Why is peeling a boiled egg so HARD???

eggs fresh from the farm

This morning my 8 year old son asked me for hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Nothing fancy, just a few whole eggs topped with salt and pepper. I went to the CIA, so this request should have seemed like a walk in the park, right? Let me start by telling you about the eggs. My husband works by a small farm which is tucked into the sprawl of suburbia. They sell wonderfully fresh organic eggs, which have yolks the color of marigolds and taste wonderful. My kids have been to the farm and have chased the chickens that lay the eggs they eat. They now want to raise chickens in our yard. But I digress from my egg peeling dilemma. By the time the eggs made it to the table, half of the whites were spiraling down the garbage disposal. I presented the remainder to my son and he said “these look like zombie heads!” He was thrilled with my presentation and ate them like an 8 year old savage eating zombie heads. This was not the effect I was going for.

So I did a little research on the web and found this hard boiled egg article on the Kitchn. It has some simple information and tips for successful peeling without the zombie presentation and the alien-green ring around your yolk. In the end it is clear the only thing that truly matters is you use older eggs, about 10 days old. So, the fresh eggs from the farm where they scoop them up from under the chickens while we wait, are great for cooking and baking, but HARD to peel. Buy two dozen and save one for 10 days if you want perfect hard boiled eggs. I personally can never wait!