Strawberry Fool with Lemon Curd

Lemon Curd Fool with Strawberry Coulis and Fresh Strawberries

Fool! That’s the name of this creamy fruit-filled dessert. What is a fool? It’s a British dessert that includes fruit folded into a custard. The original version was most often made with gooseberries, but it evolved over the years to include different fruits, and some have simplified it by using whipped cream with the fruit. My strawberry fool recipe includes a lemon twist.

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Passover Desserts

I love Passover desserts. If you’re used to looking for the packaged version of Passover-approved treats in your grocery store, I’m here to tell you there is another option. Those overly sweet packaged treats have their charm, but you can create tastier versions of those desserts at home. From macaroons to cakes, this list features some of my favorite desserts for Passover.

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Sour Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie zb 09

The key to success with this sweet, but not too sweet, cherry pie is to use sour cherries. Combined with just enough sugar and a pinch of black pepper, to mellow their pucker, the sour cherries add a tart balance that goes perfectly with the rich, buttery crust. If you don’t have access to fresh cherries the frozen variety work just as well in this sour cherry pie and are available all year round, just in case you get a craving for this ruby colored pie in the dead of winter.

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