Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream Cake | ZoeBakes

For those who have been visiting me for a while on ZoeBakes, you may remember my first Ice Cream Cake post; a dedication to my two brothers. Well, almost 4 years later and I’m still making them ice cream cakes for their birthdays, some traditions are just worth repeating. This cake was done in exactly the same way, but the ice cream flavors are different and I added a layer of sorbet. This cake couldn’t be easier or tastier, and it’s well suited to the little boys my brothers were when I started this tradition and for the great men they have become. 

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Follow the directions for the outrageously decadent brownie and how to assemble the cake here.  Don’t be tempted to bake the brownies any thicker or the cake becomes difficult to cut. I learned this the hard way!

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Pick any ice cream and/or sorbet you like. The higher quality (Ben&Jerry’s is a good example) tend to freeze harder and make it easier to cut the cake. Soft ice cream tends to want to mush out the sides. I learned this the hard way too! You can also make your own Ice Cream and Sorbet, but leave yourself extra time. I used Pistachio and Salted Caramel for the first two layers and then topped it with the bright red raspberry sorbet.

ice cream cake zb 03

You can use a springform pan or a cake ring. If your cake layers go beyond the top, you can use this clever plastic band or double up foil and create a collar around the mold.

Make sure you give the assembled cake at least 12 hours to freeze, to make sure all the ice cream is solid. You guessed it, I learned this the hard way. Not a cake to assemble just a few hours before the party.

Ice Cream Cake | ZoeBakes


And it would make a great Father’s Day dessert.