King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour in Master Recipe

“I just bought your book and I am so excited to use it. Can I use King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour in your master recipe or do I need to use it with some regular white flour? If I do, what would be the ratio? Thank you so much and great luck with the book.” Eleanor

This summer I was in Vermont and went to the King Arthur Flour store, otherwise known as the baking mecca. I picked up some of the white whole wheat flour that Eleanor is asking about. It is 100% whole wheat milled from a hard white wheat and they say to use it as you would unbleached all-purpose. It has the germ and bran still intact but it is lighter, both in color and in taste. I tried it as a substitute in our master recipe and thought that it was quite good, but the dough was a tad drier than our normal recipe and I didn’t care for the crust. I love the flavor of the white whole wheat and I like that it has more nutritional value, but I want that really crisp, crackling crust that we get with the unbleached all-purpose flour. Whole wheat alone just doesn’t achieve it. My recommendation is to mix them, 4 cups all-purpose and 2 1/2 cups white whole wheat and add about 2-4 tablespoons of extra water to make up for the whole wheat flour, which absorbs more liquid. Thanks for the great question and enjoy the book!

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4 thoughts to “King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour in Master Recipe”

  1. I read the NYT article, made my first batch, and immediately got the book. What a really great concept – that works so very well. I am the breakfast chef at an inn in Vermont and the brioche dough is really simple, versatile and delicious (to say nothing of being a time saver).

    I have a lot (too many) bread books, have been a recipe tester for a food writer and can honestly say that with all the experience I have, yours is going to be my go to book.

    Thank you both for writing it.

  2. Hi Mary,

    We have that exact recipe in our new book. It is Healthy Artisan Breads in five Minutes a Day and will be out in October.

    Thank you! Zoë

  3. I just picked up The New Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day. I’m so excited to try the master technique. I’ve been making all of our bread (mix and knead in the bread machine, bake in oven) since Dec., 2014. My everyday bread is 80% KA WWW and 20% oat flour. I like the idea of rising in the frig, when I made bread with just my mixer, I did cool rise all the time. For some reason it has not worked with bread machine dough.
    The one thing that truly revolutionized my baking was the digital scale❣️

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