Mother’s Day Desserts

How do you choose the perfect Mother’s Day dessert? You need to know what mom loves, of course, but I think you also need something beautiful and sophisticated. For me, something with meringue is perfect, but every mom loves something a little different. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Mother’s Day desserts, which hit all kinds of flavor profiles with the beauty and sophistication moms deserve in recipes that are pretty simple to make.

And if your mom loves to bake, cakes in particular, you could always give her the gift of baking together with my new book, Zoë Bakes Cakes, where I dive deep on everything cake—loaves, layers, bundts, and everything that goes with them.

Blood Orange Creamsicle Semifreddo | Mother's Day Desserts | ZoeBakes


Mother's Day Desserts

5 thoughts to “Mother’s Day Desserts”

  1. I love to bake, and your Strawberry Rhubarb pie is amazing. Best pie crust ever!

    Will try some more your recipes. UNIQUE!!!

  2. They are sound delish!. My favorite is the Chocolate Bundt with White Chocolate-Raspberry Cream. Hope to make soon!

    1. So glad to hear you enjoyed the first episode! 10 more episodes are coming later this summer. We will be sure to announce it to Zoe’s email list and on social media!

      1. Happy to hear more is coming form Zoë! Excited to start learning from her book and see examples on tv too.

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