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by zoe on December 8, 2007 · 2 comments  |  Print Email this to a friend

About a month ago Rick Nelson from the Star Tribune came over to talk bread and sample some of the recipes in the book. We baked up a storm, ate lunch and he left full (and we hoped convinced). His article came out this week and he had some wonderful things to say. “…If holiday gift-givers are aiming to buy one new cookbook title for the bakers in their lives, they should look no further than the remarkable Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day… Hertzberg and Francois should have called their burst of genius “Breadmaking for Dummies” — that’s how user-friendly it is… their master recipe is wildly flexible, generously adapting to a wide range of breads, pizzas, flatbreads and pastries.” Rick Nelson’s article.

Rick invited the videographer from the Star Tribune, Jenni Pinkley to join us and she made a video of Jeff and me mixing, shaping and baking the Master recipe. See video. She did a wonderful job capturing just how easy our method is and she kindly edited out all of the goofy antics that went on between takes. It really was great fun!

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