The Absolute Best Coconut “Haystack” Macaroons (3 desserts for Passover!) – Giveaway OVER!

Coconut Macaroon Recipe | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

Passover is coming up soon and there are a few desserts that are ubiquitous for this holiday. Coconut macaroons, “fruit slices” and caramel covered matzo are my favorites. All of them can be found wrapped tight in the “kosher” section of the grocery stores, usually sealed to sit there for months, if not years. When you peal the plastic off you are left with overly sweet, dense and utterly flavorless versions of these wonderful treats. So I make my own! None of them are particularly complicated and after making them yourself you will be forever ruined to the Manischewitz versions.

In this post you will find my recipe for Coconut “Haystack” Macaroons, plus links to three different Fruit Jellies and Read More