Chocolate Ganache

bull's eye cheesecake draped in chocolate ganache on a cooling rack

When I walk into a pastry shop, my eye is always caught by the glossy, perfectly smooth chocolate cakes covered with poured ganache. The finish is sophisticated and elegant, but it is one of the easiest ways to cover a cake once it is crumb coated. It can be a base for other decorations or left sleek and exquisitely understated.

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Passover Desserts

I love Passover desserts. If you’re used to looking for the packaged version of Passover-approved treats in your grocery store, I’m here to tell you there is another option. Those overly sweet packaged treats have their charm, but you can create tastier versions of those desserts at home. From macaroons to cakes, this list features some of my favorite desserts for Passover.

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15 Light and Airy Spring Dessert Recipes

The spring weather doesn’t lend itself to many fresh fruits in Minnesota, but I am always thinking about bright, fun colorful treats come March and April. I put together a list of spring desserts to satisfy that craving for all things light and bright after the long winter.

Looking for more spring-like desserts? Try my lemon dessert recipes, and start planning for your first spring garden harvest with rhubarb dessert recipes.

Plus, summer gatherings are right around the corner, start planning for parties with these recipes:

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