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Behind the Scenes of Zoe Bakes on Magnolia Network

At a super young age I discovered baking brings me joy and feeds my soul. What I’ve learned from a career in professional kitchens is that I love teaching other people how to bake even more! Now I get to do both, on TV. Joanna and Chip Gaines have given me a series on their new Magnolia Network where I can bake, teach and be inspired by some phenomenally talented bakers (and chefs, farmers, bee keepers and more …) in my Minnesota community.

This is a dream come true and now you can watch the first full episode of Zoë Bakes streaming on discovery+. I’ll be making a lattice pie with strawberries and rhubarb (quintessentially MN and lovingly planted by my dad), plus a simple fruit “fool” inspired by a trip to visit one of my favorite local pastry chefs (find the recipes below!). You’ll get a glimpse into my baking series (and my kitchen), where I break down all the secrets of pastry and share my tips and techniques. It’s all crazy delicious and easy, so I hope you’ll tune in and bake along with me!

Behind the Scenes of Zoe Bakes on Magnolia Network
Behind the Scenes of Zoe Bakes on Magnolia Network

Thank you to Joanna, Chip, Andrew Zimmern, Intuitive Content, Patrick Weiland, Patrick McMahill, Madeleine Hill and the rest of the many, many talented folks (there are dozens) who helped me make this dream come true. I also want to thank my family and friends who dove into this journey with me and made the show feel like home! It takes a village and you’re a spectacular one!

Watch the first episode on discovery+. Come bake with me! xo

Recipes in Episode 1 of Zoë Bakes

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie | ZoeBakes by Zoe Francois
Get My Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Recipe
Strawberry Fool with Lemon Curd and Strawberry Coulis | ZoeBakes by Zoe Francois
Get My Strawberry Fool Recipe

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31 thoughts to “Preview My New Magnolia Network Show”

  1. I recently signed up for Discovery+. Looking through all of the many shows available I came across yours. I am not a very good cook or baker…but I keep trying. Once I started watching, I couldn’t quit until I watched every last episode. You are fantastic! You have such a zest for life. I can see why you have so many friends. Your sons are adorable! Wish you would have introduced your husband. If he is anything like mine, he would have said: “have your show but leave me out of it”….lol
    I hope you make more episodes. So enjoyed every minute. You have made me want to try some of your recipes. (maybe not the lattice work)
    Hope to see more of you!

  2. Love Zoe Bakes, baking show, I can’t wait for the next show. You are so patient and love the way you explain the steps when you bake. I now have my husband watching too…. I may have to purchase a cook book now.

    Great Job on your show !

  3. I just retired from teaching so I have time for such delights as your show. It is so entertaining and so much fun to watch your perkiness and enthusiasm. It is contagious and I look forward to baking those chocolate chip cookies. I have only 2 more episodes to watch and I am saving those because I don’t want them to end.

  4. Zoe,
    I love your show. I am going to try several of your recipes. I love the entire format of the show. I like that you go out in your community and expose us to the things available in Minneapolis and the surrounding area.

  5. I love your show! I stumbled upon it last week, and have since purchased your books for myself and as gifts, made two batches of your cookies and 8 loaves of bread. Awesome!

  6. I just found you on Discovery+ yesterday. I am not embarrassed to say that I binge watched every episode already! I love what you do in the kitchen! I used to love to bake when my family was home. Now it’s hit or miss or for a special occasion. However, I find myself getting the “itch” to bake again. I retired in March of this year so I am now home full time. I love the trips you took to the pumpkin farm and the other bakers and to the mill. You are an inspiration and I am so happy to have found you! Good luck in this new adventure. Don’t stop teaching and inspiring! Thank you!!

  7. This former Minnesotan, now Coloradan, is SO EXCITED, to see more episodes! We love that neighborhood, the lifestyle, and miss so much about MN—just not the winters

    1. Hi Jennifer! So glad to hear you love the show. There are 10 more episodes coming, but we are not privy to when exactly they will be released. It could be soon, or it could be closer to July. Stay tuned to Zoe’s social media channels or join the email list as she will be sure to let her followers know when they’re available.

  8. I’ve been a fan since ABin5 and your Instagram feed and videos were inspiring even before anyone else was doing video on the platform. And now you’ve given me a reason to get into Discovery+ (Believe me when I tell you, I was not into discovering any new tv channels). I can’t wait to watch and absorb everything!

  9. AWESOME! You go Girl! You are one of my hidden blessings from the Pandemic!
    I saw an article about you in a magazine. So, while “staying home”, I began to try
    your 5 Minute Dough recipes. I love them!!

    I am a MN Girl too, and I wish you every success.

  10. Just watched this fun video of cookie making with Zoe and son and it was great! A look inside their sugar heaven baking kitchen. Loved seeing them bake together.

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