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Come Get Your Hands in a Bucket of Dough!

(Bret, Suvir Saran, Me and some of the wonderful students at the last class we taught at Bret’s Table [1])

Come to Bret’s Table [1] on June 11th and roll your sleeves up. We’ll be making dough and baking bread. It is a wonderfully intimate kitchen, decked out with great equipment and a glass of wine. Bring your ideas and questions and we’ll tailor the night to what you want to learn. This is the beauty of a class with only 10 students. If you bring your own 6 quart bucket you can fill it with dough to bring home and continue baking.

Here are just a few of the things we will be making: Pan d’Epi, Brioche a Tete, Danish Braids and Grilled Flat Bread. We’ll also make some Panzanella Salad and finish with a bread pudding.

To sign up go to www.bretstable.com [2]. Hope to see you there!


ps Bret and I will be baking on KARE11 Showcase Minnesota [3] tomorrow morning with Corbin Seitz at 10:15am.