 100 Cookies! It’s the perfect mix of chocolate and other flavors. My whole family loves them!

  196. My favorite is Chocolate with Meringue or Coconut with Meringue or – well, most any kind of pie! Love your show and have gained many good tips watching you!

  197. My favorite is Cherry pie, but Apple pie is a close 2nd favorite. And love love peach pie recipe you made. I tried the recipe and got so many compliments. So yummy!

  198. There are so many to choose from but I’d say an apple pie. It reminds me of the days baking them with the kids after going apple picking and having it with a large scoop of ice cream. What a treat!

  199. I love pie, any kind but rhubarb and apple are my faves!!!! Once I had to bake 55 apple pies in one day for an event !
    I just LOVE both of you and would love to visit some day and bake together !!

  200. I have fond family memories of Chocolate Cream Pie! It was my grandpa’s favorite and he was my favorite person! We so enjoy both of you ladies and get excited when you have a new show. Thanks!

  201. I love lemon meringue pie, especially from Pilgrim Kitchen in Belmont CA. I have moved out of the area, and I think before I moved, they closed. Their lemon meringue pie was so good. It was more on the sweeter side vs. a real tart version. It was to die for! I love peanut butter and a peanut butter pie, sounds wonderful!

  202. Ohhh, that looks so yummy! My favorite pie to make is a caramel apple pie with a crumb topping. I sent one to school for pi day on 3/14 and tit was a hit!

  203. Ooh, that’s a tough one, I love pie!! Probably Strawberry Rhubarb! My favorite peanut butter dessert was this 3-layer peanut butter cake I made with a maple buttercream frosting in between the layers and then chocolate ganache drizzled on the top! Delish!

  204. Hello
    My favorite peanut butter recipe is my Nanny’s peanut butter fudge. I’ve tried to replicate it with her recipe, even, but it’s never as good. My favorite pie comes with the change of the seasons. Spring brings cherry pie; summer lemon and lime and peach pies; fall apple, pecan; winter brings hearty pies like chocolate and peanut butter!

  205. Peanut butter is my favorite food, so it would be worth getting the book for the peanut butter pie recipe alone!

  206. I lov watching Magnolia Network!!! Ranch to table makes rustic elegant delicious food!!!!!! I get excited to try and make her recipes. (My husband also enjoys the recipes from the show I make .)
    My favorite pie is her classic lemon meringue. But I also love her Peach Buckle!!!

  207. This peanut butter pie looks amazing!!! My favorite pie is a toss up between a nice warm s’mores pie or a pumpkin pie with fresh cream!

  208. Dutch apple pie–best of both apple dessert worlds: pie crust and oat-y crumble! Also love my great-aunt’s cranberry-pecan pie.

  209. My favorite pie is Apple with cheddar cheese. Win or loss I will be getting the cookbook, I love peanut butter and will be baking this soon.

  210. My mom would make a peanut butter pie that was similar to this recipe, and everyone loved it! ❤️She was even featured in the local newspaper with her peanut butter pie. Now I make it for my grandkids..

  211. My favorite pie is a Marionberry pie. Peanut butter with dark chocolate is a winner in anything! I love both your shows!

  212. I love peanut butter pie! My husband and I love Elizabeth’s show and yours as well Zoe! We would love a copy of her cookbook!

  213. Hello Zoe and Elizabeth,
    I love watching both of your shows. Zoe I Can’t wait to see Season 4. I hope it airs soon. My favorite pie is a rhubarb and raspberry pie.

  214. Cherry Pie is my #1. As a kid I always got one for my birthday instead of a cake. . This Peanut Butter recipe looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!

  215. I love good pies! Homemade and scumptious – like key lime, lemon meringue, rhubarb, apple. But I have a special love of Peanut Butter Pie. I had never had one until I went to college at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. A small diner near campus made the most delicious peanut butter pie, with a high, fluffy meringue. It is a food memory that I have never been able to replicate. The restaurant no longer exits, and I can’t recall the name, but that peanut butter pie is legendary in my mind. It was no overly sweet, but creamy, and the meringue topped it like a crown.

  216. The Sweet Potato Pecan Pie from K-Paul’s in New Orleans (which sadly closed) was the best–thankfully the recipe is in Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen Cookbook.

  217. There is nothing better than the All-American Apple Pie and I love to put a slice of cheddar cheese on top while it still served warm – or drizzle caramel all over it – serve it up with a true vanilla bean ice cream! ! ! ! I want some NOW!

  218. My favorite peanut butter recipe is peanut butter fudge. My favorite pie recipe is a chocolate fudge pie that my mom makes. There seems to be a fudge theme here, haha.

  219. My Grandmother’s pear pie, made with the pears that grew on the tree in her yard. I loved helping roll put the dough for the crust, and eating the sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg coated pear pieces before the top crust was in place!

  220. Favorite pie……pecan, lemon. coconut cream. key lime, cherry, pumpkin, strawberry, blueberry, peach…wow, I love pie! Really enjoy both of your shows. Zoe, I love your desserts and Elizabeth, I love the ranch.

  221. My favorite pie among the many fruit pies
    I love is a caramely peach praline which has the slightest hint of cinnamon. It’s the combination of sweet peaches and praline with that somewhat salty pie crust not to mention the softness of the fruit against the crunch of the crust. It’s totally perfect.

  222. Have you ever heard of custard pie? When growing up on a farm with chickens, you sometimes have a plentiful egg supply. My mama would lovingly use those extra eggs in a custard pie. The crust was made from rendered lard, and shortening. Homemade, of course. The sprinkle of nutmeg on top of the egg mixture was my delight. Now, I haven’t eaten or made a custard pie since my mama passed, but I carry such sweet memories in my heart. ♡♡

  223. My mother was a wonderful pie maker, so I have a special relationship with pies!! She was known for her home grown heirloom apple pies with flakey crust. My favorite was her fresh strawberry rhubarb pie. Wonderful memories!
    I enjoy baking pies, also, and love hunting for good recipes.

  224. Hi Zoe! My absolute favorite is my Great Grandma Bearman’s pumpkin pie recipe. Nothing fancy, but somehow beats the pants off of all other pumpkin pies!

  225. Strawberry Rhubarb pie is my favorite, however I can’t say I’ve never met I pie I didn’t like! This one looks fantastic and can’t wait to try it!

  226. Love both of your shows! No holiday is complete in family’s celebrations without our favorites – apple and also pumpkin chiffon pies.

  227. Hello Zoe and Elizabeth
    For the whole of my life ( which is rather long now at 75!) my favourite pie has always been lemon meringue, but the meringue part, may well be the best as I am a sucker for Pavlova too. This peanut butter pie of yours Elizabeth looks amazing! I would never have thought of it myself but I can’t wait to try baking it because peanut butter is a staple in my daily life as well. Good luck to you both

  228. My favorite is my raspberry meringue pie! It’s so tart and delicious!
    I also really love peanut butter stuffed brownies, and the ones I make are a real pleaser!

  229. My favorite dessert growing up was, and still is, a homemade hot fudge using peanut butter that we make on the stovetop and then put over ice cream. You take Nesquik chocolate powder, milk and peanut butter and heat on the stove until it makes a hot fudge consistency. Then pour over vanilla ice cream. You can also use chocolate syrup in place of the chocolate powder and heat for a short time in the microwave.

  230. My absolute favorite peanut butter dessert recipe is thin and crispy peanut butter cookies. They are to die for. Thank you.

  231. Me and my family love peanut butter! Peanut butter rice crispies are an all-time favorite. I’d eat pie over cake any day! Favorites are banana, cream, Boston, cream and cherry!

  232. In middle school on Fridays the cafeteria made and sold Peanut Nibs. Kind of a Reese’s peanut butter cup in
    “Blob” and so much better. Sold on a square of parchment paper. Every so often I try to make this. Honey, chopped peanuts and peanut butter dipped in chocolate! Yum!

  233. Hands down it is Key Lime Pie for me. Then apple, peach and pumpkin all come in a close second. Homemade is the best pie.

  234. My all time favorite pie is apple streusel – apples in a flaky buttery crust, the most caramelly of apples and buttery crumb streusel topping!!

  235. I pretty much Love any kind of pies, all of the pies I have just seen are amazing. I’m not the best pie maker-baker but my Mom was and my favorite pie she would make for me was her rhubarb strawberry pie…it was so good and thus makes me really miss her.

  236. Lemonade meringue pie grandmom always made it the best. I try to make it but can’t get it like grandmom.
    And I make peanut butter brownie cheesecake which my family calls the Beast

  237. You can never go wrong with a tart key lime pie slathered in mile high toasted meringue. That said, I do like the old school smoothness of a classic chess pie…smooth, unassuming and delicious! Pie-palooza!