Easter Dessert Recipes

Especially here in Minnesota, Easter is one of those first milestones of spring. By this time of year we are getting some warmer weather, and that makes it a great time to make colorful and floral desserts. Below is a list of some of my favorite Easter desserts that you can make for the holiday, or on any of those nice spring days.

Easter Desserts


3 thoughts to “Easter Dessert Recipes”

  1. I love dessert and cake and really happy to come across this site of yours as I was searching for some dessert recipe so that I try making it myself at home. This weekend I will surely try making easter cheesecake. Thank you for sharing these recipes.

  2. so many wonderful desserts to choose from, have to go with the ultimate carrot cake first, too creative too ignore and also just love carrot cake, thank you for all of them

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