My new Bread Baking Class on Craftsy!

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I am super excited to announce my new Craftsy bread baking video class. We’ve made a video of the most popular breads from our books with lots of tips and techniques for getting a professional loaf every time you bake with very little time or effort! It is the perfect companion to all of our books. In the video I’ll use a single dough to create the various breads, but the techniques are useful for all the doughs from any of our books.

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To see some pictures from my video shoot in Denver and to get 50% off the Craftsy video, visit my bread site!

3 thoughts to “My new Bread Baking Class on Craftsy!”

  1. Hi,

    I’m very interested to sign up for the craftsy class. But I’m not sure, if the class works for me. My question:

    I live in Switzerland (Europe) and it seems american flour can take up more water than european flour – on different european blogs I read that the dough made on base of your recipes (in your books) becomes to liquid. Do you in the craftsy class give informations how to adapt the liquid to the european quality flour so that the dough will become well – I’m an absolutely beginner on baking bread, so I have no experience how a dough should look like and feel. For that reason for me is important to have a good recipe so that I do not fail.

    And second question: the recipes in the Crafts class – are they given only in cups or also metric?

    Thanks, Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara,

      Thanks for your interest in the class. I have many students from Europe and they are baking gorgeous breads. There may be some adjustments in the amount of water you need to use, but we can figure that out easily.

      Thanks and I look forward to seeing the breads you bake! Zoë

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