Chocolate Souffle

Chocolate Souffle recipe from Matt Adlard's book Bake it Better!

Chocolate Souffle may be one of the most romantic desserts I can think of. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. It’s warm, rich chocolate, with a luscious texture, and whomever you bake it for will be spellbound by its almost magical loft. I used to think this was a dessert you could, should, and would only bake on a special occasion. The stress of getting it right was as great as the feeling of absolute elation at seeing the soufflé expanding in the oven.

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15 Valentine’s Day Desserts Full Of Love

Cinnamon Rolls Baked in a Heart-Shaped Pan | Valentine's Day Desserts

If you ask me, Valentine’s Day is best celebrated from morning to night with desserts. You can surprise your sweetheart, friends or family with sweet treats throughout the day, and share in whatever brings you joy on what can be a silly holiday. From breakfast sweets to decadent and beautiful cakes I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Valentine’s Day dessert recipes.

Looking for some more dessert ideas? Here are a few more that are perfect for Valentine’s Day:

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Gingerbread Snack Cake with Blueberries

Gingerbread snack cake with blueberries in a white casserole dish on top of a cooling rack.

As we ease into 2024 I am simplifying my life and making a delicious, uncomplicated gingerbread snack cake. The holidays are all about showstopper desserts and fanciful decorating. Now it’s a time to relax and slip into something comfy to recuperate from all the visiting relatives.

Need more blueberry recipes? Try my blueberry muffins, blueberry scones, or browse my entire blueberry recipe collection to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Classic Banana Bread with Pecans

Loaf of banana bread on parchment paper with three slices cut

Here in Minnesota there is a timeless tradition of going to the “cabin.” During the summer everyone heads out of the city on the weekend to fish, and during the winter they still fish, but on frozen lakes. I am not originally from around here and have not quite embraced this weekend exodus, but I have a friend who is and she lures me to her cabin, not with the prospect of fishing, but with her banana bread.

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