6 Healthy(ish) Desserts

A crate of apples, ready to be added to healthy desserts!

Let’s face it, I didn’t start baking to focus on health foods. I love the richness, sweetness and decadence of a balanced dessert recipe. If you are on a search for some better-for-you recipes, these healthy desserts (featuring lots of fruit!) will do the trick.

Looking for more moderation? Check out my Small Portions episode of Season 3 (episode 5) of Zoë Bakes.

6 Healthy Desserts

Breakfast Cookies are the answer when you need a healthy breakfast but you're running out the door! Make these ahead of time and you won't need to skip the most important meal of the day.
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Sorbet is a light and fruity dessert. You can choose the flavor combination you like best, and while it's high in sugar, you can serve a small bite to cut down and focus on the fruity flavor.
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Whenever I bake this homemade granola the smell brings me back to my childhood living on a commune in Vermont. It's so delicious, I can't wait for you to try it!
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These tender and succulent poached pears are perfect with ice cream or sorbet. The pears are simple to make and beautifully absorb the poaching flavors of red wine and pomegranate.
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This wonderful recipe features aquafaba instead of whipped cream to create a lighter version of a creamy layer. This is a vegan recipe that has all the flavor of a mousse filled with dairy.
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You don’t have to be on a Paleo diet to love these honey sweetened stuffed apples. Packed with nuts and cinnamon, they are a light and tasty dessert that are like an apple pie filling that feels like you're eating a healthy snack.
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  1. Like your breakfast cookie recipe but I try to make some of your recipes and half them when I can. I use Splenda brown sugar a lot and do recipes have been good.

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