Working with Rolled Fondant (3 part Video Series)

rolled fondant

It is smooth and sophisticated, but there is a mystique about working with rolled fondant that keeps too many people from using it. Fondant reminds me of Play-Doh, you can create everything from an intricate wedding cake to a birthday cake in the shape of a Tonka truck. Your imagination and few helpful hints will open up a new world of cake decorating options. I chose this simple winter motif to get us started. First, we have to choose our color and tint the fondant, next we’ll cover the cake in the perfectly smooth fondant and to finish we’ll add simple snowflakes.

I’ve broken the videos into 3 parts: coloring the fondant, covering the cake and decorating. Enjoy and happy holiday baking!

Part 1: How to color your fondant

What you will need to color your fondant:

Rolled fondant (You can make homemade fondant or buy it pre-made. The homemade version is MUCH tastier, but the store bought version is a touch easier to work with.)


Wilton Rolled Fondant (Wilton is easy to work with, but you DO NOT want to eat it. I only use this if the person I’m making the cake for intends to peel off the fondant. Yes, you just peel the entire layer of fondant off and reveal some delicious icing underneath. I’m suggesting you start with Wilton’s product just because it is so easy to use.)

Gel food Color (Use the gels, not the water based kind you get at the grocery store.)


Paste Food Color (These are the most intense colors, but they are not as neat to use as the gel colors.)
Food Service Grade Disposable Latex Glove (This will protect your hands from the food coloring.)

Heavy Gauge Clear Vinyl (This is the clear sheet that I roll out the fondant on. Nothing sticks to it and you can lift it up easily and move it around. you can also use a Roll’Pat Pastry Mat, but it is much more expensive.)

Part 2: How to roll out fondant and cover the cake

What you will need to cover your cake:

Cake of your choosing that has been crumb coated. (see video on crumb coating)

Rolling Pin

Wedding Cake Separator Plate (This is a round plastic plate that is used for separating the tiers of a wedding cake. They are wonderful when working with fondant, because they lift the cake up off the table slightly, which makes it easier to get a nice clean bottom edge. Once the cake is finished you will remove the plate and lay it flat on the serving dish.)

Fondant Smoother (Gives the fondant a smooth finish and can work out any knicks in the surface.)

Corn Starch

Part 3: How to decorate the snowflake cake

What you will need to decorate your snowflake cake:

Snowflake Cookie Cutters

Paint Brush (this should be one that is only used on food.)

Cake edible glitter

Other Fondant Cakes:

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