Claudia’s Cake! part 2 fondant flowers

fondant decor

Thank you all for the lovely comments on Claudia’s cake. It was so much fun to make. Now I will show you how to make the flowers. I used rolled fondant, but you can also use pastillage/gum paste, which will dry faster and harder. They are used in exactly the same way, but the pastillage/gum paste can be rolled much thinner and will hold up better.

What you will need:

Wilton Pure White Rolled Fondant, 24oz (Wilton is easy to work with, but you DO NOT want to eat it. I only use this if the person I’m making the cake for intends to peel off the fondant. Yes, you just peel the entire layer of fondant off and reveal some delicious icing underneath. I’m suggesting you start with Wilton’s product just because it is so easy to use.) or Gum Paste Mix.

Food Color Soft Gel Paste (Use the gels, not the water based kind you get at the grocery store.)

Food Service Grade Disposable Latex Glove (This will protect your hands from the food coloring.)

Heavy Gauge Clear Vinyl (This is the clear sheet that I roll out the fondant on. Nothing sticks to it and you can lift it up easily and move it around. you can also use a Roll’Pat Pastry Mat, but it is much more expensive.)

Rolling Pin


Corn Starch

Ball Tool (This is what you use to give the flowers some dimension, so they are flat)

Cake Decorating Student Kit – Fondant & Gum Paste (A good set that has most of the tools that you will need.)

Fondant Shaping Foam (this allows you to use the ball tool to create dimension to the flowers.)

Flower Former Set (This is what you use to dry the flowers in so they don’t just lie flat.)

101-Piece Tool and Caddy Cake Decorating Set (This is the set that has everything for anything. Only for those of us that need every decorating toy known to man!)

Metallic Luster Dust (For painting the flowers and giving them a great sheen.)

Dragees (They come in all different sizes and colors. The big ones are great for borders, the medium size for finishing flowers and the tiny ones coated the “C” on top of the cake. I wouldn’t eat them as breakfast cereal, but they are edible when consumed in small amounts. They are VERY hard so watch your teeth.)

fondant decor

I started with a plan, not that I followed it to the letter, but it helped me figure out shapes, colors and patterns. I then mixed the fondant with the colors to make my flowers.

fondant decor

Using one packet at a time I rolled out the fondant on the vinyl mat. Keeping the other colors well wrapped in plastic.

fondant decor

For the circles on the cake I used round biscuit/cookie cutters.

fondant decor

Then I painted the circles with non-toxic silver Metallic Luster Dust.

fondant decor

Roll out the other colors and use cookie cutters to make the shape flowers that you want.

fondant decor

Using a Fondant Shaping Foam and a Ball Tool you will create the shape of the petals.

fondant decor

Gently rub the Ball Tool over the petals and they will curl up on their own. If the tool is sticking then dip the ball in corn starch. When the flower is the shape you want lay it in the curved Flower Former to dry.

fondant decor

Continue with the rest of the fondant/gum paste until all of the shapes are formed. Allow them to dry before assembling the flowers.

fondant decor

Using royal icing glue the different shaped flowers together to form your own creations. I also used silver and pearl Dragees to add some sparkle in the middle.

fondant decor

I used rolled balls of fondant and dragees for the border between the two layers of cake. Then I used the royal icing to glue the circles and flowers onto the cake.

fondant decor

To create the “C” for Claudia I made a cardboard template that I laid out on a sheet of gum paste (because it is stronger and more durable than fondant) and I cut it out with an Xacto Razor Knife. I then painted a thin layer of the royal icing on the “C” and glued on the tiny silver dragees. I let this dry overnight.

fondant decor

I used lots of Royal icing to attach it to a dowel that would slide into the top of the cake.

claudia’s cake

After you have rolled out the fondant, covered your cake layers and stacked the cake then you are ready to use the flowers we just made!