I’m Making Cheesecake on the Cooking Channel this Saturday!

Kelsey Nixon and Zoe Francois

On a lark I entered my Chocolate Glazed Praline Cheesecake in a Cooking Channel contest and WON. Oh my, what an adventure. It meant a trip to NYC, an appearance on The Cooking Channel’s Kelsey Nixon Show, a tour of the Food Network Kitchens and an excuse to eat my way across NYC. All of that happened in February and the segment we taped is airing this Saturday 6/30 on the Cooking Channel. I hope you will tune in and see my cheesecake on TV.

As if that wasn’t enough I also met one of my baking/writing/career/life mentors, Dorie Greenspan…

Here is the Chocolate Glazed Praline Cheesecake that won me a spot on the show.

Kelsey Nixon and Zoe Francois

Kelsey Nixon may be the sweetest person on television. I went onto the set as nervous as could be, but she was so genuine and warm that I quickly felt like we were just baking together in my own kitchen, despite a TV crew of 30+ people. It was all so fun and went by much too quickly.

(The hazelnut garnish started to twist and curl with the heat of the lighting. This is one best kept for winter, the summer months are tough on sugar garnishes.)

Zoe Francois Food Network Kitchen

Here is the very talented kitchen staff who helped make my cheesecake look so gorgeous on TV.

Zoe Francois

After we taped the show I got to take a tour of the Food Network Studios and kitchens.

Artisan Bread in Food Network Library

I found a copy of my book on the shelves of the Food Network Library. Ok, that was pretty cool, and the pages were dog eared, which I like to think means someone over there is reading it.

Dorie Greenspan and Zoe Francois

As it turned out the show was being taped the very same week Dorie Greenspan had her cookie pop up in Manhattan. I think the look on my face speaks to how thrilled I was to meet her. I have been in love with Dorie’s work since I first baked my way through Baking with Julia, then Desserts by Pierre Herme, and all of the others leading up to Baking: From My Home to Yours. She is as charming and graceful as she is talented. I came away from meeting her beaming with joy and carrying a box of delicious…

Dorie Greenspan

shortbread cookies from Dorie’s cookie Pop-up Cookie Bar and some other pastries I picked up along my way across NYC.


And doughnuts.


After a completely full few days of excitement and stuffing my face with pastries, I stopped with my mom (who is a source of constant inspiration/love/joy in my life) for a few slices of pie for breakfast in Brooklyn on the way to the airport.