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My Bucket Collection (the dough that lives within:day 5) and a loaf of bread!

Several of you have had questions about the right type of bucket to be using when storing your dough from “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” [1]. I have many that fit the bill beautifully, these are just a few! It depends on the size and shape of your refrigerator and how much dough you intend to make. There are a few basic guidelines to storing your dough in a bucket:

  1. Use one that is large enough to hold a full batch (about 6qts), the dough needs plenty of room to grow! Obviously a larger one if you are doubling and smaller for half batch.
  2. Make sure that it has a lid, to prevent a tough skin from forming on your dough.
  3. Make sure that lid is not airtight, you want the gases from the yeast to escape or you will get a crazy alcohol smell building up in your bucket. If you have airtight seals on your bucket, just leave them ajar and it will be just fine!
  4. If you are using a large bowl, which I didn’t take any pictures of, but are just fine to use, either put a lid or plastic wrap over the top.

Now to answer the question about what my dough looks like after it has risen in the bucket and is storing in the refrigerator. These are pictures of the master recipe after 1 day in the fridge, I will try to update as the dough ages!

Here is the dough on Day 2:

You can see the bubbles are getting pretty large

It is even feeling slightly looser, just slightly!

Day 4:

and the bread I baked from this batch at 4 days:

Day 5:

So as you know I intended to go for the full 14 days with this dough in a bucket documentation. Well, 7 boys came to my house last night and I had to give them something to eat. I opened the refrigerator and all I had was this bucket of dough and some pizza toppings. Voila, they ate it all! So I have to start this all over again!