Springtime Flower Cake for Kathy (Le Creuset Giveaway)

A closeup of the springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

This weekend was my neighbor’s birthday. Her husband asked me to bake her a decadent chocolate cake and decorate it with “Spring Flowers.” Here in MN it isn’t exactly bursting with flora yet. In fact, as I was working on this flower cake it started to snow. But Easter is right around the corner and the tulips and rhubarb are promising to come out of the ground soon. We hold our breath and hope for a greener time, soon. Her cake, like Kathy herself, had to be over the top and fantastic! I wanted it to be bright and full of life to compensate for the snow!

The chocolate layers were made up of Devil’s Food, Chocolate Pastry Cream, Bittersweet Ganache, White Chocolate Buttercream and the flowers were made from gum paste.

Happy Birthday Kathy!

Last week I was in such a rush to get my Daring Baker Challenge done in time that I forgot to give away another Le Creuset Stoneware Heart Ramekin with Cover, Red. This week I will give away 2 to make up for it. Just leave me a note below and tell me what you are making for Passover*, Easter** or whatever you are craving now that it is spring. I will pick 2 random winners next week.

Springtime Flower Cake

You will need:

gum paste or fondant flowers

One recipe Devil’s Food. I baked the layers in 2 9×3-inch cake pans for 45 minutes.

One recipe of Pastry Cream, plus 6 ounces milk chocolate, melted. After the pastry cream has boiled for 3 minutes. Remove from heat and gently whisk in the melted chocolate, cover and cool.

One recipe Bittersweet Ganache

White Chocolate Buttercream by Rose Levy Beranbaum from the The Cake Bible:

1 pound (4 sticks) unsalted butter, softened but should still be able to pick up the stick without it losing its shape.

3/4 cup granulated sugar

1/4 cup water

5 large egg whites

1/4 cup granulated sugar

1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

1/4 cup rum (optional)

6 ounces white chocolate, melted and cool to room temperature.

To make the buttercream:

In a small heavy sauce pan heat together the 3/4 cup sugar and water, stirring constantly until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is bubbling. Turn the heat to low.

In your stand mixer beat the egg whites with the whip attachment, on low speed until they are foamy. Add the cream of tartar and beat on med/high speed until they reach soft peaks. Reduce speed and gradually add the 1/4 cup of sugar and beat until stiff peaks. Reduce speed to low.

Attach a candy thermometer to your pot and bring the sugar syrup to a boil, remove when the thermometer reads 248 degrees. Slowly pour the sugar into the egg whites, along the bowl’s edge, being careful not to hit the whip or it will splatter.

Increase the speed and allow the whites to whip until glossy and room temperature, about 2 minutes. Add the butter 1 tablespoon at a time, until all incorporated. It may go through a stage when it looks soupy, but it will come together when the last bit of butter is added and it has whipped for a minute or so.

Slowly add the rum in small amounts, whip after each addition. Then add the cooled melted chocolate and whip gently until incorporated.

To assemble the flower cake:

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

I split the cake into 3 layers and spread each layer with a coating of the ganache. In order to keep the pastry cream from oozing out of the cake I created a dam around the edge of the cake with the buttercream, (you could also use stiff ganache to do this), using a large plain tip in a pastry bag.

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

Fill the center of the flower cake with the pastry cream.

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

I create a crumb coat with just a thin layer of the buttercream to lock in the crumbs.

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

Once you have a thin layer on, refrigerate the cake for about 30 minutes so that the butter hardens. When you do your final layer of buttercream you won’t have to worry about getting dark crumbs on the outside of your cake.

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

Start with a large blob of buttercream on the top.

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

Spread it out, so that it is flat and just slightly beyond the edge of the cake. This will insure that you get a perfectly square top to your cake.

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

Now your want to cover the sides. Don’t worry about getting it smooth until the whole thing is covered in a nice thick layer of the buttercream.

Assembling springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

Now you want to smooth out the sides. This can only be done well with a Turntable and a long Spatula. hold the spatula straight up and down at a 20 degree angle from the cake. Turn the cake turn table and slowly smooth out the cake. once the sides are smooth then you will do the top. Again at a 20 degree angle you will smooth the top, starting from the outside. be sure not to sweep all the way across the cake, just to the middle. Continue all the way around until it is nice and smooth.

Decorating a springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

To create the ferns you will need to color your buttercream with food Color and fill several pastry bags witht eh different colors. I recommend using the Disposable Pastry Bags when using this many colors. It took me about as long to clean mine out as it did to build the cake! 😉 Use a pastry bag and a #2 Plain Pastry Tip to create the center lines. Then use a Leaf #67 Decorating Tip to create the leaves. Start larger at the bottom and get smaller as you go up.

Gum paste flowers for springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

Create your gum paste flowers

Gum paste flowers for springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François

and roses

A springtime flower cake decorated with gum paste flowers and rose | Photo by Zoë François

Assemble the flower cake!

A slice of chocolate springtime flower cake | Photo by Zoë François


*If you need some inspiration you should check out what Ariela at Baking and Books has put together with my recipes for Passover worthy ladyfingers. Or my Chocolate Caramel Matzo, Coconut “Haystack” Macaroons, Marzipan Cherries or Fruit Jellies!

**Here is a post I just did about Hot Cross Buns, made with 5 minute dough from my book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

Don’t forget to leave a note to win Le Creuset Stoneware Heart Ramekin with Cover, Red!

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177 thoughts to “Springtime Flower Cake for Kathy (Le Creuset Giveaway)”

  1. I’m still deciding.. cupcake pops or homemade peeps! What a cool giveaway. 🙂 PS- I use your fondant recipe for all of my cakes/cupcakes! Thanks for the link and tutorial!

  2. Beautiful work! The flowers are so delicate and pretty!

    For Easter I am going to grill because we will be getting back from a road trip that morning. I will, however, bake Hot Cross Buns before we leave for the trip. I love them!

  3. That is such a beautiful cake! Makes me feel even more ready for spring!
    I will probably be making either some homemade marshmallows or caramels 🙂

  4. Well I am Korean so I am going to make a Korean style barbecue. It is beef that is marinated. Called bulgogi. For dessert I was thinking carrot cake which is always a classic! Great giveaway I had fun!

  5. Gorgeous Cake! I love following you on Twitter – you are so creative!
    Okay, my GOAL is to make a special easter bunny cake and live to blog about it, with cupcakes to go with it. Fingers crossed!

  6. Beautiful cake.
    We aren’t traditional people, we like to do a big breakfast for holidays (except Thanksgiving). I will be making french toast or waffles. My hubby will make eggs and other sides.

  7. Beautiful cake! For Easter, my contribution to the family meal is deviled eggs, on a cute new egg platter my mom gave me for Easter!

  8. What a gorgeous cake. Thanks for the tutorial on the fern leaves. I have a little sugar egg project that I am contemplating for Easter and I’d like to use that tip. We have ham here for Easter. Probably with au gratin potatoes and asparagus or green beans. I am trying to not go overboard! 🙂

  9. we celebrate passover however i am just not in the holiday mood so i will be sending out for chinese thanks for the giveaway

  10. Fabulous cake! For Easter,
    I am making no knead cinnamon raisin bread and peanut butter banana bread (need to use up huge jar of peanut butter).

  11. As the birthday girl [?] I can tell you that this cake was even more delicious than it was beautiful. Over the top is right. I’ve been the happy taste tester for so many of Zoe’s fabulous creations; it was beyond wonderful to be the recipient of this one. I was so honored–it almost made turning 29 worth it. Ha!

  12. This year for Easter I will be making little carrot cake “baskets”: Carrot cupcakes with green cream cheese frosting piped on like grass, complete with a Peeps bunny, jelly beans, and a Twizzler as a handle! Hopefully all the kids I will be celebrating with will enjoy them!

  13. LOVE the cake. As a fellow minneapolite – we need all of the color we can get! My favorite easter dish is lemon meringue pie. The lofty meringue is so fun to watch it brown up and show off a fun design. The lemon is great to bring out the spring!

  14. Gorgeous cake. I have been decorating cakes for years, have finally mastered a Tea Rose! For Easter we are making a Rib Roast, asparagus gratin, loaded baked potatoes, and then whatever the rest of the family brings.

    Nice prize too!!

  15. oh my… that cake is insanely beautiful! we don’t celebrate easter, but knowing that it will be a beautiful day we will surely bbq. it is already warm enough here that i try not to use the oven… so i’m hoping to come across some bake free desserts soon! in the meantime we enjoy fresh local fruit with yummie whipped cream :O)

  16. For Easter, I’ll be making lemon squares — my first time from scratch. And chocolate chip cookies for those who don’t like lemony things.:-)

  17. Wow, your cake is stunningly beautiful! I’m sure your neighbor went nuts. For Easter I’m making a Hummingbird Cake to take a family party. I usually do carrot cake but wanted to try something different and saw the recipe in Women’s Day magazine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. we’re gathering at a friend’s house. i’ll probably bring the makings for a fruit salad. or maybe rolls. how about both?

  19. Will probably be cooking a pork tenderloin, unless of course we invited somewhere. Then I’ll bring the wine.

    Love the cake! When is your next cake decorating class at Cooks?

  20. Zoe,
    I am baking coconut rolls with the Brioche dough from AB5 for our Easter. It will be a variation of a Brazilian pastry sold in the local bread shops based on your great brioche dough.

  21. Beautiful cake – I don’t have to cook anything except devils eggs since we’re going to family’s for dinner

  22. WOW is that beautiful. I love the flowers, you are very talented. I am making for Easter a ham (well really just warming it up).

  23. The cake is beautiful! Friends are hosting an Easter brunch, and they’ll be making French toast, so I’m not sure what we’ll bring. I’m thinking about making bagels.

  24. I’d love to get in on the Le Creuset giveaway!

    I work in a kitchen at a religious retreat center, so I’ll be cooking ALL day. We’re having lamb and assorted sides that are yet to be determined.

  25. I am, in fact, making caramel matzoh crunch, from a very similar recipe! Plus, of course, matzoh ball soup, brisket, and the rest.

  26. The cake is gorgeous, Zoe, and a belated Happy Birthday to Kathy – my dear, from where I sit 29 is almost newborn. As for Passover, my Israeli daughter-in-law invites us for all the holidays and this is no exception – she comes from a long line of good cooks and also graduated from an Israeli culinary institute so we are always well fed. Happy Easter and a Sussen Pesach to all.


  27. Wow! The flowers are beautiful and are a sight for sore eyes…we had snow today too. Sigh.

  28. what a beautiful cake. I would like to know if it is possible to “paint” colours on the gum paste. I would like to make something like a pink and white plumeria flower on a cake. Definitely feels like spring

  29. I observe Passover and my SO observes Easter, so we tend to combine traditions as much as possible…but this year we’ll be grilling steaks and veggies, and I’ll be making chocolates for dessert.

  30. This year for Easter I’ll be preparing Rick Bayless’ awesome chocoflan (impossible chocolate cake layered with flan and goat’s milk caramel) as well as an easy but delicious peach pie with almond coconut crumb topping. I can’t wait!

  31. I’m VERY enbious of the photos…you make this look SO easy, and I know it’s NOT! For Easter I plan on bringing fresh baked bread to contribute to a dear friend’s brunch buffet!

  32. It is a lovely cake. I will be making an Indian inspired cake for my goddaughter as she will be turning 16 on Easter day. Even though her family is Hindu, they always celebrate Easter with my family. I will also be decorating a 4 tier cake in Indian fashion for her ‘real’ birthday party.

  33. The cake is beautiful. I haven’t decided what to make for Easter Sunday, although we have decided to take a more thoughtful and traditional approach to the week, and will be celebrating a Passover meal on Maundy Thursday. I will be making my first lamb meal, and excited to try haroseth. We’ll see…

  34. This cake is beautiful! What a very special birthday cake.

    I think I’m making a carrot cake (how original :-)) and asparagus scones…mmm!

  35. that cake is gorgeous! id love to get something like that for my birthday. for Easter ill be making breakfast, including french toast. mmm!

  36. Zoe~ do tell Louise that the age 29 reference was totally toungue in frosted cheek, by about 31 years. Now husband and I are arguing about who ate that last slice that came home from the party with us. I have no recall, but if it was me, I also have no guilt! And, if it qualifies me for a prize, I am making a spring vegetable sauteed medley for first night passover — and then roasted asparagus w/sesame seeds for Easter sunday.

  37. Beautiful cake. Actually we are in the middle of moving so not much will be done as far as cooking.

  38. Wow. So lovely! I think you are inspiring me to go to on cake making!

    I will be making rosemary garlic new potatoes, an onion tart, and a frisee salad. And a berry crumble for dessert!

  39. Wow! I’ve never read a cake recipe with such interest before. It’s stunning! You won’t be able to send anything to me as I’m in London, but I plan to have lots of toasted hot cross buns with butter.

  40. I have to mention again that this is such a lovely springtime cake! Beautiful colors!

    Easter is not celebrated with a big way here, but it does get commercial as in every hotel in town has an Easter Promotion. And in such a lovely multi-racial city, we all celebrate Easter as if we are in the US or Europe! We love bunnies!

  41. Zoe, thanks for the tips. I am hooked on madeleines and will be making rose water madeleines dipped in dark chocolate to have at home and to give away to friends this weekend.

  42. My Mom and Dad will be joining my husband and I for our first Easter since we got married. My Mom gave up chocolate for Lent so I will be making something VERY chocolatey!!

  43. Holy cow that’s gorgeous! This Easter co-incides with my sister’s and my dad’s birthdays, so I’m making a Neopolitan-flavoured cake (that is, a sour-cream chocolate bottom layer, French vanilla buttercream filling, and a top cake layer of strawberry pound cake) and for the decoration I’m making a deliciously edible ice-cream cone out of chocolate and peanuts!

  44. Looks delicious. I can never get a cake that smooth. I just tried the red velvet cake from Baked and got rave reviews from my tennis team. I think I will try it again for Easter.

  45. That cake is gorgeous! What a wonderful thing to give for someone’s birthday!

    For Easter (yes yes Le Creuset!) we are making cocido, a typical Spanish boiled dinner…it is actually my mom’s birthday so it will be a double celebration 🙂

  46. That is SO pretty! I’m roasting lamb for Easter, with pomegranate molasses. And I’ll make a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Always a mix of cultures around here. :o)

  47. What a beautiful cake! My mom has been doing most of the cooking/baking for Passover but I intend to make a matzah toffee (maybe I’ll use your chocolate caramel matzah recipe!)

  48. Very cute spring cake! I’ve been looking for some inspiration for a cake to make a friend of mine. Thanks so much!

  49. Hi Zoe….your cake is just spectacular…what a lucky neighbor..it reminded me of the cakes from the Little Red Hen in New York only fancier!! What am I making for Easter…Leg of Lamb ofcourse and for dessert…the best part…a raspberry cheesecake with chocolate crust..

  50. Amazing Cake Zoe,you are truly gifted.

    Would have loved to bake the Pineapple Polenta cake for Easter, but we’ll be away Sunday on to prepare for VBS (Vacation Bible School for Kids)starting the following day…maybe once we get back…
    Happy Easter in advance Zoe, have a lovely day.

  51. I’m making the whole wheat apple cake recipe I just posted on my site for Passover and Deborah Madison’s Lemon Pudding Cake from Savory Way for Easter. We got it all covered over here.

  52. Your cake is beautiful!

    My husband celebrates Passover, and I celebrate Easter, so I made…
    RESERVATIONS for the Nye’s Polonaise brunch! 🙂

  53. Este ano irei fazer para o dia de pascoa um bolo com massa de avelas com com recheio de musse de chocolate e cobertura de chocolate e ovinhos de pascoa.

  54. This looks so much better than any cake I’ve seen at a bakery. Gum paste flowers are usually a little too sweet for me but I love buttercream frosting…how could anyone not!

  55. This is so inspiring! I love the finished effect. I have a box of gum paste that I have never used, but those flowers look doable!

  56. That cake looks amazing…and so springy! Never mind looking yummy. I used to try my hand at cake decorating years ago, thanks for the inspiration!

  57. beautiful cake! I don’t celebrate Easter or passover, but I’m going to make my niece some lemon madelines for spring.

  58. Such a beautiful cake!!!

    Thank you so much for the photo tutorial. Now I am tempted to try my hand at it soon!

  59. Beautiful cake…you have such talent! I love the step by step photos…I think this year we will do a lamb roast for Easter…yumm!

  60. the cake looks beautiful. This year for easter my husband and I will be taking my in-laws (that are visiting from Venezuela)to Napa Valley.

  61. Beautiful cake! I traditionally make Easter Bread but, as luck would have it, my KA died on me! So no Easter Bread this year. I did manage to bake Easter cut out cookies, which my daughter iced for me. Happy Holidays to all! Steph

  62. Wow! That is one beautiful cake! For Easter, I plan on grilling some meats, making some empanada rolls, and a mango cake.

  63. That such a pretty cake. I’m either going to make Ham, Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans and fresh bread or Homemade Chicken Potpies. I have 3 birthdays this week (Mom’s and two of my kids) plus an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. I’ll see how tired I am and then decide exactly what to cook 🙂

  64. My family does the traditional Ham Dinner for Easter thing. I love it!

    Right now I want a bite of the cake!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  65. Happy Birthday, Kathy! What a fabulous looking cake. It looks absolutely scrumptious. Chocolate is my favorite, and I love how much chocolate you’ve managed to squeeze into this cake!

  66. Your cake looks stunning!
    For Easter my husband and I will smoke a turkey and have mixed greens, homemade baked mac and cheese, sweet potatos, for dessert I will make a Pink Champagne Cake! For breakfast we will have Cinnamon rolls made with the Brioche dough from Artisan bread in five. Sublime.
    Happy Holiday

  67. Your cake is beautiful!!! I’m so excited that spring is finally here…I’m tired of being cold! For Passover I made a flourless chocolate cake.

  68. OMG! That cake! But did you have to post that confection right before Passover! Nevermind, I’ll just have to make those yummy haystacks, which BTW thank you for sharing such a great macaroon recipe that doesn’t include sweetened condensed milk.

  69. I’m either going to make a mouse torte or a chicken w/ orange sauce. To break the Passover monotony, I’m going to make a challah of some sort.

  70. Ooops!! I am making asparagus bisque, a beautifully seasoned pork loin for the BBQ grill rotisserie, and for dessert a pear tart sweetened with cactus honey powder! Nothing like testing a new idea for the holiday!!

  71. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am making the tiramisu from Ari’s website with the KFP lady fingers – am soooo excited to make this recipe! I usually make a flourless chocolate cake, yum, but this year is going to be the amazing tiramisu!

  72. Turkey dinner with stuffing, cranberry sauce, veggies and stuffing


    And for dessert… blondies topped with caramel icecream studded with Lindor truffles…. mmmmmm!

  73. I have to say, this spring’s craving is morels. I’ve lucked into them at a restaurant just acquired a few – can’t get enough, though!

  74. for passover we had lemon mousse and for easter we are having hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies, of course.

    thanks for the photos, it is a gorgeous cake.

  75. I’m making Beef Wellington for Easter. I don’t know if I’ll have time to do your homemade puff pastry so I do have some in the fridge. I have a 6 pound beef tenderloin wrapped in cheesecloth dry aging in the back of my fridge. Your cake looks fabulous! I need a pastry class to attempt it.
    Happy Easter,

  76. I will be making something new I found, it’s Paska. It’s a Mennonite Easter Bread. I’m trying to make more bread items

  77. I saw your cake on foodgawkers and thought right….I wouldn’t have the patience for that! It is so beautiful. I am going to make your hot cross buns recipe adapted for your book, using the brioche recipe. Should be good! oh and fun….

  78. Hi Zoe, I just made your granola yesterday: WOW and it came out delicious, thanks so much for inspiring me.

    For easter we’ll make little cakes baked in eggshells, it’s not only a tasty, but also a very cute giveaway.

    Enjoy eastertime. Z.

  79. Beautiful cake, what a gift to receive on your birthday!

    For Easter or actually on Good Friday, I’ll be trying Hot Cross Buns for my English Mum.

    For Easter, I’ll use the last of my home grown potatoes for scalloped potatoes to take to the Ranch for family gathering.

  80. Hi Zoe! I found your blog the other day through a link to your Artisan Bread book. Your cake is absolutely stunning! I would love to attempt it sometime. For Easter, I am making a roasted chicken with fingerling potatoes and green beans. For dessert – tres leches coconut cupcakes with dulce de leche buttercream 🙂

  81. I am making many things for Easter this year. For starters, I took four loaves of the master recipe bread and two loaves of the deli rye bread to our church potluck last night. Today I am making the recipe you gave us for hot cross buns.
    This afternoon, I am going to start making my lamb cakes. I make them using a pound cake recipe and decorate with a buttercream frosting. I also make the butter lambs, and homemade polish sausage.Can’t forget the coloring of the Easter eggs.

  82. Those gum paste flowers are WONDERFUL! What a lucky neighbor you have. 🙂 I am making Lemon Sour Cream Rolls. They are so good that some members of my family would be satisfied if they only had the rolls for Easter dinner.

  83. Always like Babka Bread at Easter. And I just cant wait to have some strawberries. And the snow finally melted today, so I can certainly relate.

    Beautiful cake. I love to look at your beautiful creations.

  84. Your cake is beautiful! I’d hate to be the one to cut into it…

    We are having your basic ham for Easter dinner. Doesn’t that sound boring!

  85. We’re having brunch this year with dishes too numerous to mention. Homemade coffee cakes and rolls, stuffed cherry tomatoes, stuffed new potatoes, strata, ham, the works!

  86. I am not planning on making anything in particular for Easter; however, I do have some just-made, master brioche dough sitting in the refrigerator as I type. I plan to make sticky Pecan-less Caramel Cinnamon Rolls tomorrow! I also plan to make a larger batch of rolls for my students later this week. YUM!

  87. You MADE that cake??? It’s gorgeous. I’m glad you showed how you piped on the leafy parts and how to make the flowers as I really think I could do that if I tried. Probably not as pretty as yours, but I might be able to wing it. I’d love to experiment w/ cakes more.

    We’re not having a big Easter celebration, but we’re having a luncheon w/ the family and an Easter Egg hunt. Since my MIL is cooking (Lord help us!), I volunteered to bring a salad: Fruit Salad with Basil Syrup.

  88. Thanks for the lovely Spring vision! Easter will find us dining on sweet potato soup, garlic roast pork with apple cherry conserve, braised mixed greens,and hot cross buns- all gluten free.

  89. great cake decorating! I hope to do something similar with butterflies for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. Hopefully by her 16th I’ll be a pro. 🙂

  90. For Easter brunch, we will be having an Asparagus and Prosciutto Strata, Fruit Salad, and the Blueberry Lemon Curd Ring from AB in 5. I can’t wait to try it.

  91. Your cake looks amazing!
    I just finished making your Butterscotch Pudding Trifle to bring to my inlaws for Easter. I know they are going to like it!
    Please put me in the drawing for the Le Crueset. Hope you enjoy your holiday.

  92. I made a strawberry cake in a beautiful rose shaped pan; a sprinkling of powdered sugar and a scattering of rose petals around the cake. And…..hot crossed buns from the brioche recipe in your book. Would love the le creuset to go with my 42 year old le creuset. Happy Spring!

  93. Your cake is gorgeous, Zoe! I have to take some time (and patience) and learn how to decorate a cake. I made a lemon-cream dessert cake this week that was decorated with fresh daffodils (not from my garden yet either) and a miserable attempt at piping the icing.

  94. I am making some little chocolate coconut bird’s nest with little mini chocolate eggs. An Easter tradition around here!
    (BTW, Love your cake! Gorgeous.
    And, I’m going to try the fondant recipe you posted a while ago for my son’s moo baa la la la birthday cake!)

  95. Your cake looks beautiful.

    I made Greek style lamb with scalloped potatoes and Greek Salad on Sunday. I butterflied the lamb and made a stuffing of feta cheese, pine nuts and chopped black olives. Then tied it up and roasted it.

    I want to make mini creme brulle.

  96. I am in total aww of your cake. I made a lemon cheese cake and flourless chocolate cake for Passover. I love the heart shaped Le Creuset ramekin. I would use it to make individual macaroni and cheeses after this holiday is over!

  97. I tried the fondant recipe but instead of putting 1tblsn of gelatin I put 1tspn and 1tspn of gycerine and the fondant is just not pliable how can I fix that, please help. it is crumbling and not coming together, I don’t know how I made that mistake.

  98. Hi Zoë, I made your cake for my daughter’s 11th birthday over the weekend and it turned out amazing! I’m a tad picky, so it’s hard for me to find a chocolate cake that’s moist and has a great flavor – your cake has it ALL. Thank you for sharing your recipe! I posted a few pictures of a cake (slumber party cake) on my website 🙂 Thank you again!!

  99. how do you get 3 layers from 2 9×3 cakes? do you use only one of the two devil’s food cakes in this recipe?

  100. Such a cute cake!

    For Easter we have a tradition of taking the kids to the beach to do a photo shoot and to find eggs! We will be making a marine life based cake with bunny ears! probably an octopus with bunny ears! 🙂

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