Bread-on-a-Stick at the MN State FAIR

Bread-On-A-Stick | ZoëBakes | Photo by Zoë François

The MN State FAIR opens tomorrow and the annual food-on-a-stick showdown begins. Not to be left out of all the fun, Jeff and I will be presenting our bread methods and introducing our latest and greatest achievement; Bread-on-a-Stick. This Thursday and Friday at 5:00pm in the Creative Activities Building at the St. Agnes Kitchen, We will be demonstrating how to make these cinnamon rolls and other savory breads-on-a-stick. I’ve included the technique below for anyone who does not have the great fortune of living in MN or the ability to join us at the Fair.

For those of you who can make it to the FAIR, Jeff and I have put together a Gift Bucket Giveaway, to be raffled off at the St. Agnes Kitchen. It will contain a 6 Quart Cambro Bucket, Mixing Spoon and a signed copy of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Even though Jeff and I will only be there for the first two days, the Gift Bucket Giveaway raffle will be there for the entire FAIR. Just stop by the St. Agnes Kitchen and fill out a ticket. We will draw the name of the winner on the last day of the FAIR.

Because some of you are not able to be at the FAIR, we will also be randomly selecting someone’s comment from this post and sending them a signed copy of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Just leave a comment below or at and you could win a book. We will select a winner on September 2nd.

Please visit my other website dedicated to the book to find the full instructions for making the mini cinnamon rolls-on-a-stick:

Thanks! Zoë

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  1. Zoe,
    The rolls are great, we live near the fairgrounds so we will be there, but unable to attend your demonstration since 5:00 p.m. is the worst time of day for my son, a toddler. I’ll be sure to stop by and fill out a ticket.

  2. Cinnamon rolls are always amazing as is, but since I hear that food on a stick is supposed to be the best, I can only imagine how delicious these are!

  3. Yeah Mary,

    Great idea, why didn’t I think of that. I was so focused on the FAIR it never occurred to me that I could use them for other occasions!

    Alissa, have fun at the fair with your toddler. I remember doing that with my little ones.

    Thanks everyone, Zoë

  4. I love the idea of Bread on a Stick. It makes eating messy things so much nicer for the little ones. Oh and us big sloppy one too! Have fun at the fair, I love fairs! Looking forward to more of your creative recipes.

  5. Dough doesn’t need to rise after being placed in the mini-muffin tin? Fab! I know a 6-1/2 year old who will love these! She’ll really dig the stick idea. Thanks.

  6. State fair! Cinnamon roll on a stick! It doesn’t get much better than that. Have a great time at the fair and thanks for the inspiration.

  7. The rolls on a stick look wonderful. I’m hoping to stop by the fair, and I’m really looking forward to taking your classes at Byerly’s and Cooks of Crocus Hill in September and November.

  8. Hi Carol,

    I look forward to meeting you. So glad you will be in our classes. Be sure to say HI if you make it to the FAIR today!

    Thanks, Zoë

  9. Great idea! I’ll have to go read the detailed instructions. Sorry I won’t be able to meet you and Jeff, but the earliest we can get to the Fair is Labor Day weekend. But I’ll have to stop by for the Raffle.

  10. Will you be posting instructions for these clever little treats? Or did I miss them?

    We are in peach and plum heaven here in northern Indiana — pies, jams, tarts. My twelve year-old made her first pie this week and it was scrumptious! I am so proud of her, especially considering that I did not make a successful pie from scratch until I was around thirty-eight. We’ve all agreed that she should make at least one a week in order to properly master the recipe 😉

  11. Hi Elizabeth,

    I agree, this is a skill she needs to put to good use on a regular basis.

    I did have them posted on this site, but have moved the instructions to my other website dedicated to the book. Sorry for the confusion. You can find them at

    Enjoy the rolls and the pies!

    Thanks, Zoë

  12. I just started reading your blog after following the link from I have enjoyed your recipes thus far. At the Iowa State Fair this year our new “on-a-stick” items where Salad on-a-stick, and Fried Pineapple on-a-stick. I think yours looks much better! 😉

  13. Love this idea! Much to my great dismay I am on a wheat free regiment due to health issues. It is killing me! My kids have asked why we haven’t had any Zoe bread recently. We are all suffering.

  14. Hi Courtney,

    I’m so sorry to hear that. Don’t despair we are working on some Gluten Free recipes for the upcoming book.

    Thanks! Zoë

  15. Wow, I’ve never thought of cinnamon rolls on a stick. My kids would love that. There’s a local restaurant here that makes huge breadsticks on a dowel and they definitely are the best breadsticks around. I’ll have to try these!

  16. yeah, i’ll toss my hat in for a free book. especially if it is signed by the uber-fab-fab-fabulous zoe francois!

    jeff? ok, sure…

  17. I’ll admit, it’s the signed book give-away that got me to this comment box. But it’s a perfect time to tell you that my 2 year-old son and I LOVE to keep up with the gorgeous creations on your website. Kudos to the chef and the photographer! (Zoe, are you the photographer, too?)

  18. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the wonderful comments, enjoy the sticky buns.

    Char, so glad you and your 2 year-old are perusing the site. It is a great sign for the future if he is already that interested in food! 😉

    I do take all the pictures. I just got a new camera that I’m just trying to figure out.

    Thanks!!! Zoë

  19. The buns on a stick are so cute!The kids would love these at next Sunday’s family reunion. Great idea! Steph

  20. food on a stick = great, cinnamon rolls = great, so by the distributive property (or whatever….) cinnamon rolls on a stick = great squared!

  21. Hi Zoe!

    What a great idea!…Of course you would think of it! All of us bread lovers appreciate you so much! Thank you for being you!


  22. Yum! They are so cute. I love mini food! And eating with toothpicks/skewers. It just makes it fun. This is a fun idea!

  23. Must. make. it. to. the. fair! I NEED those yummy looking cinnamon rolls on a stick. Kudos to you for all your hard work. The accolades are well deserved.
    I’m on my 5th recipe from your book as we speak!

  24. Oh my gosh, you’re *that* ZOE?!? How cool, I came here from the Daring Bakers site, not even knowing. I love the ABi5M book, have had it out on loan waaay too long from the library…

    Bread on a stick is a whole heck of a lot more palatable than most things that end up on them. I’ll have to use that the next time I play hostess!

  25. Hi Gina,

    I’m so glad you are enjoying the book.

    Did you make the eclairs in the last round of Daring Bakers? I’m in the midst of writing another book and haven’t been able to participate in the challenges. Sigh! If you did, I’d love a link to your site so we can see your work.

    Thanks, Zoë

  26. Love the idea of buns on a stick! Heard they were going to have a another new “food on a stick” item this year – chocolate covered bacon! Wonder how that was?

  27. I love your book and would be thrilled to get a signed copy of the book!!!

    I’ve introduced many of my friends to your bread and your book – and several of them are hooked on the bread and the book just like me!!

    I can’t wait for your second book to be published!


  28. This is such a brilliant idea, and opens up all sorts of lovely possibilities for my favourite sweet breads on a stick – or special savoury breads too. I can see this becoming a favourite at our family gatherings, starting with Father’s Day. Thanks for such a brilliant concept, Zoe! (And inspirational photography too! I’ll have to photograph my first attempt this weekend, I think!)

    Courtney, it might be worth asking if you can have 100% spelt. It does contain gluten, but can usually be tolerated by people who are allergic to wheat itself. I do a lot of cooking with spelt and most breads can happily be made by directly substituting spelt for wheat. It’s worth asking about as if it’s OK, it will make life and eating so much easier while you’re wheat free!

  29. Zoe – great idea. They are so cute and look delicious! Love your site – I just finished culinary school and check in on what you are doing at least once a week. I am so impressed that you manage to keep this going…taks real dedication! Thanks, Kara

  30. Hello

    I am wondering if you give out your recipe for the mini cinnamon rolls.
    They look so charming. I like being able to offer friends a selection of sweets and the bite size treats are the best.

    Thank You

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