Honey Whiskey Apple Cake

Honey Whiskey Apple Cake | ZoeBakes 05

I think the title says everything necessary to make you want to bake this simply gorgeous cake. I really can’t take any credit for this beauty, I snatched the recipe from my friend Jamie over at Life’s a Feast for tonight’s Rosh Hashana celebration. I just added some apples, because I never show up to Rosh Hashana without an apple cake. I’m sure it is just as good without them, but we’re right smack in the middle of apple harvest, so why not.

Happy New Year to those who are celebrating today and a very wonderful apple season to those who will make this cake just because it is irresistible. 

Bundt pan 01

Honey Whiskey Bundt Cake from Life’s a Feast – I followed the directions exactly, but I added 2 small apples to the mix after I peeled, cored and diced them.

I highly suggest you butter and flour the pan so that you get the cleanest lines from your Bundt Pan.

Honey Whiskey Apple Cake | ZoeBakes 01

Just fold the apples in with the nuts if you decide to use them.

Honey Whiskey Apple Cake | ZoeBakes 02

Let the cake cool slightly in the pan before removing so it won’t crack.

Honey Whiskey Apple Cake | ZoeBakes 03


Honey Whiskey Apple Cake | ZoeBakes 04

While the cake is still slightly warm brush with the glaze so it will soak into the cake. I left about 1/4 of the glaze to brush on right before serving.

Honey Whiskey Apple Cake | ZoeBakes 06


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