How-to Video: Cut and Fill a Cake like a Pro! (Cake Decorating Series)

As a result of your comments about what cake decorating techniques you want to learn I have created a new series on Zoë Bakes. I figure we should start at the beginning. There is no sense in learning how to pipe the perfect rose if your cake is listing and the icing is falling off or covered in cake crumbs. It is just as important to know how to slice and fill your cake, as it is to write “Happy Birthday” in fancy letters, so I am going to show you how to create a professional looking cake from start to finish. In this video I will start with a cake that domed while baking, cut it into layers, fill it and create the perfect foundation for the cake you see above. In the next few posts I will teach you to crumb coat, cover the cake with smooth buttercream and finish with professional looking writing for a special occasion.

The cake decorating tools I used in this video are:

Revolving Cake Decorating Stand – this is an essential piece of equipment for making a smooth cake more easily. There are many types, but I like one with some weight on the base so it won’t move around as you are using it.

10-Inch Super Slicer – This serrated knife makes slicing your cakes much easier and because it has a rounded edge, instead of pointed teeth, it kicks up far less crumbs. I also use this knife for finely chopping chocolate.

Next check out How to Crumb Coat a Cake. Doing a proper crumb coat gives you the insurance that cake crumbs won’t end up messing up your final layer of icing. Then onto writing like a pro.

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23 thoughts to “How-to Video: Cut and Fill a Cake like a Pro! (Cake Decorating Series)”

  1. Thanks for than information, is always very useful. I must buy a rotating stands. Thanks again as always your information is fantastic!!!!

  2. I put toothpicks around the cake (about 6-7 of them) then weave unwaxed dental floss around them, cross the ends, then pull. Works every time for a clean cut.

  3. Hey! I was wondering what kind of a cake is used in this video, and also, did you just bake it in a 6 by 2 round pan? Or deeper?

  4. I have a wedding coming up and my fiance and I have decided to make our own cake. I stumbled across this tutorial on youtube, I found your website, and I’ve been watching your videos and reading your posts over and over again almost every day! A great wedding gift would be a new ZoeBakes video every week 😉 You’re wonderful!

    Also, I was wondering what kind of nut filling you used in this video?

  5. Thanks for all the ideas but I need to know why you need not crumb coat for the chocolate cake where you put the frosting

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