My Mom’s Bialys

mom’s bialysWhen Jeff and I started to write Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day I sent the “master” recipe to my mom. It was, in my mind the ultimate test. Not because my mom has been baking for years and would be hyper critical, quite the opposite. You see my mother has many, many talents, but baking is not one of them. Or I should say it wasn’t until now. I sent her the recipe and waited. A couple of days later I got a hysterical call from her and she was slathering butter all over her first loaf of bread. She had just taken it out of the oven and despite our recommendation to let it cool she cut into it when it was still warm. She was talking to me between bites and was so proud of herself.

At that moment I knew that Jeff and I had written a book that could turn anyone into a bread baker. My mother now bakes bread nearly every day using our method and has shared her loaves with most of central Vermont. Her favorite recipe is for bialys, which she has always had a fondness for but can’t get in Vermont. They are often called the cousin of the bagel but instead a hole in the center they are filled with sauteed onion and poppy seeds. I write about her love for bialys and how she now makes her own in the book on page 125. What is missing from that page is the picture of her creations, so here they are in all of their glory!!!