Carrot Cupcakes – Plus a Decorating Set Giveaway!

Carrot cupcakes | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

This is a carrot cupcakes recipe I developed for my Weekend Baker post on the Cooking Channel website. It is a new version of one of my most popular cakes to date, The Ultimate Carrot Cake. This version is made with pineapple and walnuts. Try them both and let me know which is your favorite.

In a continued attempt to clean out the pantry I want to give away this Cuisipro Cupcake Corer and Decorating Set.

It is a perfect set for both adults and kids to get the feel for cake decorating. Please leave me a note below about what cake or cupcake decorating techniques you are most interested in learning.

Here are some techniques I have covered already:

How to pipe multi colored roses

How-to pipe meringue roses video

How-to ice a perfectly smooth cake video

How to pipe basket weave

How to make Rolled Fondant

How to make Fondant flowers

Tell me what other tricks you would like to learn and you will be qualified to win the cupcake decorating set. I will pick a winner at random next week. (Due to shipping costs the contest is only open to US and Canadian citizens)

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104 thoughts to “Carrot Cupcakes – Plus a Decorating Set Giveaway!”

  1. I’d like to learn how to place fondant on a cake and have clean smooth edges at the bottom. This would be a great set for my son and I to use.

  2. I would love to learn brushed embrordery. I am self taught and have found the traditional piping methods intimidating. Brushed embrordery is so pretty on a fondant covered cake.

  3. i would love to learn to how pipe meringue roses, just havent managed to find rose nails in my local store.

  4. I’d love to learn how to pipe cupcakes the way you showed in the picture. Mine always have too much icing and look really top heavy. Also, I can’t get the angle right or something. It always ends up slanted down one side!

  5. I would love to learn how to write messages on cakes more “professionally!” I’ve done some practice but anything dealing with intricate designs/lettering still intimidates me.

  6. I’ve seen some cakes recently that have the most beautiful ruffle of some kind around them. I did some Googling and found that it’s called a Garrett Frill. I found a couple of examples:

    Sorry about the long links, but those are some gorgeous examples I found.

    At any rate, I would LOVE to learn how to make these! They give such a classic and exquisite touch to even the most basic of cakes! My 12 year old daughter has become more and more interested in baking and decorating cakes in particular over the past couple of years, so she and I both will be eager to try out this decoration technique. We already used your tutorial video to make meringue roses! Thank you so much for that! 🙂

  7. I am always looking for icing recipes that arent too sweet, and making roses. I would love any suggestions! Thanks

  8. I would love to learn how to make pansies and daffodils out of buttercream or royal icing. Thanks!

  9. I’ve done fondant, but am very weak in buttercream decorating. I would still love to learn piping techniques, but more on how to press the piping bags! It looks easy, but I have difficulty creating those masterpieces you’ve made…

  10. I would like to learn how to make different types of Marzipan decorations. PS The cupcake stand is from Target! I got one too and I love it.

  11. I would like to know how to ice cupcakes without crumbling them or making them look smooth but with that same look like the ones in your pictures. They look so yummy!

  12. I w,ould like to learn how to make gum paste flowers. Also I would like to learn how to dip cupcakes — it looks just like a dipped ice cream cone. Thanks for the giveaway. Joni

  13. Sorry, I provided the wrong email address in my earlier message. I would love to know how to pipe buttercream frosting as professionally looking as yours. How about a step-by-step illustration on how to pipe the perfect buttercream frosting for cupcakes?

  14. It would be great to have frosting recipe(s) that both look good and taste great. Too many frosting recipes are too sugary and/or too sweet. Thanks!

  15. hey zoe. im nowhere in US or anywhere close by so in no way would i want to be entered for this give away.. =) BUT i would so so so love for you to show us how to make gumpaste flowers. particularly those large dramatic ones. peonies or something similar but less difficult and as dramatic? =D tall order i know!!

  16. I don’t really know anything about cupcake decorating, so learning anything would be an improvement! Filled cupcakes sound great!

  17. I would love to know how to cut a piece of cake without all the crumbly mess and put it on a plate, standing up!


    a video on how to do the fondant! Thanks

  18. I would love to see your favorite, most artistic ways to decorate cupcakes. It could be either kid-themed or for adults or both. Whatever you think was the most fun to create and turned out the best.

  19. Here in the Dominican Republic, cakes are frosted with italian meringue. I struggle trying to decorate layer sheet cakes and getting that smooth surface and sharp edges. I watched your video and buttercream seems to be easier to work with than italian meringue. Have you ever iced a cake with italian meringue?
    Also could I be included in this giveaway? I am not a US resident but have a US shipping address. Thank you!!

  20. I would like to see more video tutorials on different ways to pipe frosting and different types of flowers.

  21. Hi Zoe, I just discovered your website (coming from and I love the carrot cupcakes and the stand! 🙂 I also loved the meringue roses that you posted! They look amazing. I would love to learn more about flower decorating, I’m still a “baby” at this 🙂

  22. roses are beautiful, but i’d like to learn how to create other types of flowers too–mums, daisies, maybe even lilies? that’d be awesome!

  23. I would love to learn how to pipe icing to make it look professional. My son loves cupcakes from fancy bakeries, but I would love to make them myself.

  24. I haven’t made filled cupcakes, so that would be a start for me to learn how to do that. I’m also intrigued by the icing technique where you make large swirled flowers directly onto the cupcake.

  25. I would love to know how to decorate “pretty”… currently I have the regular “mom” horrible decorating skills… I guess I need some basics! 🙂

  26. I’d love to learn how to pipe cupcakes the way you showed in the picture. My hubby and I luv cupcakes and would luv to present him with cupcakes as nice as yours!

  27. I watched the piping meringue roses video. You make it look so easy. I will try it…wish you would teach a pastry class at Cook’s again 🙂

  28. I would love to learn how to make Italian Meringue or French Meringue buttercream properly. No matter how many times I try it always curdles. 🙁

  29. I would love suggestions on decorating the sides of the cake easily. Also frosting and decorating cakes easily with good old fashioned buttercream.

  30. Thank you for the tutorial on making roses. The recipe is great! I can’t wait to try it! I have been looking for something like this for awhile.

  31. I too just want to learn the basics… Would love to be able to decorate a cupcake caterpillar or something similar for my son’s bday party in the fall. I feel like I’m all thumbs as soon as I get my hands on a pastry bag!

  32. I know someone already mentioned this, but I’d also like a not-too-sweet recipe. Plus I was wondering if you have a ganache/butter cream chocolate combo icing recipe that would be good on cupcakes. So not quite butter cream, not fully ganache (so spreadable but still dark, creamy).

  33. how sweet! (pun intended!) i would love to learn how to teach my daughter (4 years old) how to decorate cupcakes and make some simple flowers for her to show off with he friends! pink ones, of course ha ha! she is all girl!

  34. I agree with the posters who want to learn to write better/more professionally. I don’t care for meringue (spelling?) or I would ask for a lesson on your awesome white spiky cake that was cooked with a torch 🙂 coolest looking cake I ever saw.

  35. I am a beginner at decorating, so I would like to learn all of the above. A not-so-sweet recipe would also be welcomed.

  36. Hi Zoe! Just got your Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book from my Dad for Mother’s Day! He’s a rabid fan is converting everyone he knows! Congrats on the new book.

    I have a question – what icing tip did you use to frost the cupcakes in the photo?


    1. Hi Kelly,

      So glad your dad is so excited about baking bread! Thank him for spreading the word! 😉

      The tip I used was an Ateco 9826, which is a large star tip.

      Thanks, Zoë

  37. Zoe,
    i would like to learn how to make ‘filled cakes’…like filling the center w/ mousse or ice cream or fruit compote resembling a tart, without using the single-purpose-facny-pans avialable out there.

  38. I’d love to learn how to turn the tops of cupcakes into flowers, but for now I’m just going to make me some carrot cupcakes. The recipe looks delish!

  39. I’m with some of the other folks–I’d love to learn to decorate a little more professionally. I’ve been working on getting the basics, but it’s about time to start doing better than that!

  40. I want to learn how to do everything above! Some of these I had never heard of. I’d also like to learn how to make a decorated cake look like a woven basket.

  41. Wow! Such great ideas/suggestions people have! I think I’d like to learn (as another person suggested) how to write on a cake. I have trouble keeping the flow of icing steady and even…and it’s hard for me to end the letters without a big *gloop* of frosting! Thank you and I love your website! 🙂

  42. I don’t need the decorating kit, but would like to ask you for a really good white cupcake recipe. Your devil’s food is to die for, but I need one for a white cake that is equally good. Mine have always been so dry and worthless, until the devil’s food. I have tried a lot of recipes, and maybe it is a technique problem, but that’s what I need to know! I love your detailed demos!

  43. Hi! Don’t know if the giveaway is already closed, but I would love to learn the technique on the ruffle cake that has been floating around blogs. I’ll post a picture if I can find it!

  44. I would like to know or understand HOW to get the cupcake frosting to be ‘piled up’ as nicely and as beautifully as it appears in your photos. Mine will always taste great and look okay – but I want them to be beautiful, like yours.

  45. I too would love to know how to write on the cakes and what is the key for grouping flowers on a cake?

    I just made the carrot cupcakes and love them. I make a cream cheese frosting that is so easy and so good. This is how I make it:

    Put 2 room temp 8 oz. pkgs of cream cheese and 2 cubes of room temp butter in the bowl of the kitchenaide. Beat until smooth. Add 2 7 oz jars of marshmellow cream and beat until light and fluffy, then add a teaspoon of vanilla or almond extract.
    Everyone loves this icing and it is pretty piped.

  46. would like a tutorial on a kid themed cupcake. something perhaps my daughter & I could do together. she’s 10 and she’s really getting into all the themed cupcakes, like puppies and lions.

  47. My 5 year old niece loves to help me when I bake but it is hard find ‘kid friendly’ recipes that still have an element of artwork. I would like to learn easy techniques that I can use to include my niece and still impressive our eaters with the presentation. Thanks!

  48. I would love to learn how to magically make all the items I use while baking magically disappear! ok back to reality, How about best and different fillings for cakes.

  49. The video on the perfectly smooth cake is the best. It is so hard
    to ice a cake and make it look good. You helped me do that. Thanks!

    Your carrot cake is also wonderful.

  50. Zoe, is it better to bake two cupcake tins at the same time (on upper and lower middle racks of the oven), or to bake one tin at a time on the middle rack? Some say if you do one at a time the 2d tin may not rise as much since you lose some levening as batter sits on counter. Others say cupcakes will rise better if one tin at a time on the middle rack. What is your view? Thanks!

    1. Hi Neera,

      I usually bake them at the same time, and you’ll want to switch them from top to bottom after about 3/4 of the way. Be gentle with them as you make the switch.

      Thanks, Zoë

  51. Dear Zoe,

    At the outset allow me to complement you on the most amazing website, and delightful spread of recipes. I am stuck with several ideas, and hope you will be able to guide me.

    I have my daughters 3rd birthday in 10 days time, and I wish to make something special for her. I have been toying with the idea of making cupcakes, with a filled center and icing.

    But I am stuck there. Could you please suggest what would be the ideal combination of flavors to use. I am not very great with baking, but have made filled cupcakes before, so am certain I will be able to do this again, but I want to look at flavors that will be enjoyed by the kids and adults alike.

    Also, since I live in India, I am limited by fine ingredients, that are usually available at your end. But any help from your will be most welcome..


  52. Hello and thank you for all these AWESOME recipes that are making me so hungry, I’m going to get ready to go grocery shopping so I may get in my kitchen sooner and try them out!

    I’m interested in learning how to make cannolies, please.

    Thank you so much in advance!



  53. My granddaughter and are just trying to decorate cupcakes and cakes. She just turn 11 years old this pass Friday.
    She loves to bake. I need to get another piping bags for her and tips. She made beautiful curls on her first try couple weeks ago. She was so excised that she done good.
    I love to see my granddaughter happy.
    Thank you for your give away and learning from you ma’am

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