Making Brioche for the Inn

“I read the NYT article, made my first batch, and immediately got the book. What a really great concept – that works so very well. I am the breakfast chef at an inn in Vermont and the brioche dough is really simple, versatile and delicious (to say nothing of being a time saver).

I have a lot (too many) bread books, have been a recipe tester for a food writer and can honestly say that with all the experience I have, yours is going to be my go to book.

Thank you both for writing it.” Gale

Gale, this note is like music to my ears. I hear what you are saying and wish I had this recipe when I was working in restaurants and making brioche. It was the most finicky and time consuming bread we baked. When I developed the Brioche recipe for the book I thought back on all those early mornings in the kitchen and wished we had written the book ten years ago.
Next summer when I am in Vermont I would love to come for breakfast! Will you share the name of your Inn with us?

Thank you! Zoë

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