Come Get Your Hands in a Bucket of Dough!

bret’s table

(Bret, Suvir Saran, Me and some of the wonderful students at the last class we taught at Bret’s Table)

Come to Bret’s Table on June 11th and roll your sleeves up. We’ll be making dough and baking bread. It is a wonderfully intimate kitchen, decked out with great equipment and a glass of wine. Bring your ideas and questions and we’ll tailor the night to what you want to learn. This is the beauty of a class with only 10 students. If you bring your own 6 quart bucket you can fill it with dough to bring home and continue baking.

Here are just a few of the things we will be making: Pan d’Epi, Brioche a Tete, Danish Braids and Grilled Flat Bread. We’ll also make some Panzanella Salad and finish with a bread pudding.

To sign up go to Hope to see you there!


ps Bret and I will be baking on KARE11 Showcase Minnesota tomorrow morning with Corbin Seitz at 10:15am.

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6 thoughts to “Come Get Your Hands in a Bucket of Dough!”

  1. Zoe – I so wish I could attend this!

    I was just coming here to look for something anyway! It would be a perfect question to get answered at the class, but since I can’t come, maybe you could answer it here. I’ve been working on making a baguette for the last day or so. I’m on my 3rd one, and for some reason they keep flattening out. I have them about 2″ wide when I set it to rest, but by the time it is baked, it’s closer to 4″. My guess is that if I want to keep it from flattening, I’m going to need to get a baguette pan? They look good, and taste great, but they just don’t look quite right! Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    I’m sorry you can’t join us it will be a wonderful evening!

    How long are you letting your dough rise before baking? It may be that the dough is over proofed, but you would have to let it rise for over an hour for that to happen.

    Your dough may also be a touch wet to keep its shape. In which case the baguette pans may be a great solution.

    Here is a post I did on forming the baguette that may be helpful.

    Thanks, Zoë

  3. Thank you, Zoe! I didn’t know you had another blog!! Cool! Another one to add to my daily checklist!

    I’ve been letting the baguette rise approx. 20 minutes. I will defintely try your method of shaping it next time. I’ve just been trying to stretch and roll it so far, so mabye that’s part of the problem. The air bubbles have been amazing though! Yum!

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Try the shaping and see if that does it, otherwise it must be the dough is slack and wants to spread. A wet dough will produce the best crumb, but it is hard to keep it from spreading.

    let me know how it goes!


  5. Zoe:

    Love your book…and, love all the bread. Please help me with the 100% whole wheat bread. We coarsely ground our wheat for the recipe…and, the bread was great tasting…but, very little rise. Why>? Did we grind it too coarse? Is that the trouble. I know my yeast is good. I’d love some help with this

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