Matzoh Crack S’mores

Matzoh S'mores | ZoeBakes photo by Zoe Francois

Every year I make matzo crack at Passover, because I don’t think I’d be invited back to the Davis family seder if I didn’t. This year I am on a bit of a homemade marshmallow kick, so I thought why not combine two of my favorites into one CRAZY delicious and fun dessert, Matzoh Crack S’mores. Bang, it’s a new classic in my house.

You can watch me make both the matzoh crack and the homemade marshmallows in my instagram videos.

Matzo S'mores 01 | ZoeBakes

All you need is a batch of matzo crack, which you’ve probably got on hand this time of year. If you don’t it is only a few ingredients and a couple of minutes of work to create this addictive candy. Then you’ll need to whip up a fluffy batch of marshmallows and your all set.

Caramel Chocolate Matzo

Marshmallows – made with Kosher Gelatin

Matzo S'mores 03 | ZoeBakes

Use a blow torch to toast the marshmallows. Or you can do it the old-fashioned way, over a campfire.

Matzoh S'mores | ZoeBakes photo by Zoe Francois

Layer with the caramel-chocolate matzo. Enjoy!

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