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Sneak Peek: Tilia’s Summer Dessert Menu!

Strawberry Fool with Frambois Lambic Foam

The moment has come to switch from the cool weather comfort-food dessert menu and embrace the heat of summer with some cool treats. Here is a teaser of what we’re working on, which we hope to launch next weekend! There will be a few flourishes (not captured in these photos), so you will have to come┬átaste┬áthe final unveiling at Tilia [1]!

Peach Upside-down Cake (a must have with the house made Ginger Beer!)

Passionfruit – White Chocolate Cheesecake


Black Forest Bundt Cake (chocolate pound cake, milk chocolate ganache and Kirschwasser cherries)

And due to fear of mutiny in Linden Hills we are keeping the Butterscotch Pot de Creme [2] on the menu! Hope you will come by Tilia [1]to check out the new sweets.

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