Basics: Homemade Rolled Fondant! Part 2

fondant cut out in the shape of the word fondant next to a marble rolling pin on a silpat

More than half of the cakes I do for clients are covered with fondant. It is gorgeous, sleek and can be simple or ornate.  Over the years I’ve tried just about every product out there and have loved some and loathed others. Some are easy to use but have no taste feel like chewing gum in your mouth. Others are melt in your mouth and have a pleasant flavor, but are nearly impossible to work with unless the conditions are just right. Not to mention the cost. For those of you who have worked with it you know it is very spendy, as we say here in MN. So make your own and get the flavor, the texture and the price you like. It is very easy, albeit a tad messy, but most of all fun!

Cakewalk cookbook

A few years ago I fell in love with Margaret Braun’s book Cakewalk. She combined a mastery of cake decorating with a vision of art history. I too am an art major and have always loved cake decorating because it allows for such incredible creativity. Her cakes were a departure from tradition and I just loved her sense of whimsy and color. Most of her work is done in fondant and pastillage (gum paste) to create works of art. I read somewhere that her cakes command as much as $25+ per person. It is no wonder once you see how intricate they are. I figured anyone who had such skill would make a great fondant, so I tried her recipe and I love it! It isn’t quite as easy to work with as the Wilton Product, but its texture makes it worth the effort!

Sugar Paste (Rolled Fondant) recipe from Cakewalk: Adventures In Sugar With Margaret Braun:

2 pounds confectioner’s sugar

1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin

3 tablespoons cold water

1/2 cup light corn syrup

1 1/2 tablespoons Glycerin

1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract(If you want a PURE white fondant than use the clear vanilla, I used pure vanilla and you can see that my fondant is very white.) You can add other flavors as well but I would stick to those with an alcohol base and not an oil extract. You don’t want to add any fat to the recipe.

Sifted Confectioners' Sugar in a metal bowl

Sift 1 1/2 pounds of the confectioner’s sugar into a large standing mixer bowl, set aside.

Mixing Water and Gelatin

In a small bowl, stir the water into the gelatin.

Dissolving Gelatin in Water

Dissolve over a double boiler with simmering water until clear.

Making Gelatin

Remove from the heat and stir in the corn syrup, Glycerin, and vanilla.

Combining Gelatin and Confectioners' Sugar for Fondant

With the standing mixer turning on low speed, slowly pour the gelatin mixture into the bowl of confectioner’s sugar. Scrape down the sides of the bowl with a rubber spatula.

Mixing Homemade Fondant in MIxer | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Continue beating on medium speed until well combined and very sticky.

Homemade Fondant Recipe | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Scrape the sticky fondant onto a clean silicon Pastry Mat.

Homemade Fondant Recipe | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Sprinkle the remaining 1/2 pound of sugar on the dough a little at a time.

Kneading Homemade Fondant | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Knead the sugar into the dough with the palm of your hand, then fold it over and continue adding sugar. I wished I’d had a pair of Gloves for this, but of course I’d run out!

Homemade Fondant Dough | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Use your plastic Bowl Scraper to help you fold the dough over while adding more sugar.

Homemade Rolled Fondant | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Keep repeating these steps until all of the sugar is added and you have a nice smooth and uniform ball of dough.

Homemade Fondant in Plastic Wrap | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Wrap the ball in plastic twice and let rest for at least 12 hours. DO NOT REFRIGERATE!!!! It will get tacky and impossible to work with if it is refrigerated.  WRAP IT WELL! Store it for up to 2 weeks in a dry cool spot.

When ready to work with the dough unwrap it and knead it to make it smooth and pliable. Add your color and decorate as I did for Claudia’s birthday cake. I will be using it for my blog-iversary cake next week. I’ll also be giving away a T-shirt that my husband/webmaster/designer made for me!

Thanks to all of you on Twitter who keep me inspired and sane!

Mini Cooper Fondant Cake | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Another fondant cake I made for a client with a mini!

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167 thoughts to “Basics: Homemade Rolled Fondant! Part 2”

  1. Hi, this sounds like a great recipe for fondant, I will try this next time. What is the yield of this recipe and if I’m making cake toppers, how long will they last for?
    Thank you.

  2. hi Zoe, can you help? I’ve tried using your recipe but the fondant sweats and stretches A LOT. I live in a very HUMID environment so this could be the cause; I’ve been told to leave out the glycerin as this is what causes the problem but I don’t want to remove it altogether. What is the minimum amount I can use in your recipe without altering the result of the fondant. thanks

    1. Hi Maryam,

      That is a great question. I think you are going to have to experiment to see the limits of how much glycerin to use to achieve the consistency you want. Please let me know what ends up working.

      Thanks, Zoë

  3. Your instructions were very clear. Once I have turned out some
    flowers, I will post my comments…Many thanks

  4. Hi Zoe,

    I’m just discovering your website and becoming an instant fan! I’m a rookie cake decorator who loves to create and play in the kitchen. I’m planning to make a mocha cake for an upcoming birthday and found your site when googling mocha buttercream (the italian meringue version which looks delicious) I’m not sure yet if I’ll do a buttercream covered with fondant or just do a buttercream finish with piping decorations. I have 2 questions for you: 1) how well does your mocha buttercream hold up under fondant? 2) is the mocha butter cream a good consistency for piping? 3) would you add instant coffee in the water for this fondant to pair it with a mocha cake? Thank you!

  5. Woohoo I tried this out and HELLO CAKERY WORLD, it ACTUALLY worked!!! I am over the moon, now its all wrapped up and sitting for it 12hour rest time, will be back later on when I’ve used it for the cake 🙂 🙂
    Much appreciated, you’re a life saver. Thank the good lord there’s cakers like you around 🙂

  6. Hello there

    I’ve tried so many rolled fondant made from scratch recipes and they never seem to work out, it turns all cookie dough 🙁
    I am giving this recipe a try as I need fondant for an upcoming cake, just a question, am I able to use this to cover a 12″ cake?

    Sorry for the trouble.


  7. Hello zoe, i’ve tried making fondant twice but it somehow.just doesnt come out stretchy. It becomes like a cookie dough breaking into crumbs, plz help what to do with it now as I dont want to throw it away

    1. Hi Kanwal,

      Are you using this recipe or another? If you used this one, are you using any substitutes in the ingredients?

      If you have followed this recipe exactly and it is still coming out too dry, you can try adding a bit more corn syrup and/or try putting the fondant in the microwave for just a few seconds, which will soften it slightly. If you microwave the fondant, do it in 10 second intervals.

      Thanks, Zoë

  8. I am so grateful for this post. thanks a lot.
    I will definitely save your site as a favourite
    looking forward to the next post

  9. Hi Zoe
    I am so glad that I found your website, you are doing an amazing job here. I was actually looking for different recipes for rolled fondant, I am definately gonna do what you have in here but I have a question, since you have tried and experimented many fondants..can you tell me somtheing about butter cream fondant, I saw a recipe that has shortning and it had few good reviews many said it was greasy but tasted like butter cream…thank you, have a great weekend

  10. I am so excited to try this! First time using fondant. I will be trying to make a ford mustang cake and I want it red, when will it be good to mix in the color? I will be using the Wilton paste. It will be for Jan 6, so I would have to make the cake either Friday or Saturday for it to be all ready by Sunday morning. Where should I store the cake(refrigerator?), I live in Oklahoma and it tends to get really humid. Oh man! I hope it comes out good! I’ve been looking for a good/easy fondant recipe, I hope everyone likes this one!

  11. Hye Zoe,
    So glad I got bumped into your blog. I’ve also been trying to make the fondant from scatch (took class to learn it). But I have 1 problem, after few days (stored in plastic container in cupboard) my fondant have spots, smells funny and taste bad. Do you know why this happens and how to prevent it to happened again. My figurine/flower fondant also have spots although it already dry. By the way, my recipe almost the same as yours, just exclude the corn syrup. And I live in tropical weather…pls help coz I’ m really in dead-end.

    1. Hi Payal,

      I have not tried it, but you may want to try golden syrup? But, start with a small batch, since I am not sure it will work?

      Thanks, Zoë

    1. Hi Drashti,

      Do you find any vegetable shortening in the stores? Any of the brands will do. If not, tell me what other fats you can find and we will try to figure out a substitute.

      Thanks, Zoë

  12. Hie, this recipe is looking easier than others, but i just hv a question in my mind, can we use sugar syrup instead of light corn syrup???

    1. Hi Fatima,

      That is a very good question. I don’t think that the sugar syrup will work, because there is a chance it will crystalize. You want to use an inert sugar that won’t do that.

      Thanks, Zoë

    1. Hi Kristina,

      I have never used it or heard of using it for fondant. I will check around and see if I can find out any information.

      Thanks, Zoë

  13. Hi Zoe… I was looking for a good fondant recipe back in 2010 and I used your recipe then, and I loved it! I didn’t leave a comment back then though (how rude, right?!:) )… Anyhoo, I made it again, and I posted about it on my blog this time… I just wanted you to know that I love your blog! Thanks for this recipe 🙂

  14. Hi Zoe,
    I liked your recipe, it worked perfectly, but my question is can you use jam to coat the cake insted before placing the rolled fondant on it?

    1. Hi Keesuy,

      Yes, but be sure it isn’t too thick or the fondant will slip on it and you have to make sure you won’t see the jam through the fondant. If the jam is red and the fondant is white, you may see it. You can always put jam between the cake layers to get that flavor.

      Thanks, Zoë

  15. Hello there,
    I love fondant and have been on a massive search to find a chocolate flavored rolled fondant recipe. I have seen it only a few times and for me it seems like a mission to find a cake with rolled chocolate fondant. What can you use to make the fondant chocolate flavored?

  16. Hi Zoe, I am reading your latest on how to work with fondant. It is wonderful and I am inspired. I have a problem in that I want to make my own fondant without using gelatin or using a kosher gelatin. Do you have any experience with this? Any advice?, either a no-gelatin recipe or a source for kosher gelatin?

    1. Hi Linda,

      I have never used any of the kosher or vegetarian substitutes, but I will see if I can get some information and will post if I find out.

      Thanks, Zoë

  17. I’m going to make paw prints and UK but i was going to do them like you did the snowflakes. will it hold when its cold or should i wait till Saturday right before I go. I’ll post a picture when i get it done so you can see it. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Lana,

      They will hold up just fine. If it is very hot and humid the cake may sweat a bit after coming from the refrigerator, but otherwise it will be just perfect.

      Cheers and I look forward to seeing the pictures, Zoë

  18. Well I think it went well. First batch was stringy so i put it in the microwave for 10 seconds and then it mixed well. other two batches turned out great. i wrapped them. Now lets hope when i work with it Friday everything goes well…thanks so much Zoe for helping me.

  19. Yes, I just watched it before looking to see if you wrote me back. That’s really helpful. I’m going to do a test run of making fondant here in a bit. I decided to use Wilton since this is my first time making it. I need the cake for Saturday. When is the earliest i could start making it? Thought about making cake Thursday and decorate Friday and keep cold till i take to my mother in laws for out family function.

    1. Hi Lana,

      Yes, if you bake on Thursday and decorate Friday you will be in good shape. If there are flowers or other fondant decorations you are going to put on the cake, you can start those even earlier. If so, be aware that they will dry out, which allows them to keep their shape.

      Enjoy! Zoë

  20. Zoe,
    My baby is turning 8 next month. I have always wanted to make a cake but never thought i could so my husband talked me into making her one. I’m going to make her a castle cake. I going to make my husbands mom a cake this week to pratice. Its her birthday. Is there any pointers you could give me?

  21. Hi Zoe
    My friend just call me & told me she made it that it came out ok but it was like clay dough what do you think she did wrong? She said she didnt use the pure Vanilla. I dont have a mixer I have a hand mixer will that work out fine Zoe? Oh last question can I make shapes out of it & place it on top of the foundant? Im so nervous I dont want to fail Im new at this do you have a web site for other baking ideas?
    Thanks again Zoe:)

  22. Im about to try this out because I seem to can not find foundant anywhere I called Winn Dixxi Publix and even some bakery they dont sell it. So I ran across this Im so happy because I red the blog and a child can do it….All I nned to know is how do I make the foundant another color like purple or red do I use food coloring?

  23. I just made this twice this afternoon and the first time was so -so but I managed to save it with a lot of kneading. Then I read some reviews and found that maybe my gelatin got a bit cooled off mixed into the corn syrup mixture. So, I did what another reader did and removed it from the burner but kept it on the steaming water….perfection!!! I can’t wait to roll this out and use it….looks to be a dream and is going on a 10 year olds b-day cake…purple and lime green!!!!
    Thanks so much

  24. Hi Zoe,

    I love your blog!

    I have a question… How do you incorporate chocolate to fondant and make chocolate fondant? I am about to try your recipe but I also need chocolate fondant to cover a tree shaped cake.


    1. Hi Denise,

      You have to add cocoa powder to the mix. The best recipe I have seen is from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Heavenly Cake.

      Thanks! Zoë

  25. hi Zoe!

    I tried your fondant, and it’s not as difficult to make or work with as I thought it might be! I used Satin Ice and the Duff brand (very pricey at Michael’s) before and those brands are just a bit more pliable.
    I made a small cake but still have some fondant left. I will try making more to keep practicing- the price tag makes the work worth it!

    thanks so much!

  26. Hi Zoe,

    I found the culprit of my grayish fondant: my lovely organic powdered sugar! I knew that was it when my royal icing came out tinted too. After a trip to a conventional supermarket for some Domino brand, my fondant is now brilliant white!

  27. Hi Zoe,

    Thank you for your website and information. So far, your recipe is great! My 11 yr. old daughter made it tonight and it was so much easier to knead than the marshmallow fondant we made and the consistency seems just right. She made an owl fondant cake for her birthday last month (her first fondant cake) and has entered the Great Cake Bake contest on Saturday. I’m hoping your recipe will color beautifully tomorrow for her. She has had so much fun mixing it.
    We looked all over town and finally found glycerin at Hobby Lobby. We called Walmart, Kroger, CVS, Party City, Ingles, and Walgreens and they all said they didn’t carry it. We didn’t have the clear vanilla so our fondant is a tad ivory. Thats fine though since we are using bright colors for the design. (We are just starting to learn to decorate cakes after she watched an episode of the cake boss.)
    I placed a medium glass bowl in a small saucepan and after dissolving the gelatin in the water, we poured it in the glass bowl, and simmered on low. We stirred constantly, added the corn syrup, vanilla, and glycerin and turned off the stove. This was easy for my daughter and poured effortlessly into the powdered sugar. She mixed with a hand mixer and incorporated a lot of the sugar after it was so thick. At first, it was gooey on her hands but she remembered from the other fondant about the kneading process and finally worked it out.
    Thanks again!

  28. Thanks for the great tutorial!

    Help please! It tastes good, but mine is not pure white and I need the whitest white for a wedding cake. I followed every step exactly and my ingredients are all fresh. But the color is more bisque, even slightly grayish. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      What are you mixing the fondant in? It sounds like it may be reacting to it in some way to create that color. It should be pure white.

      Thanks, Zoë

  29. I followed your recipe and several hours later when I unwrapped the ball and started kneading it to be able to roll it out to cover the cake, it fell apart and crumbled to pieces. Help! What am I doing wrong?

    1. Hi Christian,

      Your fondant is obviously too dry, but before you scrap it try to microwave it. Do it in very low and small intervals so you don’t over do it. Sometimes this will allow the fondant to come together.

      I hope this helps! Zoë

  30. Hi Zoe —

    Thanks for the recipe and tutorial, however, I’ve now made this several times including last weekend for a wedding cake, and my problems in rolling it out (breaking easily) have made me question the recipe. I’ve now amended it by adding a small amount of CMC, and only now am I getting the results I have been looking for.

    The best-selling commercial brands (Satin Ice, RegalIce) include gum tragacanth and I wonder why you don’t. If you’re really able to roll and work with the recipe as written, I’d sure like to know how you do it! (Yes, I’ve made the recipe exactly as written with no substitutions, and have tried every trick in the book in working with it).


  31. Zoe,
    Today I am reading everything I can find about fondant. I had to laugh. I did not even look at the title of your blog. Then I looked at the comments and thought, hey… Zoe? And I realized it was you.
    I have spent a lot of time in your bread books. I should have known you’d do Fondant too being a pastry chef… :o)
    Thank you for the post. I can’t wait to get started. I am ready for something new.


  32. I am typically not a commentor, but felt it necessary to do so after making this recipe. I have been using a rolled fondant recipe that requires a bit of shortening. I don’t like it, and avoid it whenever possible. This recipe makes it possible! I was out of clear vanilla extract and was feeling under the weather when I made this, so I threw in powdered vanilla instead. Also, because I wasn’t feeling that great, after incorporating ingredients in mixer, I turned out onto a powdered sugar dusted surface, worked the mixture a bit with my hands, and then tossed it back in the KA mixing bowl with the dough hook and let it knead the last of the powdered sugar in for me. This worked beautifully and saved me the extra work. Thank you for posting this recipe…my new favorite rolled fondant 🙂

    1. Hi Tina,

      I am thrilled to hear you tried it and liked working with the fondant. I completely agree and love how you saved some time!

      Thanks, Zoë

  33. Hi. Im an aspiring baker, i love making cakes and cookies and everything desert wise. Ive tried the marshmallow fondant recipe before and it never came out right, it tasted wonderful but i would always fall apart on me, not a big fan of the MMfondant but i love marshmallows lol. Ive seen many variations of fondant just not sure what to try. Im wanting to open my own bakery and i know fondant is very popular. Have you ever tried adding flavor to your fondant. I once went to a baby shower that had a cake that had fondant all on it, and it was a 3 tier cake and the bottom tier had a cherry flavored fondant, the middle had a blueberry flavored, and the top was apple. I thought it was the cake that tasted like it but it was actually the fondant. I never found out how the fondant was made that way cuz her mom bought the cake for her and i could never get ahold of her to find out how to do that. Do you know how to make the fondant taste like that???

    1. Hi Samantha,

      You can certainly add extracts to the dough to flavor it. You will want to add extracts and not oils, which can break down the fondant.

      Great luck to you in your bakery!


  34. Zöe ,
    this fondant is amazing!!!!
    I was at a bakery the other day and the fondant was HORRIBLE!
    So then i tried to make my own from other websites and
    they were OK. Then i tried ur recipe. So good:) my kids are
    4 and 14 so for my 4 year olds birthday, i made a cake covered
    with the fondant — SUPER!
    Question- if i reduce the recipe will it come out the same?

    1. Hi BeccaMae,

      Oh, that is wonderful, I’m so glad you had such great results with it.

      You can reduce the recipe and I think it will work just as well. I’ve doubled it with great success.

      Thanks, Zoë

  35. Ahh I tried this recipe three times last night and each time it was a disaster I have to go and buy Wilton fondant now, I don’t know how I messed this up your directions are so clear!
    I only could find golden corn syrup would that have done it? My glycerin and gelatin mixture once mixed with it was just a stretchy, kinda solid goo that worked its way up my mixer and got tangled, it wouldn’t mix with the sugar at all. 🙁

    1. Hi Amandalynn,

      I’m sorry you are having such troubles. The only thing I can think is that you might be adding the corn syrup, glycerin and vanilla to the gelatin when it is too cold, so it is getting stringy? Is that a possibility? You want to add the corn syrup when the gelatin is just melted, but still quite warm.

      I hope that helps! Zoe

  36. Hi Zoe. I tried your recipe with a glucose syrup substitute for the corn syrup. I’d made the glucose syrup at home cause I couldn’t find any in the market right now. But the dough wasn’t really elastic. Sometimes, I’d knead hard and parts would crumble. Other parts would be sort of elastic enough to hold it together. And then I ran out of glucose syrup so I used honey! (I know, it’s pretty crazy the amount of substitution going on here) and that sort of helped, but not entirely.

    Also, I followed your instructions with the gelatin, but I never felt like it was really transparent per se. I’m puzzled about that bit.

    I know I’m doing something really wrong here. Could you help identify what it might be? This is my THIRD batch in two days and I’m going crazy!


  37. Hello Zoe,

    I have just tried to make a Silver Spoon Fondant mix and I thought it was going wrong so I threw it away. Problem is I didnt knead it, wrap it in cling film or let it rest for 12 hours. Is this where I went wrong. Need your help so bad !!!

    1. Hi Emma,

      I’ve never tried the product and am not sure what the directions are. You might want to contact the company and explain what went wrong. I’m sure they have a place on their website to ask questions???

      Great luck to you, once you get the fondant to the right consistency you will have a blast with it!


  38. Hello Zoe,

    Thanks for this recipe. I have a question about food safety. If I layer with buttercream or ganache and then leave out after applying fondant, won’t it spoil? They both have dairy in them? I don’t get how people are getting sick from wedding cakes. Thanks. Catherine

  39. Hi Zoe,

    Do you know if there is a good tasting/easy to work with fondant that is vegetarian (i.e. no gelatin)? Thanks, your cakes look gorgeous!

    1. Hi Allie,

      The thing that comes to mind is replacing the gelatin with agar-agar, but I’ve never tried it and don’t know how much to recommend. If you do it start with a small batch and do some experimenting.

      The other idea is to go with marzipan if you like the flavor of almonds, but it won’t be pure white.

      Good luck! I’ll keep looking and let you know if I come up with something further.


  40. Hi there,
    I have been testing out a few different recipes for making fondant and I am going to give yours a try. I am making my 2 soon to be 3 year old daughters cake (handy manny face) and wanted to know if you can give me some advice on how to make the bill of his hat stand up right on the cake? I will be using fondant to make it but wanted to know if it was as easy as leaving that piece to harden a bit for a few hours?

    Also,I’m assuming you cover the cake in a butter cream frosting first, would you recommend flavoring the fondant with a clear almond extract? or is that to strong of a flavor??

    1. Hi Leila,

      I just realized that I missed your question, so sorry! If you have not yet made the cake you will need to let that hat sit for several days, not hours. It will need to dry out completely or it will just collapse. You can flavor the fondant as you wish, but don’t add too much or you will change the consistency of the fondant.

      Enjoy and have fun! Zoë

  41. Hi Marie,

    I’m so excited that you tried it and had such a great experience. It really is so much fun to work with!

    Enjoy and have fun with the next cake too.


  42. I love to bake. Recently I was asked to make a birthday cake and a baby shower cake, both using fondant. I Had never used fondant, but was willing to try! I look every where for a recipe, found a few, but yours seemed to be “true”. SO I made a small test cake to see if I was going to be up to the challenge. I Was! It was perfect! I had never tasted fondant prior to makeing my simple test cake! I just wanted to say thank you Zoe for leaving this recipe up, as there are not many recipes out there for fondant nore to people really share info for free. So thank you! Happy new year!

  43. hi zoe, tried to make the fondant a few days ago. i rolled it out with cornstarch, because i thought that it may be sticky. when i rolled it out, it was great. however, after a while it started to get hard and rather crumbly. what do you think is the problem? by the way, about the gelatine, i simply heated the water in the microwave and spooned the gelatine in to dissolve it. is that ok?


  44. Hi Millicente,

    I’d try any flavor that suits the cake you are making, but make sure it is not oil based.

    Hi Supersara,

    You can half the recipe if you are only making a small cake. Just be sure to make enough that you can roll it out and have extra, that will end up getting cut off. If it is not a big enough piece you may end up trying to stretch it too thin to smooth it out.

    Enjoy, Zoë

  45. Hi Aude,

    No, I add the corn syrup after I remove the gelatin from the double boiler. I bet the lumps you saw were gelatin that wasn’t entirely dissolved?

    Thanks, Zoë

  46. Hello Zoé !
    I just see your amazing site ! I love bake as you and I have a question : do you heat your corn syrup before use it ? Because I just finish my fondant and it have little pieces of stiff corn syrup. Sorry for my English (I am french…)
    Thanks, Aude

  47. Hi Christine,

    If you want to make them ahead and use them, but don’t want them to dry out you need to wrap them well in plastic wrap. Once they dry they will be very brittle, so you need to be able to attach them in exactly the shape they are in and not try to bend them.

    So glad you gave it a try! Zoë

  48. Hi Shari,

    So sorry for the delay in answering your question. It seems as though your gelatin wasn’t fully “bloomed” before you put it on the double boiler. This is when you pour the water over the gelatin and stir it together. It should absorb all the water and get kind of rubbery, and there should be no dry gelatin left in the bowl. At that point you put it on the double boiler and it should cook for just a few minutes, before melting and turning translucent.

    If the gelatin wasn’t behaving properly it will have an effect on the consistency of your fondant. It won’t be as elastic as you want.

    Next time you make the fondant, if you think it is starting to get crumbly then stop adding the confectioner’s sugar.

    Have fun! Zoë

  49. Hello, I never worked with Fondant before however I have decorated cakes for 20+ years. I used this recipe and it was exactly as you stated..thank you…
    ONE QUESTION.. I make my little cut outs, set them aside, covered the cake with fondant, by the time I got to putting my cut outs on they crumbled and broke before getting them on the cake? Should I transfer decorations to the cake while the fondant is still soft? Thank You!

  50. Hi Zoe,

    Thank you very much for this recipe! I had a mini cake challenge with my friend for our first Fondant cake! It was great. Your website is awesome!

  51. Zoe,
    I just tried the fondant recipe today. I’m making my wedding cake at the end of august and am really nervous! I am taking a fondant class…but the wilton stuff tastes so gross and I just can’t imagine spending so much money for something that no one will eat.

    this recipe tastes really good! …but I had a few questions.

    My gelatin and water mixture never really became completely clear. It was more milky…with ribbons of clearness, if that makes sense? Timewise, how long do you typically let your gelatin mixture cook on the double boiler?

    When I first finished mixing the fondant it was sticky…but seemed to be the right consistancy. As I kneeded the powdered sugar into it though it became more and more crumbly…wouldn’t stick together. I don’t know what I did wrong. I threw it in the mixer again and added a little water. So far, so good…but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow how it turned out.

    Why do you think my fondant was so crumbly?

    I love your blog…and I’m super excited that I saw you occasionally do some baking classes (I think I saw that anyway)…I’m also from MN and would love to attend one!

  52. Hi Kelly,

    I’m not exactly sure what went on, but if your fondant is rock hard like that you can throw it in the microwave for a few seconds and soften it up. Don’t let it go too long or it will just melt.


  53. Hey Zoe,

    I tried a recipe identical to the one above except it called for 4 tablespoons of water instead of 3. I let it sit afterwards wrapped in plastic for over twelve hours (I think it was like 14 hours), and it was hard as a rock, and then when I broke it open to roll it, it crumbled everywhere. Do you know what would have caused this? Thanks and I absolutely love your car above!!!

  54. Hi Meettu,

    The fondant may have needed more if it is particularly humid. As long as it was not too dry and crumbly then I bet it is just fine.

    The reason to let it sit is to let all of the ingredients absorb into one another and become more homogenized. If you try to roll it out before letting it sit, it will not have any elasticity. It is like when you let a pie crust rest after making it, but this requires more time.

    Enjoy! Zoë

  55. hiii zoe,

    Great recipee….U have mentioed 2 pounds of sugar..but i had to use about 2.5 pounds since the fondant was sticky…..would it spoil my fondant????
    Why do they say we have to leave the fondant for 8-12 hrs???
    would the texture of the fondant change then????

  56. Hi! I just found this. I remember asking a cake decorator I met “what’s that stuff that’s like vinyl siding on cakes?” a few years ago. I’ve always wanted to try it and now I can!

  57. Hi Marcy,

    Fondant is wonderful for getting stuff done ahead of time. just store it in an airtight container. You just don’t want them getting sticky if it is humid. In the summer I also separate them with wax paper.

    Have fun! Zoë

  58. Hi Nini,

    Oh boy, I’ve never used vegetable glycerin, but I would imagine that it will behave in much the same way. Best to start with a small batch.

    Please report back when you try it.

    Thanks, Zoë

  59. I want to make stars and other things out of fondant to decorate the cake that I will also cover w/fondant. Can I make these seveal days in advance? If so, how do I store them?

  60. Hi Amy,

    It depends what kind of cake is inside the fondant. If it is something that will survive well without refrigeration, then leave it in a cool spot, covered with plastic wrap. If it has whipped cream or mousse or something that will need to be refrigerated then store it, wrapped in the refrigerator. Once a refrigerated cake comes out it may become tacky, especially if it is humid. that should go away once it comes to room temperature.

    Have fun! Zoë

  61. Hi Zoe – I’m working with fondant for the first time and would like to know how to store it once it’s on the cake. I’d like to serve it Thursday mid-morning, but need to decorate the cake on Wednesday. What do you recommend?

  62. Hi Lyndsey,

    Adding more cornsyrup may have made it too sticky. You may want to try to incorporate more powdered sugar into it if it isn’t smooth after it rests. If it feels too “dry” when you try to roll it, sometimes heating it on a very low heat in the microwave for just 15-30 seconds at a time can help make the fondant feel more cohesive.

    If when you are adding more corn syrup and powdered sugar, if you add too much you may mess with the proportions of the gelatin. One way to fix this is to make another batch and knead it all together.

    I hope this is helpful! Your cake sounds gorgeous!


  63. Hello. I took on a huge project of making a wedding cake which I’m going to cover in fondant and use a vine-design rolling mat. I’m making my own. I tried this recipe last week and it seemed too dry, so I added more corn syrup, let rest a bit more and tried to roll it. It still felt too dry but also sticky. It was odd. I went over the 2 pounds of sugar at first because it still felt so sticky. Should it feel a bit sticky before it rests? I don’t know what else it could have been! Thank you!

  64. Hi Amy,

    You can make as big a batch as your mixer will handle. My 5 1/2 quart mixer would probably do a double, but not a triple batch.

    Have fun and let me know what you make! Zoë

  65. Thank-you for the wonderful tutorial and recipe. Is it possible to double or treble the recipe, or should I make two or three separate batches for doing a large cake?


  66. Hi Bertie,

    Do you mean dogeared pages? If so I would lay several layers of the fondant on top of each other like pages and just fold up the top layer to look folded over.

    Is that what you had in mind?

    Thanks and I hope you will send me pictures!


  67. Hi zoe,

    I used cold water. I’m thinking maybe my gelatin is very concentrated. 1 small pack (around 3 tbsp.) needs 1 liter of water.

  68. Hi Tiffiny,

    That is a great question. I think you may be better off with one of the products that has more gum in it, to give it the elasticity you will need. This recipe will work, but may require more finesse! One way to do it is to warm the fondant in the microwave for just a VERY short time. It gives it more flexibility!

    Let me know how it goes! Zoë

  69. Hi Venz,

    I have a thought. This has happened to me when I have tried to bloom the gelatin with hot/warm water. Is it possible that your water wasn’t cold?


  70. Hi Venz and Stacy,

    Did you heat the gelatin over a double boiler? The heat under it should be very gentle so the gelatin dissolves slowly and without taking on any color.

    Let me know if that sounds like it might be the issue!

    Thanks, Zoë

  71. Hi zoe,

    I had the same problem as stacy. The gelatin turned outlumpy. I still mixed it anyway but I had to pick up the lumps from my dough.

  72. Hi Stacey,

    I’m so thrilled that you had such great success with the recipe. I’m so impressed that you have always made your own. 😉

    Happy baking! Zoë

  73. I made this recipe two days ago, and used it to decorate a cake last night. It worked great. The only problem I had was when I heated the gelatin and water it dissolved quickly, but never got clear, but rather was brownish in color. I think I ended up leaving it on the heat too long, and it kind of congealed in part. But it turned out great anyway. I also made the marshmallow kind, three times, and each time I got it too stiff, and it was really hard to roll out. It worked, but from now on I will stick to this recipe because it worked perfectly, easy to roll, easy to use. GREAT. P.S. I never tried Wilton’s.

  74. Thank you for such a great post. I’ve only recently started working with fondant and while I love it, it really is quite expensive. I am going to give this recipe a try. I love the step by step photos. I was curious though – how many pounds of fondant did your recipe yield?

  75. Hello, I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I am learning all the cake making and fondant things and I have people asking me to make them which is exciting but I was wondering what you thought about marshmallow fondant? And why do you use cornstarch to help it not stick? does it have a flavor? Thanks, Melisa

  76. What a fantastic step-by-step and recipe too! Thanks for the tips because I only have used the Wilton recipe. I’m not too fond of the flavour of fondant, but it sure looks pretty!

  77. Hi Emiline,

    Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you enjoy the book. Come back and tell me about the breads you are baking!

    Enjoy, Zoë

  78. Hi Barb,

    My fault I should have told you where I left the note. 😉

    I am so sorry not to have responded earlier. I did get your note and have been thinking about the answer! We are working on a new book about whole grains and healthy breads. In that book we are considering adding a recipe using sprouted grains. I too love these breads and am excited to play with it more! We’ll keep you posted as that is developed.

    Thank you so much for your note and for your enthusiasm. It is wonderful that you have been sharing the book with so many people!

    Happy Baking!


  79. Awww Zoe,

    I am SO sorry, I’m NOT trying to be a pain, but I can’t see where you answered me, and I left a comment at the artisan site too. I am SO SO sorry – what am I missing?

    If email would work better my email is lalalime{at}hotmail{dot}com


  80. Hi Natalie,

    You do need to let the dough rest for 12 hours so that everything can become a nice smooth and pliable ball.

    I actually let mine sit for nearly a week and it got a touch dry, so I just put it back in the mixer and added a teaspoon of corn syrup and it was good to go again!

    Have fun. I will be posting my finished cake tonight!

    Thanks, Zoë

  81. Just made the fondant- definitely a very sticky project! The step-by-step instructions were great. Quick question: Does the fondant have to rest for 12 hours or can you use it sooner?

  82. I love this! Have been using Pettinice which has worked well, but like the idea of making it myself, and controlling the ingredients. The only other homemade recipe I’ve seen uses a bag of marshmallows, which sort of defeats the purpose.

  83. Hi Giz,

    Those shows are both inspiring and intimidating. They are doing really fabulous and complicated things that we mere mortals don’t have the equipment to pull off. 😉 But playing with fondant is easy!

    Have fun! Zoë

  84. Hi Sandie,

    Fondant is so much fun to work with. If you’ve never tried it before you may want to start with a commercial product that has way more “gum” to it. It is much more pliable and easier to handle. Once you get the feel then switch to one that tastes better! You’ll be hooked.

    Thanks! Zoë

  85. The tutorial is wonderful – it really makes it seem a whole lot easier than I thought – of course I’m watching way too much competitive cake decorating on the Food TV network

  86. Loving your series on fondant. I’ve always wanted to work with fondant, but never had the need, cause, or opportunity, only the desire. These posts are pushing me one step closer to just going for it!

  87. Hi Vera,

    I’m with you on the Wilton Fondant. It is wonderful to work with for beginners, but you have to peel it off because it tastes awful!

    Thanks, Zoë

  88. Hi Sam,

    I can’t believe you didn’t mention that my name means “life” in Greek. As if I could get to the age of 40 without knowing that. People tell me that all the time and you, who are an authority on all things Greek, didn’t mention it! I so appreciate that! LOL 😉

    Best, LIFE

  89. Hi all thanks for the great notes! Hope you will try your hand at the fondant and even make a mini!

    Brilynn, the fondant will last for a long time as long as it is wrapped really well and NOT refrigerated. I’d say at least a week, if not two. Nothing in it to go bad, it will just dry out if it isn’t wrapped really well.

    It will cover a 9″ cake and I rolled it out about 1/8″ thick. As you stretch it you will thin it out so don’t go too thin.

    Some people like the flavor, but most of my clients end up peeling off fondant as well. It is mostly the look they are going for. I always cover the cake in either buttercream or ganache first.

    Wow Robin, that NPR piece is really old, I didn’t even know it was still available. That is really cool. Thanks.

    Enjoy! Zoë

  90. Thank you zoe and jeff. I too had the love for good pheasant breads. I am now baking breads the way my norwegian grandmother did.

    I use a cast iron pot with lid that I preheat when I heat up the oven. I just plot it in the pot and return the lid and place in oven. I do not use water. I received the same results, a great crackling sound, crusty crust and chewy bread.

    Thanks again for all you work


  91. Hi Zoe,

    I just purchased your Artisan Bread in 5 cookbook. I RARELY buy books, as we have an amazing library where we live, but HAD to have your book. I listened to the podcast on PRI’s The Splendid Table, made your recipe, now I’m HOOKED!

    I’ve blogged the podcast, did not realize you had websites, blogsites too, so am going to give you another day of fame here soon!

    I have some ideas about the artisan breads too – will share at some point with you too!

    SUBSCRIBED to your blog and website – amazing! You’re turning me into a true ‘foodie’

    Q. I’ve been ‘sprouting’ – alfalfa sprouts so far {they are NOTHING like what you buy in the store I’ve discovered – sooo crunchy and fresh!} but next want to sprout some wheat, sunflowers etc. Have you ever adapted the 5 min breads for ‘sprouted’ breads like I see in the stores?


  92. Such an informative post… I have never worked with fondant. My sister took a class and made some amazing creations with her new skills. One of these days I will try my hands at it.:-)

  93. Thanks for the tutorial, I’ve wanted to make my own fondant for a while now. How long will it keep wrapped tightly? And how much do you usually use for a cake? And how thinly can it be rolled?

    Last time I made a cake covered with fondant the exterior looked pretty but was basically inedible and we just peeled it off to eat the cake inside.

  94. I keep oogling pretty cakes and cupcakes with fondant on the web lately. I’m going to have to try my hand at it soon.

    By the way, since I’ve been laid up on the couch lately, I’ve been re-listening to all my Splendid Table CD’s and I heard you piece yesterday. What fun! You sounded fantastic! 🙂

  95. Fondant is definitely a beast of its own and I think people have too high expectations when they try it, like it is going to be like buttercream. Without being quite as delicate some are actually very good!! Love your recipe and your step by step pictures. Excellent tutorial!

  96. Aw how cute is that Mini cake! How mini was it anyway? 😀

    By the way, I’m loving this buildup to the final reveal of your blog-iversary cake!

  97. Hi all,

    It still tastes like SUGAR unless you flavor it, but it is much nicer than many that I’ve bought on the market and the texture is very nice.



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