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“Simple” Summer Strawberry Torte for Nana!

Simple, by this I mean, not fancy; nearly rustic in appearance and suitable for a picnic table. I left the sides uncovered so that everyone could see all the layers that make up the cake, like a trifle without the bowl. I just had to let the dacquoise poke out, I thought it was a terrible shame to trim it into obscurity. Perhaps the piping on top is a bit fanciful, but I made it for Nana’s (my step mother, my boys call her Nana so now we all do!)¬† birthday party and I wanted it to be fun and whimsical.

All of the components to this cake are simple to make, but there are 3 of them; the orange scented sponge, toasted almond dacquoise and a stabilized strawberry whipped cream. Nothing challenging, but planning and time are required to get all these things prepared. Here is how…

You will need to make these elements ahead:

Orange Sponge Cake [1]

Toasted Almond Dacquoise [2]

Strawberry Whipped Cream [3]

Strawberry Jam, preferably some that your friend has made  from the fresh strawberries she picked from an organic farm. My friend Jen did exactly that and gave me several jars. The first one the boys and I ate out of the jar with 3 spoons. The next jar I created this cake with and I have one more precious jar hidden for a rainy day!

Trim the top off of the sponge cake [1] and spread the jam over the entire surface of the cake.

Place a layer of the dacquoise and then spread the strawberry cream on top.

Repeat so that you have as many layers as you want and the cake remains stable.

Finish the last layer of sponge cake with more jam and then pipe the strawberry cream on the top. Or you can spread the cream on as before and then decorate with fresh strawberries and edible flowers.

Vanilla ice cream, some candles and you have a party! Happy Birthday Nana!!!!