Baking Bread with 4 Boys

4 boys bakingThis weekend my boys had their friends over and we baked bread together. When you put dough in the hands of 4 boys under the age of 9 things get very creative! We used the “master recipe” from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day to start and then they used their fingers, rolling pins, cookie cutters and let their imaginations go wild. They shaped it into everything from snowflakes to Pokemon characters. They had as much fun eating the bread as they did baking it!

making pokemon bread snowflake bread

rising bread boys’ bread

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2 thoughts to “Baking Bread with 4 Boys”

  1. Hi again Zoe!
    I just saw this site for the first time today and I.Love.It!!!
    Good for you with the boys; such beautiful breads from innocent, little hands! I am so impressed with you.
    As I told you on ABi5, we have 4 kids, too-3 boys and the youngest is a girl. They are all in their late teens and early 20’s, in school and all live at home. We always baked and cooked together when they were little and we have never stopped. To this day, I still notate on each recipe when we made it, who helped, the honest results, and if Dad likes it! I miss those early days, but I am very satisfied that we did this together (except for Dad, lol!) and that we still do, daily.
    Ours is the home where all their friends like to congregate, where on any given night we have at least 4 of their friends for dinner and, belive me when I tell you that the family that eats together stays together. We eat two meals together as a family daily, no TV please, and this is the highlight of our days.
    Over the years, I’ve received notes and phone calls from parents who have thanked me for showing their kids family unity during dry patches in their own family life and a few have told me that our table has inspired them to start a family tradition, however late, of eating dinner together as often as possible. It doesn’t have to be grand to be instrumental in teaching the kids the value of good food and nutrition, and the best thing is, with everyone at the table conversations naturally grow and suddenly you realize you’ve been at the table enjoying each other for over an hour.
    Good for you for being a hands on Mummy and may your table always be full!

  2. Hi Valerie,

    I’m so glad you stopped by! I couldn’t agree more about having the kids in the kitchen and everyone at the dining room table. We always eat dinner together and I look forward to doing that forever!

    Thanks for the encouragement! Zoë

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