Photo Shoot for a New Book!

Bread Book

For the past year Jeff and I have been busy working on a new bread book. The details of the project are all very hush, hush for the moment, (publisher’s orders), but I wanted to give you a glimpse into our recent photo shoot. It took a month of planning and a team of extraordinary people to pull off the week long extravaganza. 

Stephen Scott Gross Photographer

Our team consisted of a photographer (Stephen Gross), who was willing to go to great lengths to create the shots we wanted, including climbing out a third floor window to shoot on the rooftop below. The beauty of his pictures takes my breath away, but beyond that, he got into the spirit of our books and captured the joy we feel when we’re baking.

Kayla Pieper

His assistant (Kayla Pieper) was able to stand on one foot, while balancing scrims on her head, for what seemed hours at a time, always with a smile. She has an eye for style and managed to keep the whole operation running smoothly, which was quite a task.

The props were sourced by a stylist (Veronica Smith) who found objects, dyed cloth, made mustard and carried tables, sheets of slate and a wheelbarrow up 3 flights of stairs.

Sarah Kieffer

(photo by Stephen Gross)

Then there was the bread, which all had to be baked fresh and at the very last minute. Luckily, it only takes 5 Minutes a Day, but given the crazy schedule we planned, Jeff and I could never have cranked it out fast enough without the nibble nimble hands of our friend and fellow MN Food Blogger (Sarah Kieffer). She not only baked gorgeous breads, but made me laugh, which was invaluable during a week like this.

Andrea Holton

(photo by Stephen Gross)

The makeup artist whose magic touch gave the illusion that I was well rested, which I was not. She also dared to deal with my hair, which takes tremendous guts and talent!

Jeff Hertzberg

(photo by Stephen Gross)

Thanks to my partner in all things bread (Jeff Hertzberg), who revealed yet another skill this week and tried to teach me to juggle.

Lastly, I want to thank my husband (Graham) who built us a temporary kitchen to shoot in, helped carry countless props, chased down a squirrel who got on the set, and kept our kids fed and on schedule all week. It truly takes a village to pull off a project like this and I feel so lucky and honored to have worked with all of them.

Now that the dust of the photo shoot is settling, I am headed into a kitchen remodel. Next week they start to rip out the old and sculpt the new. As you may have guessed, I am not fond of a dull moment. I’ll keep you posted on my kitchen progress as the crew begins. Luckily, my new house has 3 kitchens (only I am crazy enough to convert an apartment building into a house), but it means I can still bake and blog while they gut the kitchen.

For many more pictures of the photo shoot please visit Once we get the word we’ll share all kinds of details about the new bread book project!

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13 thoughts to “Photo Shoot for a New Book!”

  1. If that is your new house I am jealous. I know it will be a lot of work but well worth it, (I love to remodel old houses, such charm). Love that balcony, it is lovely.

  2. I hope you figure a way to make no-knead Chinese Steambuns and soup dumplings. I love dimsum but there’s just too much pork! If I could make some stuff at home I could make them vegetarian.

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