How-to Videos: Easy Pie Dough and Double Crusted Apple Pie


Today is national Pie Day according the National Pie Council, so there is no better time to perfect our crust.

Pie dough is one of those things that once you master it, your life in the kitchen is a happier place. It frees you to make fruit pies, quiche, potpies and anything else, sweet or savory that requires a crust. But, mastering the dough is not always as easy as one would hope. In my first video I’ll show you how I create a tender and flaky crust that make pies delicious, no matter the filling. Then, I follow up with a video on how to successfully roll out, fill, top and decorate a double crusted apple pie. With these videos I hope you’ll be making pie with confidence.

How to make a Simple Pie Dough:

How to make a Double Crusted Pie:

For step by step pictures and the full recipe please visit Best Apple Pie.

For more videos on baking and cake decorating you can visit my ZoëBakes YouTube Channel. Please leave me a note about any pastry videos you’d like to see me do.


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14 thoughts to “How-to Videos: Easy Pie Dough and Double Crusted Apple Pie”

  1. Zoe, I love love love your no-knead books and this website!
    Your video for making pie dough is awesome!!!
    I, my whole family love pie so much, but it’s been hard to find a good recipe for dough. Their direction is never easy to imagine, but your video just seriouly taught me how to make it!!!
    I’m way too excited now!!! Another thing with pie dough is rolling.
    Ending of your video says that “next it hot to roll out” and I kept watching, but didn’t start…
    How can I see it?!]

  2. This is so timely, was just talking about trying to master the elusive pie skills. I will be trying this by day’s end. I’m thinking chicken pot pie for dinner. 🙂 Thanks again, Zoe!

  3. Wow, I learned 2 great tips here.

    First, roll the piecrust toward the pie, instead of away from the pie when you roll the 2 crusts together?

    Second, can you always use egg wash and sugar? I don’t want to use milk, and many recipes call for brushing milk on top and then sprinkling with sugar. Egg wash would make it parve.

  4. This pie was sooooo good, lard adds a strange flavour, but it is delicious, the best apple pie for sure! And your banana bread was also delicious, everything I make from your page is! Have so much respect for you!

  5. Hi Zoe, I just watched your how to make pie dough and apple pie videos and now I cannot locate them. Have they been taken off? They were wonderful and I would love to have them guide me through the holidays!

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