Apple Dutch Baby

This delightful apple Dutch baby (also known as a German pancake) is a perfect way to start a weekend morning. It is incredibly easy and requires just a few ingredients that I’m certain you have in your pantry already. Top it off with some caramelized apples and you have yourself decadent breakfast or brunch item in no time at all.

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19 Delicious Apple Desserts

Host Zoe Francois picks apples at Sweetland Orchard, as seen on Zoe Bakes.

Apple desserts are a staple of fall and winter baking. And if you have the opportunity, go pick your own apples! I happen to be very lucky because I live in Minnesota where the state fruit is the Honeycrisp apple, a delicious variety developed by the University of Minnesota, and where 29 other varieties have been released by the U of M since 1888 when the apple breeding program began.

It’s a wonderful feeling to learn about different types of apples, pick your own and then head home to make some apple desserts with your bounty.

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What could be better than picking your own apples and then using your bounty to make pies, cakes, crisps and applesauce?

In my new Magnolia Network show, Zoë Bakes, I had the privilege of heading about 40 minutes south of the Twin Cities to Sweetland Orchard where there are 5,000 apple trees and 100 apple varieties. Sweetland owner Gretchen Perbix showed me and my friend Stephanie March around the stunning apple orchard where we learned about new apple varieties and tasted some of Gretchen’s hard cider. It was a blast! I just love meeting the amazing people in our food community in Minneapolis.

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Apple-Cider Bundt Cake with Honey Glaze

With its perfectly moist texture, soft crumb and depth of apple flavor, this apple-cider bundt cake is perfect for any occasion. I like to use a variety of apples in this cake such as Honey Gold, MacIntosh, Haralson and Prairie Spy. Drizzle with a simple honey-cider glaze and serve.

Apple-Cider Bundt Cake with Honey Glaze on a white platter.

I grew up in New England and the apples from my childhood were MacIntosh. They are deliciously tart and have a soft flesh that practically turns to applesauce on a hot day. It wasn’t until I moved to Minneapolis that my apple horizons were broadened and now I am spoiled by the riches of so many local varieties of apples.

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